End Of The Magic Era Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Attack 2


"Mafa Merlin, what do you think you are doing!?" Suval almost went crazy on the spot and rushed towards Lin Yun with a deathly pale face. "Stop, quickly! Do you know what will happen? Do you think we are willing to be killed?!"

Lin Yun turned and glanced at Suval, but he didnt stop casting the Hell Gate. This was a 7th Rank spell, after all, and although Lin Yuns strength was high enough that it would make Archmage fearful, with his current rank, casting a spell above his rank caused him huge pressure. At this time, about two-thirds of Lin Yuns energy was spent dealing with the backlash of mana. He simply had no time to deal with the annoying Suval.

However, just because Lin Yun wasnt paying attention to Suval didnt mean that Suval would let him off

After not getting an answer, Suval flew into a rage. "Mafa Merlin, Im telling you, if you think you can bury everyone alongside your Merlin Family, then you are dreaming! I wont let you have your way!"

After those words, Suval raised his magic staff.

Then, an explosion echoed.

A Flame Burst heavily slammed into Lin Yuns Runic Shield.

In a flash, sparks spread around the scene.

Everyone was dumbfounded

Rhett, Weiss, Arthus, Falton, Zeuss

No one thought that Suval would truly attack. After all, the three major forces were still in the middle of collaborating, and they were facing a terrifying colossus like an Orachiss. But Suvals actions here meant that the relationship between the three major forces had been broken off. That Flame Burst would push anyone towards death. Even if the team couldnt handle the Orachiss, splitting up in front of it was no different from throwing away their lives.

The nature of that Flame Burst was too terrible.

Even the foolish Xiuban had a shocked expression on his face.

He was looking at Suval as if he was looking at a complete idiot.

This guy really wants to die You can say a few words, you can throw out a few lines, but why would you raise your staff and attack Sir Merlin? You are in big trouble

But Suval couldnt understand the seriousness of the matter, he was still looking at Lin Yun with a cold expression. "Mafa Merlin, you can only blame yourself for being too meddlesome."

After saying that, Suval wanted to cast another Flame Burst completely make sure Lin Yun wouldnt be able to summon the Hell Gate.

But then, a puzzled expression appeared on his face. Whats going on? Why cant I move?

Before he could carefully analyze this new situation, he saw shackles made of flames twisting around his body.

In a flash, the shackles tightened into his skin, a horrible sight

Lin Yuns spell was called Fire Twine. In reality, Fire Twine was a very simple spell that didnt need to many gestures or incantations. All High Mages could easily use this spell.

But Lin Yuns Fire Twine was actually driven by the Magic Array, so it wasnt simple. This Fire Twine could already be considered an Ultimate Spell. The magic power was driven in a geometric way, greatly increasing the power of the spell.


Suval was only able to issue a blood-curdling scream as he struggled with all his might. But this kind of struggle seemed powerless in front of Lin Yun, and ultimately, he fell to the ground writhing in pain.

"I already gave you a chance" Lin Yuns Draconic Staff was already pointing at Suval. The Chromatic Dragon Crystal at its tip was emitting a frightening radiance as a Dragon Roar echoed, forming a faint purple Dragons silhouette behind Lin Yun.

That was the sign of the Draconic Staffs power being roused to its peak.

At this time, even Falton and Zeuss felt enormous pressure. Everyone knew that what awaited Suval was an earth-shattering blow. Even as an Archmage, Suval would have no chance to survive it.

At the same time, an intense mana fluctuation began rising in the forest.

Falton finally made a move

His terrifying magic power similarly made everyone feel tongue-tied. The smoke raised by the battle was quickly dispelled and an invisible pressure burst along with that splendid golden radiance, forming a strange mist in the sky.

This was Faltons power.

Soon, the mana gathered above Faltons head, just like a turbulent sea The pressure even made some surviving trees that were on the verge of collapse topple to the ground.

"Mafa Merlin, you think you can provoke the prestige of the Black Tower?"

