End Of The Magic Era Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Wronged


He truly found this a bit bothersome. Not only was Mark Watson a talented genius who became an Archmage before turning 35, but he also had a terrifying background. It was well known that he had a 7th Rank Archmage as a teacher, and it now looked like he had an even stronger grandfather.

But it was only somewhat troublesome for Lin Yun

"Zeuss grandson isnt someone that people can bully. Mafa Merlin, since you now know that Mark is my grandson, you should have realized that your current situation is very dangerous. Dont bother trying to use your status as a commander Even if Oren Merlin stepped in to protect you, he wouldnt be able to do so," Zeuss sneered, emitting terrifying mana fluctuations. "Naturally, youthful mistakes arent unforgivable, so I can give you a chance. Cripple your Mana Whirlpool immediately and stay in the Merlin Family until your death Otherwise, youll die now."

After declaring his terms, Zeuss stood there, calmly waiting.

He felt that his meaning was very obvious already

Mafa Merlin only had two paths ahead of him: one where he immediately killed himself, and one where he crippled his Mana Whirlpool, becoming an ordinary person and feeling regret for the rest of his life.

In fact, offering to spare this brash youths life wasnt a sign of generosity. As a mage himself, Zeuss clearly knew how painful it would be for a mage after being crippled. Living on like that could be worse than death.

Regardless of which path he chose, his life was over.

But Zeuss had yet to notice that Arthus and Rhetts foreheads were covered with sweat and that they seemed very nervous.

Mafa Merlin might not be powerful, but he seemed to have many assets First, there was the Frost Dragon reaching level 38, and then the puppet that was comparable to an 8th Rank Archmage.

Their recent experiences were simply a nightmare

Especially Rhett Half a month ago, he had been attacked by the Frost Dragon and the puppet. He could only gnash his teeth when thinking about it.

It was to the point that when his disciple, Mark, asked him why he didnt teach Mafa Merlin a lesson, he could only force himself to say that he wasnt able to do so for the time being.

And it was true

Actually, it wasnt as simple as not being able to handle him for now, but rather that he couldnt be dealt with at all!

Rhett had originally planned on warning Mark to not provoke the young mage again, but he suddenly discovered a sense of estrangement between him and his student. He was still looking for an opportunity to tell Mark what had happened that day.

But it looked like it was too late Marks grandfather, Zeuss, was an influential Representative of the Watson Familys Ancestral Land and had always spoiled Mark. He simply wouldnt let Mark feel wronged.

Sure enough

After finding out that Mark had been injured, he had rushed to cause trouble for Mafa Merlin.

He naturally had an extreme hatred for that young mage, but the other sides trump cards were too frightening: A Frost Dragon and a puppet that had been crafted by someone close to the peak of the Artisan realm.

Under such circumstances, Zeuss would definitely bring about his own demise by troubling the young mage. Let alone Zeuss, even if he had another 8th Rank Archmage helping him, it still wouldnt be certain that he would be able to handle Mafa Merlin.

And he was alone

Rhett was certain that Zeuss would suffer a loss if he acted against Mafa Merlin.

Moreover, this would bring a lot of trouble to the Watson Family. Finding the clues of the scepter was extremely important to the Watson Family. Even if they only got a third of the benefits in this joint venture, it would greatly strengthen the Family.

It would be a huge loss if Zeuss infuriated the young mage to the point that the Watson Family was expelled from the collaboration.

But just as Rhett thought of this, he heard the young mages voice.

"Haha, Sir Zeuss, may I ask" Lin Yun stared indifferently for a moment before a mocking expression appeared on his face. "Are you dreaming?"

Oh no This is over

Hearing the young mages voice, Rhett began shuddering with apprehension.

There was no doubt about it The young mages snide question would truly infuriate Zeuss.

A battle would be unavoidable

Once he retaliated, Zeuss end would be determined, and he would be thoroughly defeated.

What should I do What should I do?

Rhett was under extreme pressure, but then he suddenly noticed terrifying mana fluctuations spreading everywhere. He suddenly looked at Zeuss in alarm.

