End Of The Magic Era Chapter 546

Chapter 546 Not Free


She had been with the young mage for a few months and felt that she had a good understanding of Lin Yun

Although he was only a 6th Rank High Mage, he had a high position in one of the human forces and could dispatch several thousand people on a whim. She also knew that he was a very formidable alchemist. She had seen the Doom Staff reach the High-Rank of the True Spirit realm with her own eyes.

Of course, she didnt care too much about those things.

But now, she realized that she was wrong, very wrong.

This young mage was far more mysterious than she had thought!

"Haha" Lin Yun only chuckled as he saw Reinas disbelief and didnt say anything. He frowned, lost in his thoughts.

After over ten minutes, the team formed by the three major forces once again grouped up and flew over the lake, going in a certain direction. This lake was huge, and contrary to everyones expectations, it took nearly an hour to land ashore.

"Its really sh*tty," Weiss cursed as he looked at the endless lake. Strange things kept happening since they reached this plane. They met a lifeform from the Ancient Era that was already on the verge of extinction and then flew for over an hour to cross a lake. With everyones speed, they had already crossed a few hundred kilometers.

Who would dare say that a lake spanning several hundred kilometers wasnt something strange?

Most of the members of this team couldnt handle such a long flight, so as soon as they reached the shore, they rested for a while. While they did that, Lin Yun examined their surroundings while holding a mana crystal. They were now on a desolate plain that seemed endless. Lin Yun couldnt help frowning when he saw this. He made some conjectures when he thought of the Hydra and the huge lake.

After resting for half an hour, the team set out once again. They trudged across the desolate plain, walking aimlessly. Their only goals here were the scepter and the Ancient Gods corpse, but they didnt have any clues, so they could only fumble around this vast area.

Not long after, a sharp sound cut through the sky as another formidable magic beast appeared

Strong gales whistled past everyone as a Dragonhawk flapped its wings that each spanned over ten meters. It arrogantly circled above them while spitting flaming Dragon Breaths.

Fortunately, this Dragonhawk wasnt comparable in power to the Hydra. It was about level 37 and was killed in less than ten minutes by Reina in her Dragon Shape. She then flew back and handed the mana crystal to Lin Yun.

But, the appearance of that Dragonhawk surprised Lin Yun once more

He hadnt been shocked by its strength, but by the size of its body.

Dragonhawks were like Wyverns. They had Draconic Bloodlines and could be found everywhere in the era of the Ancient Gods. But after several thousand years, Dragonhawks had become rare due to various reasons. According to what Lin Yun knew, they could only be found in Silver Moon Forest. But the Dragonhawks of this era, just like the Hydras, had to mutate to adapt to the environment. Their bodies had shrunk, and both wings together would span less than ten meters, while just one wing of this Dragonhawk was more than ten meters long.

Only the Dragonhawks of the Ancient God Era could reach such a size.

Lin Yun was calmly reflecting as the team continued along. They had to admit that the place was truly desolate. There was no vegetation, and they rarely even saw any magic beasts. After an entire day, the number of magic beasts they encountered could be counted on just one hand, and they were all Dragonhawks.


As night approached, Arthus, who was at the forefront and looking in the distance with his superior eyesight, noticed something while simultaneously feeling an aura of life.

"Its a forest" Rhett promptly cast a Mage Eye, but his expression instantly froze. "Damn, damn, check it out, quick!"

"What is it?" Even Lin Yun was puzzled by Rhetts sudden loss of self-control. He waved his hand and sent a Mage Eye over to investigate. Tall trees were emitting dense auras of life while plants were growing and flowers were blooming all over.

There seems to be nothing wrong

Lin Yun inwardly shook his head, but as he was about to sever the connection to that Mage Eye, a bit of doubt appeared in his mind.

Hold on Arent those plants and trees too large?

At that time, a shadow flew over. It was the Black Towers Falton. This powerful old man had clearly noticed that there was something amiss, so he used Flight to rush ahead. The others were startled at first, but they then followed with their own Flight spells.