After a cold snort, Falton strode over with a grave expression.

In fact, Falton had seen the entire process, but it only looked like childs play to an existence on his level. It wasnt worth mentioning when compared to the Orachiss. It was only a dispute between two members of the younger generation. The young mage of the Merlin Family wasnt tactful enough, so Suval wanted to teach him a lesson.

But Falton didnt think that the one teaching a lesson would be Mafa Merlin and the one receiving it would be Suval

Thus, Falton had no other choice but to step out.

Indeed, Suvals actions might be improper Everyone should be working together when facing a terrifying creature like an Orachiss, but Suval broke up the alliance without permission and attacked an ally. This kind of behavior would never be allowed anywhere.

But, Suval was a member of the Black Tower

Suvals life or death was unrelated to Falton, but he could never let him be killed in front of him.

This was impossible.

If Suval was killed in front of him, then what about his prestige? What about the Black Towers prestige?

Thus, Falton had to stop it

This High Rank Archmage pointed his finger and a white light gently coiled around Suvals body, instantly cleansing his bindings by reducing them into green smoke. He didnt consult with Lin Yun at all during the process, acting tyrannical and overbearing.

Lin Yun looked at Falton in the distance. "Sir Falton, I believe you have seen what Suval did?"

"What if I saw?"

"Oh, nothing, I only wanted to ask if your eyesight has gone bad." Lin Yun shook his head and looked at Falton with a strange smile.

"" Falton didnt react at first. He paused for a full ten seconds before understanding the ridicule in that sentence.

In a flash, Faltons expression became ashen and terribly unsightly.

Too arrogant It seems that this Mafa Merlin doesnt put the Black Tower in his eyes.

"Young Man, being impulsive is no good. Do you know what kind of disaster you would bring upon yourself and your Family if you killed an Archmage of the Black Tower?"

"Haha.." Lin Yun didnt bother to answer and only sneered.

Because he knew that talking was useless. They had different points of view. Suval represented the Black Tower. Even if he made a bad mistake, Falton would still cover for him.

But Suval still had to die for Lin Yun.

Thus, Lin Yun only chuckled and interrupted the summoning of the Hell Gate for the moment. He tightly gripped his magic staff.

The atmosphere became extremely tense.

"Mafa Merlin, I hope you wont regret," Falton said in a hoarse voice.

"Its hard to say who will end up regretting"


During that verbal clash, the mana fluctuations of these two men reached the peak. An intense pressure covered the entire forest, and almost everyone could feel that an earth-shattering battle would break out at any moment.

But a silhouette rushed out and stood between the two.

"Hold on, if there is anything wrong, you can talk it over, there is no need to fight"

Weiss stood there, feeling very fearful as he waved his arms.

Falton didnt understand the young mages strength, but Weiss was clearly aware that this young mage definitely wasnt as simple as he appeared to be. It would be a grave mistake to treat him as an ordinary High Mage.

Moreover, what Weiss really didnt want to see was a clash with the young mage.

After all, he wanted to establish a good friendship with him.

Seeing Falton about to attack him, Weiss naturally couldnt sit and watch.

"Weiss, what are you doing?" Falton asked with a dark expression. "Since when are Black Towers members helping outsiders!?"

"Sir Falton, we are facing an Orachiss, as well as the unknown danger in front of us. We should avoid internal strife at such a moment. Moreover, shouldnt we at least try talking first before acting?" In order to avoid this internal crisis, Weiss ignored the fact that Falton has much higher status, trying to reason with him. After some time, he managed to pacify the infuriated Falton.

Falton was indeed aware of the current situation.

Had it been any other place, Falton wouldnt have paid attention to Weiss, no matter how logical his explanations were. He would rather get rid of Mafa Merlin and preserve the prestige of the Black Tower.

But it was different now

The Orachiss was almost within reach. If a battle broke out, the team would collapse before the Orachiss even reached them.

Thus, Falton chose to endure and remain patient.