You cant attack!

"Sir Zeuss Sir Zeuss, I have to tell you something. Dont be in such a rush to attack, there must be a misunderstanding, we would be fine if we talked this out" Having no other recourse, Rhett could only wipe the sweat off his forehead while trying to advise him.

"Rhett, what are you saying?" At this time, Zeuss looked at Rhett in anger, before saying with an icy expression, "Haha, I really didnt expect that you, Marks teacher, would just watch as he was being bullied. Not only did you refrain from helping him out, but youre even speaking in favor of Mafa Merlin! Youre quite something"

Zeuss was disgusted with Rhett. Back then, Zeuss had been too busy in the Ancestral Land and couldnt free himself to give pointers to Mark, so he could only hand over his treasured grandson to Rhett.

At the time, Rhett was only a normal member of the Ancestral Land and hadnt joined the council yet. Seeing Rhett spare no efforts to guide his grandson, he deliberately brought up his name at the next meeting to elect a Representative and, with his influence, smoothly gained the position for Rhett.

But now, Rhett was far too disappointing.

"This Sir Zeuss, you Please listen to my explanation!" Sensing Zeuss cold stare, Rhett couldnt help subconsciously lowering his head.

He had truly been wronged

Who said Im helping Mafa Merlin? Im clearly trying to save your life

Rhett could tell that with Zeuss fiery temper, even if the young mage hadnt harmed Mark, that provocation alone would have been enough to make Zeuss react violently.

"Good, Rhett, I dont want to hear your explanation" Zeuss impatiently waved his arm in anger while giving Rhett a cold glance, not hiding the hate within his eyes. He was thoroughly disappointed in him.

But Zeuss now wasnt in any hurry to make a move, and the frantic mana fluctuations gradually dissipated

He had managed to calm down

It wasnt due to Rhetts persuasion, but rather because of another reason. The true reason he left the Ancestral Land and came to the Horn of Fertility.

As an important member of the Watson Familys Ancestral Land, Zeuss naturally came into contact with the core secrets of the Family. Moreover, he knew the ancestry of the Watson Family could even be traced back to the end of the Nesser Dynasty, and after being established in the 3rd Dynasty, the Watson Family swiftly and fiercely grew to their glorious state.

The information gathered by this ancient Family wasnt something that most other forces could compare to. There was a lot of information stored within the Ancestral Land, and among these materials, there was something extremely shocking. It was precious information related to Ancient Gods. The Watson Family had been studying it since the start of the 3rd Dynasty in order to find any clues related to that Ancient God

Not long ago, the old man that had lived in the Ancestral Land for close to a millennium suddenly looked for Zeuss and showed him that secret information. When looking at it, Zeuss was stunned. He felt shaken because it was actually related to an Ancient God.

He then understood that after generations of effort, the Watson Family had finally found some hints and deciphered many important lines in the text, one of which mentioned the name Constance. This Ancient God named Constance had once been grievously injured and had fallen in the Raging Flame Planes Wailing River.

In fact, the Watson Family had already deciphered those clues several hundred years ago. They have considered the fight over the Raging Flame Plane extremely important, to the point that they could almost be considered reckless. Since then, they had taken over four forts and kept nibbling away at the Wailing River. And over a hundred years ago, the Ancestral Land once secretly dispatched troops along the coast of the Wailing River, they hadnt been able to find the corpse of an Ancient God. This disappointed a few higher-ups of the Watson Family and they almost gave up on their plan to find that Ancient Gods corpse.

But a few days ago, they received news from the Horn of Fertility that a spatial crack had been discovered at the end of the Wailing River. A few Representatives in the know associated it with the Ancient Gods corpse and thought that perhaps the information they had deciphered had been real.

Thus, the Ancestral Land deliberated on the matter for a while and decided to dispatch Zeuss.

Zeuss frowned as he looked at the black-robed mage standing not far away. He wasnt unfamiliar with that person After all, he was a member of the Holy Land of the Black Tower called Falton. He had reached the 8th Rank a very long time ago and was bound to be his biggest competitor on this trip.