End Of The Magic Era Chapter 550

Chapter 550 Obvious At A Glance


In the next few days, this team formed by the three major forces gradually went deeper and deeper into this strange, primitive forest. Even during the day, the sunlight could hardly pass through the lush leaves covering the sky, shrouding the entire forest in a stifling atmosphere.

The further in they went, the bigger the vegetation was, making them look like ants. Although everyone was being careful, trying to make as little noise as possible, the team would still be frequently attacked by magic beasts.

This place was a habitat for ancient magic beasts, and ever since they entered this primitive forest, many magic beasts that only existed in ancient records and had already gone extinct began to appear before them one after the other.

Two days ago, a group of Ancient Giant Rats attacked the team and brought them a fair share of trouble until they managed to beat them back. And on the previous day, an Ancient Vine Monster with the power of a 7th Rank Archmage startled the team.

As they went deeper and deeper, the ancient magic beasts occupying this primitive forest were more and more powerful. Even if most of the powerhouses in the team were at least Mid-Rank Archmages, it was very hard for them when faced with so many of these powerful enemies.


As a cold light flashed, a powerful breath containing formidable Dragon Aura pierced the neck of the magic beasts, drawing crimson blood.

But the blood didnt have time to spurt out, as it instantly froze because of the low temperature caused by the Dragon Breath. The giant creature hit by the Frost Dragon Breath was instantly covered in a gray layer of ice.

Under the heavy injury, that huge creature raised its malevolent head and opened its maw wide, exposing two rows of incomparably sharp teeth as it let out a resounding roar.

But this roar was its death cry.

The huge beast loudly fell before its roar even ended, stirring up the fallen tree leaves on the ground.

Reina turned back into her Human Shape and returned to the group when the huge beasts body stopped twitching and silence fell again.

As she followed behind Lin Yun, Reinas chest was heaving up and down as she panted with a pale face.

Ever since they entered the forest, not only had they encountered stronger and stronger ancient magic beasts, but the number of encounters had also risen.

This was already the 3rd magic beast of the day.

Even Frost Dragon Reina couldnt bear with the consumption of such high-intensity battles.

After all, this was a forest filled with dangerous enemies, all of which were qualified to be recorded as fierce ancient magic beasts. Every single one of them had the power of Mid-Rank Archmages and Sword Saints.

Saying that they were legendary existences wasnt an exaggeration

But compared to the threat of these magic beasts, he was paying more attention to the teams internal situation. He could sense the strange atmosphere.

It seemed like some people had started having selfish thoughts.

Moreover, these signs had been appearing for a while

A few days after they entered the forest, there had still been a balance between the three major forces. Whenever they encountered ancient magic beasts, they would take turns to battle.

The conflict was especially more obvious between Zeuss and Falton. Although it didnt break out openly, the two of them clearly started targeting each other. Every time one of them raised a suggestion, it would inevitably be opposed by the other one, so anyone could see that something was wrong with them.

Naturally, Lin Yun understood that the enmity between them wasnt as bad as what they were showing on the surface.

This kind of behavior was only due to the balance between the three major forces. Neither of these two old men were willing to let the other force to hold a leadership position.

In the end, it was all for their interests.

If one of the forces gained the leadership position, they would inevitably have the advantage when allocating the spoils.

As for Lin Yun, he was completely disregarded by the two old men from the start.

Of course, he was an insignificant 6th Rank High Mage. If not for his status as the commander of the Merlin Family, if not for having the Frost Dragon, the Draconic Beastman, and the Heaven Puppet under his command, how could he even qualify to join this team?

After all, Mark of the Watson Family was at least a 3rd Rank Archmage.

A mere 6th Rank High Mage? What a joke.

So what if he was lucky enough to kill a Hydra after theyd fought so hard to weaken it? That didnt count for sh*t.

Lin Yun naturally understood the thoughts of the two old men, but his focus was on the Heaven Puppet. He was too lazy to care to begin with.