"Heavens" The first to let out an alarmed sound was Weiss. His face was filled with shock as he raised his head to look at those trees.

Everything they saw in that forest was enlarged a few dozen times. The shortest tree was at least a kilometer tall. Even a fallen leaf was huge enough to be used as a quilt. Most of the other plants in the surroundings were over ten meters in height, while some of the fragrant flowers were bigger than a humans head.

"Thats incredible," Suval exclaimed. "What kind of world have we discovered?"

Then, after ten minutes of probing and confirming that there was no immediate danger within the forest, the team entered. After touring around for several hours, the team decided to rest in a clearing, as the sky had already turned dusky.

The three Light spells serving as bonfires seemed somewhat inharmonious in the forest. The people of the three forces were separated by a few dozen meters instead of gathering together.

"Damnit, Lord Xiuban is actually the one on night watch again" The Draconic Beastman was sitting next to the bonfire, feeling full of resentment. He truly disliked being on watch duty

Suddenly, Xiuban heard a sound.

Sh*t! The Draconic Beastman was startled. How can Sir Merlins hearing be so great? He could hear me from that far away?

As the Draconic Beastman was panicking, two silhouettes approached, their faces revealed by the dim light of the bonfire. Xiuban suddenly sighed in relief, too lazy to get up. He just tilted his head as he looked at the two of them. "Hey, its so late, what are you trying to do by sneaking here?"

Rhett and Arthus walked side by side, looking very disharmonious. The 7th Rank Sword Saint, Arthus, had a strong body that stood nearly two meters tall, while the 7th Rank Archmage was bony.

"Im looking for High Mage Merlin" Seeing the Beastman and hearing his tone, Rhetts mouth twitched, his hate for the Beastman spiking sharply. He couldnt forget that painful experience where he, an esteemed 7th Rank Archmage and a Representative of the Watson Family, was actually grabbed by his leg and dragged out of the camp.

That was an extreme humiliation.

If he didnt fear the young mage so much, he would have already cast a Flame Burst and exploded this damned Beastman into pieces.

He was very exhausted at the moment.

Because he had to resist the urge to attack the Beastman while still squeezing out a smile

"Yes, we want to see High Mage Merlin" Arthus kept nodding with a friendly expression. This 7th Rank Sword Saint had remained with patriarchs of the Watson for centuries. His hands were covered in blood, and he would face powerhouses on the same rank as him with a cold face

But now, this person was looking cheerful and friendly.

This was due to pressure

He and Rhett came to visit the young mage to resolve their previous conflicts. He was even prepared to apologize if the young mage didnt agree to let it go.

He was putting aside his prestige as a Sword Saint to settle matters in a friendly way.

Whether it was Rhett or Arthus, they felt that they had given enough respect to the Beastman. After all one was a High Rank Archmage and the other was a High Rank Sword Saint. Not many people would be treated so respectfully by them, and the Beastman wasnt even a Sword Saint. He was nothing more than an Expert Swordsman.

Let alone an Expert Swordsman, even a Low Rank Sword Saint couldnt receive such a treatment from such distinguished figures without feeling overwhelmed.

But contrary to their expectations, Xiuban didnt even get up. He only looked at them and said, "Leave, Sir Merlin has important matters to deal with. He cannot meet you right now."

"Err We wont take much of his time"

"Not free means not free."

Hearing the Beastmans lazy voice, Rhett and Arthus felt veins pulsating on their foreheads as they resisted the urge to attack him!

"You think you can stop us?" Arthus voice was icy cold. He looked at Xiuban disdainfully. But just as he said those words, he caught sight of two figures a few dozen meters away with his sharp eyesight.


Arthus took a deep breath with some difficulty and pulled Rhett to leave, not saying anything.

"What are you doing! Arthus, let go" Rhett was at a loss. The power of a Sword Saint wasnt something he could break free from.

"They are also there" After a few seconds, Arthus stopped and muttered in a low voice.


"Those two"