End Of The Magic Era Chapter 540

Chapter 540 I Do Now


But he waited for four days with no answer from Harren

How could this be?

Weiss had been anxious at the time, it had been an important clue related to the Raging Flame Emperor. The scepter was most likely hidden on the other side of the tear, and once they obtained it, the benefits for the Black Tower would speak for themselves. But there were only two High Rank Archmages in the camp, Suval and him. To be safe, two more people should be sent over.

And so he waited and waited, but Harrens answer had yet to come. On the 4th night, Weiss could no longer wait. He was about to re-contact Harren to transmit the news again, but before he got the chance, a figure suddenly rushed into the Black Towers camp.

Weiss was instantly stunned when he saw that person, simply in disbelief. It was actually Falton from the Holy Land!

How come Sir Falton came He had thought at the moment.

This thought was followed by countless doubts in Weiss heart. This Falton had stayed in the Holy Land for three hundred years, usually even Harren wouldnt have the authority to make him to move, Falton would only listen to the orders of the Holy Land.

This meant that Harren hadnt been the one dispatching Falton, but the Black Towers Holy Land

All along, the Holy Land had always remained an independent existence and would hardly show an interest in the Black Towers matters. The last time they intervened was three hundred years ago, when they dispatched Falton.

Could it be because of Norricks scepter?

I doesnt seem right

How could the Holy Land make a move for a scepter whose existence had yet to be confirmed and send Sir Falton, an 8th Rank Archmage?

There might be another important matter

Weiss, as a Representative of the Black Tower, would regularly go to the Holy Land, naturally, he had met Falton several times and thus recognized him.

At this time, Weiss also understood why Harren hadnt answered for the past four days, it turned out that the Holy Land was getting involved.

"Oh, so it is Sir Falton" Lin Yun nodded with a smile and scratched his cheek as he silently checked out the mage named Falton.

In fact, Lin Yun had already realized some things

After cooperating a few times with the Black Tower, Lin Yun had gained a rough understanding of their Council of Seven, at least he knew their names, but he was certain that there was absolutely no Falton in the Council of Seven.

Moreover, when Weiss introduced him, he displayed a respectful expression, allowing Lin Yun to easily guess that this 8th Rank Archmage most likely came from a place similar to the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land. Before leaving for the Raging Flame Plane, Lin Yun had come in contact with the secrets of the Merlin Familys Ancestral Land and had heard from Oren that every major force had a place similar to their Ancestral Land.

This was why Lin Yun was so certain of his own conjecture.

It also meant that Falton might not be there for the scepter and might know some secrets most people could never hope to come in contact with.

This was quite serious

There was a good chance it might be related to Ancient God Constance.

But, it didnt matter even if Falton knew. To the current Lin Yun, an 8th Rank Archmage wasnt an issue. Reinas strength was comparable, so was the puppet when holding the Doom Staff, with Lin Yun added to the lot, even if there were two 8th Rank Archmage powerhouses, he wouldnt be afraid of the consequences.

But just as Lin Yun and Weiss discussed, a pair of insidious eyes firmly stared at Lin Yun.

The owner of that deadly gaze was Mark Watson.

Mark was currently clenching his fists, his eyes spouting fire. The humiliation from a month ago was still vivid in his mind. Moreover, that damned Mafa Merlin made a Beastman seriously injure him and drag him on the ground through the entire camp, for about two entire kilometers. Mark could clearly remember the mocking gazes of the Merlins along the way, almost driving him crazy. In the end, he was thrown out of the camp by that hateful Beastman.

Marks wayin the Watson Family always had a smooth sailing, so how could he bear with this humiliation, this was more painful than killing him. After all, he was known as the young Archmage of the Watson Family, he was the center of attention wherever he set foot.

He pledged to kill Mafa Merlin and that Beastman

He hadnt hesitated and beseached his teacher Rhett, who always spoiled him, to make Mafa Merlin pay the price

At that time, Mark finally found some comfort.


