End Of The Magic Era Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Egg Meet Stone


The sky turned dusky, greatly impairing visibility. But, the most serious issue was the abyssal power filling those spatial tears. The tears were like stars No, stars would emit light at least, while this abyssal power was incredibly sinister. No one doubted that once the Orachiss spell fully came into effect, they wouldnt have the chance to escape.

Of course, the Orachiss was still only accumulating mana because it didnt have the ability to instantly cast an Abyssal Spell. Although the ants in front of it had resisted a wave of attacks, there were still flames and frost everywhere.

"Damnit, I knew it, I knew it!" Suval was quivering in fear as he looked at the surroundings and even forgot to try to cast anything. "The power of the Orachiss isnt Isnt something we can stand up against Its all because of that damned Mafa Merlin

If Mafa Merlin hadnt insisted, why would we stay in this damned place? Why would we face that damned monster? We would have fled far away by now, and we might have already found the Raging Flame Emperors scepter, attaining great achievements for the Black Tower!

This is all because of Mafa Merlins arrogance! He thought he could do something in such a desperate crisis, he thought he could handle the Orachiss But take a look! Look at everything before you! This has already become a hellish forest, any fool would know that we are doomed! There is no chance

Even if everyone works together, we cant even leave a scratch on the Orachiss We can only be buried alongside Mafa Merlin now


While Suval was cursing in his mind, he suddenly felt strange mana fluctuations all around him. As he was still on his guard, Suval subconsciously rolled away.

It was followed by an explosion as a thick pillar of flame suddenly rose up from Suvals location.

This pillar of flame suddenly split open.

In a flash, countless flames splashed over, turning Suvals world crimson.

It looked like there were no gaps between those boundless flames, and as he panicked, Suval was struck multiple times. Each fireball came from the red head of the Orachiss. Even Suval came to the conclusion that he wouldnt be able to last long under such a barrage.


Suval could clearly feel that the Runic Shield protecting him was about to crumble, and if he lost the Runic Shield, he probably wouldnt even last another second.

Not good, this cant continue, I have to find a way I might be able to escape if someone blocked the pillar of flames for me, but everyone is under pressure, including Sir Falton and Weiss. No one is free to help

Hold on Thats?

As he was panicking, Suval suddenly saw a familiar figure

Its the attendant of that damned Mafa Merlin, that wretched Beastman!

Xiuban was brandishing Carnage and using his own Beastman Races unique Beastman Runes to make his skin flicker with a dark gold layer, making him look truly impressive.

But Suval didnt care about that. He smiled when he saw Xiuban.

Nothing was more suitable that this brainless Beastman for standing against this terrifying power.

Thinking of this, Suval immediately made a decision. He relied on the fact that his Runic Shield was still standing to withstand the blows from some of the fireballs as he cast Flame Flash to appear behind the Beastman and then use Flame Shackles. Xiuban, who had been resisting the Abyssal Spell, hadnt thought that someone would mount a sneak attack on him. He didnt manage to react in time and was bound by Suvals Flame Shackles

Good! Im really too quick-witted

As he was held in place by the Flame Shackles, Xiuban became Suvals shield and took over a hundred fire attacks for him in less than ten seconds

Even if the Draconic Beastman had an abnormal body, he still became covered in burns and bruises in a short time.

"Fortunately you were there, haha" Suvals mood became cheerful. He held Xiuban in place to block the fire attack for him while laughing hysterically.

As for Xiubans life and death, Suval simply didnt care

If Mafa Merlins attendant died, then he died, would Mafa dare to kill him at this moment?

Hatred flashed in Suvals eyes. He hated Mafa Merlin, and that included everyone close to him. In fact, if he had the ability, he wouldnt mind dealing with that Reina too.

In any case, since he couldnt deal with Mafa Merlin himself, he might as well get rid of the subordinates.

Such as that brainless Beastman. The idiot had a terrified expression when the flames hit him, and Suval delighted in the Beastmans fear, imagining Mafa in the Beastmans place

"Wait, whats that?" A huge hand abruptly appeared out of nowhere

Suvals smile immediately froze.

That hand that fell down had already caught him

"F*ck!" Suval shouted in surprise. At that time, the Flame Shackles spell was interrupted and Xiuban fell down to the ground.

As for Suval

He was already looking at a familiar face.

"Mafa Mafa Merlin!"

Suvals heart suddenly stopped throbbing. He felt as if hed fallen into an icy cave, his entire body freezing, from his sole to his scalp.

"Suval, I told you before that there wouldnt be a next time"

Lin Yuns voice was as cold as ice

"No No Mafa Merlin, you cant you cant!" Having a bad premonition, Suval shrieked as he tried to unleash all his power, doing all he could to struggle free.

Unfortunately, this couldnt stop the large hand from grabbing him once again

Then, a rumble could be heard.

Suvals body was ruthlessly smashed against a rock that was covered in frost. Suval felt as if a terrifying beast had smashed him, like every bone in his body had cracked


Suval soon discovered that this was only the beginning

After the impact, Suval felt his body being lifted again, and then It was like crushing an egg against a stone




Once, twice, thrice

His body collided with the rock, letting out disgusting noises, and only his intermittent screams proved that he was still alive.

An esteemed Archmage was like an egg being cracked open against a rock. It was the first time Suval actually felt like dying

Unfortunately, even if he wanted to die, he couldnt

The game of "egg meet stone" was still ongoing.

After a minute, Suval no longer was recognizable as a person.

After two minutes, Suval no longer was able to let out any sounds

After three minutes, Suval couldnt even form coherent thoughts anymore

"Cough cough"

The game of "egg meet stone" lasted no less than three minutes, until Weiss opened his mouth. "Errm, High Mage Merlin, you see In the end, Suval is still an Archmage of the Black Tower."

"Ill say it again. I already gave Suval a chance." Lin Yun didnt even look at Weiss, as he emphasized his words before smashing Suval against the rock once again. The deep sound even made Weiss feel numb

But even so, he still needed to persuade him

"High Mage Merlin, with how magnanimous you are, how about letting Suval go this time? You have a good relationship with the Black Tower If you kill Suval here, it might affect the relationship between the Black Tower and the Merlin Family."

"Are you done?" Hearing Weiss lengthy explanation, Lin Yun frowned and glanced at Weiss. To him, Weiss was like an annoying, buzzing fly at this moment.

"Eh" Weiss took back the words he was about to say, his apologetical smile frozen.

"If you are done, I shall continue"


After ten minutes of "egg meet stone", Suval breathed his last breath

Lin Yun casually sent a fireball over to burn up the corpse that no longer had human shape

Resentment and admonishment could be seen in his eyes.

"Ah" Since it had reached this point, Weiss could only let out a long sigh.

In fact, Weiss knew that Suval had gone too far. He kept making moves against his ally, which was already ripping the alliance to shreds. Whether it was emotional or rational, it was normal for the young mage to kill him.

This was also the reason that, although Weiss said something, he didnt really try to stop Lin Yun.