End Of The Magic Era Chapter 537

Chapter 537 No Need


"Why should our Watson Family compensate for the losses of the Merlin Family?" Rhett remained silent after sneering and only stared at Lin Yun with a terribly gloomy expression.

"First, please understand that your disciple, Mark Watson, detained a resource collection team of our Merlin Family more than half a month ago and injured most of the team members, even killing two of them. Sir Rhett, according to what you said, shouldnt the Watson Family compensate?"

"Haha, how could those people compare to my disciple, Mark?" Rhett sneered, very disdainful. He naturally knew that this so-called resource collection team was formed with the lowest members of the Planar Legion and most of the members were only Great Mages, it would rarely contain High Mages.

So what if he killed two Great Mages?

Thinking of this, a cold smile appeared on Rhett Watsons face, "Okay, Mafa Merlin, I understand what you mean. The Watson Family will compensate for their deaths. What do you think of a million golds worth of resources? This should be more than enough to compensate your Merlin Family"

"Sir Rhett, you dont seem to understand what I mean. Had it been two ordinary mages, a million golds would have been more than enough, but the two of them werent ordinary mages, they could have reached the Heaven Rank in the future. Tell me, how should the Watson Family compensate?"

"Mafa Merlin!"

Rhetts anger soared, he could no longer suppress his anger and terrifying mana fluctuations spread from his body, locking onto that seemingly frail silhouette within the living quarters.

He finally understood.

The young mage was circumventing the problem to ridicule him. If the Watson Family truly did as the young mage said and compensated, even all their wealth wouldnt be enough.

As a 7th Rank Archmage and a Representative of the Watson Familys Ancestral Land Council, how could he bear with such a provocation?

Not to mention the fact that the other side was only a 6th Rank High Mage, it would have made no difference if he had been an Archmage. There would only be one ending for those who provoked him.


At this instant, the 7th Rank Archmages imposing aura engulfed the entire room, destroying it to the point where it looked like ruins.

The puppet At this time, Rhett suddenly recalled that puppet and was scared. That was an existence comparable to an 8th Rank Archmage. Making a move in the Merlin Familys camp was no different from courting death.

And just as he thought about it, a silver silhouette flashed in his line of sight, stopping fifty meters away. As a Master Alchemist, he could naturally recognize it with a glance, that silhouette holding a magic staff was the puppet.

"F*ck" Rhetts expression instantly became unsightly and he ruthlessly cursed, this was really frightening.

In fact, he was extremely regretful at this moment.

He knew he shouldnt have been so impulsive.

Its that damned Mafa Merlins fault, he angered me on purpose


Just as Rhett was regretful, an icy aura suddenly spread over. A large amount of ice fragments fell as a deafening roar echoed. He raised his head and ended up stunned. A mountain-like Dragon was floating above his head.


Rhett was truly terrified.

That was a genuine adult Frost Dragon!

Over ten days ago, Arthus barely managed to return to the camp and had mentioned a Frost Dragon. Rhett originally didnt believe him, and after observing for three days, he confirmed that there was no Frost Dragon in the Merlin Familys camp and that the Frost Dragon that injured Arthus must have been passing by

He could no longer think so.

The Frost Dragon really existed!


Frost Dragon Reina was circling in the air, and after issuing another roar, she took the initiative to attack Rhett. A white light flashed as a gust of wind whistled over, it was a Frost Dragon Breath.

"Damnit, Damnit!!!" Rhett screamed. He could sense a terrifying power from that Dragon Breath. It wasnt something a 7th Rank Archmage like him could contend against. Even an 8th Rank Archmage powerhouse would be injured when faced with this Dragon Breath.

Rhett didnt even think and raised his magic staff, instantly causing mana fluctuations to rise up as a dozen Ice Walls instantly appeared, firmly blocking in front of him. After doing that, he didnt hesitate and cast Haste on himself, turning into a gray shadow, quickly trying to escape this place.