Ten days, fifteen days, twenty days passed. Such a long time went by but that damned Mafa Merlin had yet to pay the price. Mark once again went to find his teacher, but his answer had been that Mafa Merlin couldnt be touched for the time being

Mark boiled in anger after getting that answer and just turned and left without saying anything to Rhett. Moreover, he lost all affection for his teacher.

Does he still think of himself as my teacher?

Such a trivial matter and he cant even help me, using an excuse instead.

Sh*t, isnt it just a Mafa Merlin? A 6th Rank High Mage? He isnt even as good as Rhett with his 7th Rank Archmage strength. Rhett should be able to sneak in the Merlin Familys camp and kidnap Mafa Merlin

From that point on, Mark no longer looked for his teacher. He had already given up on having Rhett avenge him and was looking for another opportunity to retaliate against Mafa Merlin.

And several days later, he suddenly got the news that his grandfather was coming to the Horn of Fertility.

This was like a dream come true to Mark.

Rhett couldnt compare to his grandfather

His grandfather was also a member of the Ancestral Lands Council.

But his grandfathers influence was several times greater than Rhetts, his authority in the Ancestral Lands Council was second only to that old man who had lived for close to a millennium. As for his strength, he had reached the peak of the 7th Rank a hundred years ago and was infinitely close to the 8th Rank. A few decades ago, Marks grandfather even fought an 8th Rank Archmage and managed to remain undefeated.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying his power was.

Mark felt pleasantly surprised when he found out that his grandfather was coming to the Horn of Fertility, he no longer felt nervous about dealing with Mafa Merlin.

His doting grandfather coming to the Horn of Fertility meant that he could easily deal with Mafa Merlin.

But, in addition to the joy, Mark Watson was also suspicious. His grandfather rarely left the Ancestral Land, in fact, he had never seen him leave the Ancestral Land

But these suspicions were quickly drowned by the jubilation.

He had been looking for a suitable opportunity to tell his grandfather what happened to him.

"Mark, what is it?" At this time, the old man standing beside Mark noticed that something was wrong with him and immediately smiled kindly.

If one were to carefully observe them, one would notice that Mark and that old mans faces were somewhat similar.

But this thin old man was wearing a grey robe, with gold and silver lines intertwined on his cuffs, and the aura he was emitting was a few times more powerful than Marks.

"Grandfather, that guy, its that guy, he He" Mark didnt hesitate and pointed at Lin Yun, telling the whole story before shedding tears, "Grandfather, that damned Mafa Merlin openly provoked the prestige of our Watson Family, my injuries cannot compare to that"

As he listened, Zeuss Watsons kind expression gradually froze, before being replaced by anger. His dark gaze burst with undisguised killing intent, "Hell die a miserable death"

After saying this, Zeuss led Mark over to Lin Yuns side. At the same time, Arthus and Rhett who had heard the discussion between the two were instantly startled and quickly followed.

"Mafa Merlin!"

Zeuss quickly reached Lin Yun and locked onto him with a sinister killing intent, sneering as he said, "Are you aware that Mark is my grandson"

At this time, Zeuss Watson was also insulting Lin Yun inwardly, Just as Mark said, he is only a 6th Rank High Mage, he doesnt even have the qualifications to be cannon fodder.

A 6th Rank High Mage like you dare to use his authority to seriously injure my grandson? Shouldnt you realize that you would have to face my anger?

But it doesnt matter, I shall let you know how terrifying my wrath is


Lin Yun indifferently glanced at Zeuss Watson, with no change in his tone or expression, he remained calm while nodding and saying, "I didnt know before, I do now."

Lin Yun knew that something annoying had come.

In fact, while chatting with Weiss, he had already noticed that the Watson Family had one more powerhouse who was emitting a terrifying aura comparable to an 8th Rank Archmage

Before Marks grandfather ran over, Lin Yun was secretly speculating that the Watson Familys Ancestral Land also knew some secrets, otherwise they wouldnt have sent such a formidable old man.

But Lin Yun didnt know whether to laugh or cry, that formidable old man was unexpectedly Mark Watsons grandfather.