End Of The Magic Era Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Attack


"Sir, Sir We should run, this is an ancient magic beast close to the Heaven Realm!" Xiubans voice was shaky. Although the pitiful knowledge of a Highland Beastman was far from enough to let Xiuban know about Orachiss, the instincts from the depths of his bloodline made the Draconic Beastmans hair stand up. He didnt need to know what this creature was, he only needed to know that it was difficult to deal with.

That bloody, sulfurous smell was like poison to Xiubans Draconic and Beastman Bloodline. Just a whiff made him feel frightened stiff. If it hadnt been for Lin Yuns power, this gutless Draconic Beastman would have already bolted the moment he smelled that scent.

Orachiss, a descendant of an Ash Python and an Abyssal Demon, the mount of Moradin, the Blood King of the 72 Ancient Gods. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that regardless of the era, it was an existence that stood at the peak of Noscent.

Facing this kind of terrifying beast, let alone Peak 9th Rank Expert Swordsman Xiuban, even Suval, Weiss, Rhett, and the others drew back in fear.

Too terrifying.

The pressure caused by this peak lifeform wasnt something most people could endure, especially since extraordinary power could be felt within. These Mid-Rank and higher Archmages had a grasp over formidable magic power, but they felt powerless, just like newborn babies.

"How could it be, how could it be?" Suvals face became deathly white as he looked at that giant flaming body. This Archmages face had lost all of its original arrogance and confidence. It was now filled with confusion and alarm. "Wasnt the last Orachiss killed during the era of the 3rd Dynasty by Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King?"

"Damnit, this is definitely troublesome," Rhett Watson said worriedly.

"High Mage Merlin" In contrast, Weiss was relatively calmer, but that was only in comparison. The forehead of this Representative of the Black Tower was also covered by a thin layer of sweat.

"It was indeed said that the last Orachiss was killed by Emperor Zhantui and the Gaugass King." Lin Yun was quite certain that the two great powerhouses had joined hands to defeat it, and the military campaign that thoroughly eradicated this ancient race of vicious beasts had long since become a legend in Noscent. And sure enough, no Orachiss ever appeared for tens of thousands of years.

Up until the mages who stood at the peak of the Magic Era captured an Ash Python and an Abyssal Demon and bred an Orachiss themselves, but that was a matter of the future.

"Then why is there another?" Weiss seemed confused as he looked at the Orachiss suspiciously.

This time, it was Zeuss who answered with a gloomy smile. "Because This world existed before the 3rd Dynasty"


Zeuss simple answer baffled everyone apart from Lin Yun and Falton.

How was it before the 3rd Dynasty?

"You still dont understand?" Faltons voice came from the shade of a tree. "This is a world that had been split up from the river of time. Everything here was suspended in the time of that Mythological Era."

While pointing at the surrounding forest, Falton explained, "Dont you see, the grass and trees are completely different from Noscents. The animals are extremely fierce and the vegetation incomparably huge. In contrast, Noscents fauna and flora look as if they have yet to develop. Why do you think that is?"


Just as Weiss was about to say something, Falton interrupted, "You want to say that this is all because of this planes special environment?"

"Ye Yes, Sir Falton."

"It seems that the Black Towers research of the Gold Era had been stagnant in the past years" This Archmage coming from the Holy Land shook his head with some regret. "The Gold Era is referred to as such because it was an era of endless possibilities. It was an era that could be said to be perfect. Whether it was Noscent, or any plane, the upper limit of power capacity far surpassed the later eras. Think about it The current Black Tower occupies nine planes and every one of them has their own upper limit of power, the weakest of which cant even accommodate Archmages. Even Planar Paths cant hold powerhouses of that realm, and if they forcibly entered the plane, it would only lead to the Planar Laws collapsing, followed by the destruction of the entire Plane

"That wasnt the case in the Gold Era" It was as if Falton hadnt seen the Orachiss in the distance as he longingly depicted, "Gods walked the earth during that era, countless powerful races proliferated, many of which surpassed the Orachiss Race. Can you imagine it? Can you imagine what it would be like if it was the current Noscent?"

"That" Weiss paled. He didnt need to think about it. Let alone the Gods, just those countless creatures that were far stronger than the Orachiss would be enough to destroy the current Noscent a hundred times over.

"Thus, in the recent millennium, the Holy Land only had one point of view: After the Gold Era, the world of Noscent must have undergone a great transition, greatly changing the Laws of Noscent and leading to the current circumstances. Unfortunately, there were too few vestiges of that era left, so the Holy Land could only rely on guesses to conjecture that it was most likely related to the disaster that doomed the Ancient Gods"

"But this Orachiss"

"You still dont get it? Look at this forest, these plants, these animals. They only appeared in the Gold Era. Only in that era far surpassing the current upper limit of power could this kind of miracle be born. Think of the Hydra we encountered before. Is that a creature that can appear in an ordinary plane? Technically speaking, the place we are in is an ancient plane that remained in the time of the Gold Era. The Orachiss is only the beginning. It isnt impossible for us to meet even more powerful lifeforms"


Faltons words silenced the mages. Stuck in the time of the Gold Era? This practically meant that an even more terrifying lifeform of that era might appear!

Perhaps Even an Ancient God!

This already surpassed everyones expectations

"What should I do? What can we do?" Suval looked like his blood had drained away. In Noscent, he was a powerhouse, but in this ancient plane, he was no different from fodder.

A level 38 Hydra, an Orachiss infinitely close to the Heaven Rank, these all sounded like legends to Suval.

Especially the Orachiss that was approaching them.

It was a frightening creature almost in the Heaven realm.

It was basically equivalent to Jouyi and Harren.

Facing an existence on that level was enough to make Suval lose his mind

"Attack!" Lin Yun, who had remained silent during these explanations, suddenly intervened. Nothing could be done about it Despite thinking for a bit, this was the best method he could come up with.

Although this team had top-tier powerhouses such as Falton, Zeuss, the Frost Dragon, and the Heaven Puppet, as well as Lin Yun himself, that kind of power wasnt enough against the Orachiss.

Once one reached those heights, they would have already come into contact with Extraordinary Power, just like Jouyi and Harren. That was the difference between peak powerhouses and ordinary powerhouses. In front of Extraordinary Power, these others could only be described as ridiculous. That wasnt something ordinary people could contend against. Even ten Lin Yuns wouldnt be able to last ten seconds in front of Jouyi. This was the horror of Extraordinary Power.

The so-called Extraordinary Power led to transcending the ordinary, to be above the world!


The bright spot was that the terrifying creature with Extraordinary Power was an Orachiss, the descendant of an Ash Python and an Abyssal Demon.

This was the only opportunity for everyone.

But not everyone was aware of this opportunity

"Hell, attack? Mafa, dont give random orders. This isnt your Merlin Familys Flame Demon Fort, and neither is it Thousand Sails City. Open your eyes wide, this is an Orachiss! Its power is a hundred times more terrifying than you could ever imagine. You want the few of us to rush over and feed it dinner?"

Such as Suval

This Archmage had already been scared witless and had lost all his arrogance. When he heard Lin Yuns words, Suval pointed at Lin Yun, already shaking due to fear and anger.