But Rhett only escaped a dozen meters before a wave of magic rays, as well as a multi-colored Dragon Breath, flooded him.

Then, the entire world seemed silent for a moment.

This kind of battle already razed a small area to the ground. Fortunately, the Planar Legion was currently training, otherwise there would have been a lot of casualties.

As the dust cleared up, a bloody silhouette could be seen laying down on the ruins, his breath extremely weak. It was 7th Rank Archmage Rhett, with four or five holes on his body caused by the magic rays.

The puppet itself was now comparable to a 7th Rank Archmage, and if Rhett Watson fought it on his own, he might have a hard time defeating it. But he was scared witless when he saw the Frost Dragon and the Heaven Puppet, to the point where he almost soiled his pants, and ended up being caught off guard by those magic rays


Lin Yun landed next to Rhett with the help of Levitation. He couldnt help grinning when he saw that 7th Rank Archmages state, "Are you okay, Sir Rhett"

"Mafa Merlin, you" Rhett could barely open his eyes and looked at Lin Yun with a resentful expression, as if he tried to spit fire with his gaze. But just as he was going to say a few ruthless words, he saw the puppet and the Frost Dragon standing behind Lin Yun and scared to death as he squeezed out with a shaky voice, "Hig High Mage Merlin, I I Im fine."

"Sir Rhett, you wouldnt be able to trick a child with that kind of lie"


Rhett was about to say something, but couldnt retort even though he was feeling unprecedented anger.

Damnit, am I not in such a miserable condition because of you?

But he clearly wouldnt dare to say this, he already knew the price of being impulsive. Even an idiot would know not to provoke the young mage at such a time. What if the Frost Dragon "accidentally" threw a Dragon Breath his way under the instigation of the young mage, or what if the puppet had a "malfunction" and started an unrestrained wave of attacks.

Those kinds of consequences could only be described as too horrifying to even think about.

"High Mage Merlin, Im truly sorry for that disagreement" Rhett managed to get up with difficulty and squeezed a smile, his cheeks unhealthy pale, "I hope you wont mind."

"Haha, Sir Rhett, how could I be that narrow-minded? Since you already apologized, I naturally wouldnt mind" Lin Yun nodded, before suddenly frowning at Rhett, "Oh right, regarding the compensation"

"Ah No, there is no need. I didnt discipline my disciple properly, Im to blame. The Merlin Family doesnt need to compensate us." Rhett was suddenly startled, cold sweat flowing down his back as his heart started palpitating.

Sh*t, this is no joke

That damned Mafa Merlin might kill me if I dont let this go

"Mark Watson should indeed be disciplined" Lin Yun nodded, but he was still frowning with a serious expression and remained silent.

"High Mage High Mage Merlin, what is it?" Seeing Lin Yuns expression remaining like that for a few minutes, Rhett grew more and more restless, until he summoned his courage to talk.

If he could, he would immediately leave this place.

"Im thinking. This time, I accidentally injured you Sir Rhett, and that might affect your magic path. Once your Patriarch or your Ancestral Lands Council learns of this, wouldnt they come looking for me to ask for a compensation?"

"This This shouldnt be"

"What should it be?" Lin Yun looked at Rhett with dissatisfaction.

"High Mage Merlin, this wont happen, it definitely wont, I can guarantee you. Todays matter happened due to my previous mistake. Even if I was heavily injured, I was the one asking for trouble"

"Haha, Im very gratified that you understand this"


Rhett Watson wanted to cry, this was clearly bullying, and undisguised at that. But even if he knew that, Rhett Watson wouldnt dare say anything. He instead looked at Lin Yun cautiously and squeezed a stiff smile, "High Mage Merlin, may I leave now?"

"You can leave at anytime" Lin Yun nodded, before frowning once again, "But, you are so heavily injured, wouldnt it be a bit inconvenient?"

After saying this, Lin Yun used his soul contract to contact the Draconic Beastman. After a few minutes, Xiuban came over with his heavy Carnage, "Sir Merlin, what is it?"