End Of The Magic Era Chapter 56

Chapter 56 Trade


But Bassoro was now being very polite to Lin Yun…

It was because the leader of the Alchemist Guild, Lys, had sent someone to give an order.

‘Ask Mage Merlin if he would be willing to give the rest of the alchemy formula in exchange for a chance to study in the Mercury Tower for three months.’

Bassoro’s expression became strange when he heard this.

The Mercury Tower was essentially the kingdom’s holy land of alchemy. Every alchemist dreamt of going there because it not only had the best atmosphere, but also had the most comprehensive and profound stores of alchemy-related knowledge. With enough luck, one might be able to get pointers from a Master Alchemist.

But the Mercury Tower rarely got in contact with the outside world, and it wouldn’t recruit disciples externally. The alchemists there were like monks, immersing themselves in their studies day after day, year after year. To some extent, the Mercury Tower could be considered an independent kingdom, one that only existed for the advancement of alchemy.

That independent kingdom was practically isolated from the rest of the world. Only when the legendary Masters needed to replace their assistants would outsiders get an opportunity to enter the Mercury Tower.

These opportunities were very rare…

At the very most, only ten people would have this opportunity in a given year, and every major Alchemist Guild like the one in Thousand Sails City would obtain one spot every few years. Bassoro himself had been applying for over ten years, and although he hadn’t been chosen yet, he never gave up.

After all, Bassoro knew that due to his innate level of talent, he had already approached the limit of his path of alchemy. If he only relied on hard work, he could end up stuck at his current level for years. If he wanted to progress further, he had to enter the Mercury Tower and gain access to the profound knowledge and the help of those legendary Master Alchemists.

But that opportunity was too difficult to obtain…

Even though Bassoro’s status in the Alchemist Guild wasn’t low at all, getting a chance to enter the Mercury Tower was based on luck.

But now, this kind of opportunity was actually being offered in exchange for an alchemy formula!

Bassoro’s expression became quite strange as he thought about it…

It wasn’t because of him missing out on the opportunity to go the Mercury Tower, but rather because of the implied value of that alchemy formula.

Although Lys’ reputation in Thousand Sails City wasn’t as awe-inspiring as that of someone like Solomon, his prestige within the Alchemist Guild wasn’t something that an outsider could imagine. His status here was nearly that of a god. For complicated and important decisions, as long as Lys said something, the rest of the Alchemist Guild wouldn’t dare to go against it.

This wasn’t the same as Solomon in the Sage Tower…

Although Solomon might have power that shook the entire Thousand Sails City, he was only one of the three members of a council in the Sage Tower. For important decisions, they would have to convene a meeting and the three of them would come to a decision together.

But Lys reigned supreme in the Alchemist Guild, every final decision depending on his word, like a dictatorship.

Just like now, with the precious opportunity to go to the Mercury Tower being decided in a word by Lys, and no one questioning it.

Even Bassoro, who had been continuously applying for ten years, could only look at Lin Yun with envy

“Great Alchemist Bassoro, this question isn’t very appropriate” Lin Yun looked at Bassoro with a smile that didn’t quite look like a smile. Although he didn’t say it outright, the ridicule contained in his smile was obvious.

“This” Bassoro’s expression became awkward when he heard Lin Yun’s answer.

That question indeed wasn’t very proper…

For alchemy shops, their formulas were everything. Whoever had better alchemy formulas, whoever could craft better items, those shops would occupy a bigger share of the market.

Even a small shop like the Gilded Rose, whose sales were on the scale of a few hundred thousand gold, would become the focus of Thousand Sails city after the appearance of the Hope Potion. Once the hearing was over, the business would inevitably become very prosperous. As long as they didn’t make any mistakes, it would only be a matter of time before they became the number one alchemy shop of Thousand Sails City.

The kind of core knowledge that could decide between success and failure It truly wasn’t appropriate to ask about it…

But disregarding it was out of the question…

“That Mage Merlin, our Alchemist Guild isn’t asking for your formula for free. We wish to trade for it”


“How about one million gold?”

“Haha” How could Lin Yun not understand the value of the missing part of the formula? Any alchemist that was worth their salt wouldn’t be willing to part with something like this.

Thus, Bassoro’s offer of one million gold only earned a chuckle from Lin Yun…

“How about this!” Bassoro became immediately worried when he heard Lin Yun’s reaction and immediately changed the offer. “Formulas for your formula. As long as you are willing to let us know this formula, our Alchemist Guild will trade you three no, five unique formulas. We guarantee that these five formulas are unique to the Alchemist Guild and you won’t find them anywhere else in Thousand Sails City!”