Moreover, the two old men going against each other brought him no trouble. He would naturally let them have their fun.

But the situation seemed to gradually change as time went on, especially in the past few days

Prior to entering the spatial tear, the Watson Family and the Black Tower had estimated the danger in this Demiplane to be equivalent to the Raging Flame Plane, but with the appearance of countless ancient magic beasts, Zeuss and Falton had to reassess their previous evaluation.

The danger was a lot greater than they had anticipated.

After all, no one had thought that such a place would exist before entering the Demiplane. They hadnt expected to find a place like this primitive forest from ancient times with so many extinct magic beasts within.

Until now, their search didnt reveal any traces of what they were looking for. Instead, they were continuously faced with the attacks of powerful magic beasts.

Moreover, they could guess that the magic beasts that they would face as they went deeper would be more and more formidable.

Under such circumstances, fighting over the leadership wasnt worth it. It was necessary to save their strength to face the dangerous environment to help the team proceed.

Due to such considerations, the conflicts between Zeuss and Falton finally stopped and were replaced by some kind of tacit understanding.

Among the three forces, the Black Tower was the strongest, as Falton was an experienced 8th Rank Archmage. The Watson Family was in second with Peak 7th Rank Zeuss being no weaker than an 8th Rank Archmage powerhouse. As for the Merlin Familys Mafa Merlin, he was only a 6th Rank Archmage

Who they should keep cooperating with and who they should give up, it was obvious at a glance

Under the tacit understanding of the two old foxes, the balance between the three forces began to tilt in a certain direction

Lin Yun could sharply sense the atmosphere spreading in the team and was secretly on guard. But he still remained calm and collected. After all, the situation in this Demiplane was a bit strange. He still needed to work with the Black Tower and the Watson Family.

At least, until the Heaven Puppet perfectly fused with the Hydra Heart. Lin Yun felt that he needed to keep collaborating with these two forces until then.

But a certain 8th Rank Archmage from the Black Towers Holy Land clearly intended to make the Merlin Family take on more responsibility for the rest of the trip.

As the team kept advancing, Falton, who was at the forefront, suddenly turned and looked at Lin Yun with a sinister expression. He then tilted his body towards Suval and whispered a few sentences. Soon after, Suval came over to talk to Lin Yun.

"High Mage Merlin." Suval stopped in front of Lin Yun, a vicious smile on his smile as he said in an unquestionable tone, "Sir Falton said that from now on, your subordinates will be in charge of stopping the magic beasts attacks so that the members of our team can attack more easily."

Hearing these words, Lin Yun swept a glance at Faltons back with a slight frown

You want my side to be a meat shield?

After all, the magic beasts roaming through this primitive forest all had power comparable to a Mid Rank Archmage. In the previous encounters, a magic beast would need a few people working together as a unit to barely take it down.

Being in charge of blocking such fierce magic beasts was definitely dangerous while the Black Tower and the Watson Family would be quite safe standing in the back to attack.

Seeing Lin Yuns heavy expression, Suval felt quite invigorated. Serves you right, damn kid! Dont think that just because Sir Harren treats you differently, the Black Tower will always give you benefits. Take a look at who is leading the Black Towers troops today!

This is Sir Falton, an esteemed member of the Black Towers Holy Land! Even Sir Harren has no right to order him around. He is second only to Sir Harren in the Black Tower, the other six Representative of the Council of Seven are all below him. Also, Sir Falton is a High Rank Archmage with a lot of experience. He was already an 8th Rank Archmage a few centuries ago, so one can imagine how terrifying he is now.

What does an insignificant 6th Rank High Mage even count as in front of Sir Falton?

With these kinds of thoughts, Suvals expression as he looked at Lin Yun was more and more gleeful.

Suval had felt like hed been out of luck ever since he met Mafa Merlin. Last time he tried to cause trouble for him, he was even reprimanded by Harren.

Since he could finally get back at him, Suval was obviously happy.

Ha, is Sir Faltons order something that a 6th Rank High Mage like you can disobey?