“…” Bassoro was sweating crazily as he wondered, ‘Why is he still chuckling’

An esteemed Great Alchemist was giving him a generous offer, but yet this fellow seemed to find the situation amusing. At this time, Bassoro felt his heart freezing.

‘Force isn’t an option This is someone supported by Solomon, if that old butcher is unhappy, even Leader Lys might suffer,’ he thought to himself. ‘Moreover, that Mafa Merlin is most likely a Great Mage. Just the display of that Wind Blade was enough to prove it.’

Three Great Mages weren’t able to react. If they really fought, Bassoro didn’t have the confidence to survive.

When considering his strength and background, that Mafa Merlin already had the qualifications to stand on an equal footing with Bassoro. Not to mention, he had also brought out an alchemy formula that even Leader Lys was interested in.

Facing such a person, even if Bassoro was unwilling, he had no choice but to rein in his temper and negotiate.

Ultimately, Bassoro clenched his teeth and took out his trump card.

“Okay, Mage Merlin, how about if we give you the opportunity to enter the Mercury Tower for three months in exchange for the last part of the alchemy formula?”

As Bassoro forced himself to say this, his face became twisted.

‘Gone, gone Another opportunity gone like that’

But immediately afterward, Bassoro saw the young mage smile brightly and respond, “No deal!”

“No No deal!?” Bassoro was startled. His expression was like he had just seen his own wife following someone into a hotel. ‘No deal No deal’

Bassoro’s mind was in a mess due to that one sentence…

“No no no How could you not want this deal!” This time, Bassoro didn’t care about his prestige as he stared at Lin Yun in disbelief.

If not for him still being wary of the young mage’s shocking power, Bassoro might have grabbed his neck and shook him while asking if he was a fool. ‘How could he possibly turn down such an incredible offer? Doesn’t he know what it means to get to study at the Mercury Tower? Doesn’t he know how many alchemists keep applying every year only to end up failing? I am one of those alchemists!’

“Okay, Great Alchemist Bassoro, I am willing to trade this alchemy formula, but I am not interested in studying at the Mercury Tower.”

Seeing Bassoro’s emotional response, Lin Yun felt a bit bad about keeping him in suspense. After thinking for a moment, he gave a small hint…

In fact, one of the reasons Lin Yun had come to the hearing today was precisely to sell this alchemy formula. He knew that he would get a chance to demonstrate its effects.

As for the rest, such as the matter of making Granger feel as if he had been slapped in public, it was merely done casually.

Otherwise, Lin Yun wouldn’t have written a Quad-Formula alchemy formula. If he only wanted to prove that Magic Apprentice Cruise had drunk a Dissipation Potion, Lin Yun had a hundred different methods that he could have used. He wouldn’t have to use such a troublesome one. Thus Lin Yun wrote a Quad-Formula alchemy formula while hiding the most important one.

A normal Great Alchemist might not have noticed it…

But those peak Great Alchemists who had been in that realm for many years, thirsting to reach the Master realm, would inevitably notice that this Quad-Formula alchemy formula had a part missing. That part of the formula was the core. As long as that final part of the alchemy formula was integrated with the rest, the entire formula would undergo heaven-defying changes. When compounding it, it would create a new kind of potion, something that would be enough for Great Alchemists to enter the ranks of Master Alchemists.

Therefore, what Lin Yun wanted to sell today was, in fact, an opportunity to become a Master Alchemist!

This was a lot more precious than an opportunity to study at the Mercury Tower…

Moreover, entering the Mercury Tower was only a matter of gaining knowledge to Lin Yun and Lin Yun didn’t lack knowledge at all…

Lin Yun was currently lacking in alchemists.

The only place that could quickly offer him a lot of alchemists at a viable price was the Alchemist Guild!

But he didn’t need to tell Bassoro that. Lin Yun only gave Bassoro a hint to prod him to come and properly chat with him about business.

“Oh right, Great Alchemist Bassoro, I think the Alchemist Guild should carefully investigate the matter of who it was that slandered the Gilded Rose. This is obviously challenging the rules of the industry. If it ever happened again, the prestige of the Alchemist Guild would definitely be adversely affected”

Lin Yun didn’t give Bassoro an opportunity to reply. After he said what he wanted, he left the spacious reception room.

The three Great Alchemists were left behind, staring at his back…

They were dumbstruck for a good while.