End Of The Magic Era Chapter 562

Chapter 562 Crystal Scales


But Weiss actually knew of Suvals backer in the Black Tower. It was someone that even Sir Harren was wary of, or else he wouldnt have indulged Suval time and time again. It was highly possible that the Black Tower would put tremendous pressure on that young mage after this matter.

But, just as Weiss thought about it, the surrounding environment greatly changed.

It was the kind of change that could easily kill a High Mage, as a terrifying magic power spread like mist. They could see with the naked eye how the boundless energy flowed like a flood. In an instant, this ancient forest turned into an ocean of mana.

That was magic power with boundless killing intent. In any other place, in a different environment, coming across such an enormous amount of mana would make any mage feel excited. But now, only fear remained.

"Whats going on?" Weiss felt a chill at the back of his head that spread to his entire body.

The feeling of despair was like a plague, quickly turning this place into a land of death.

Weiss almost went crazy, but he then turned, dumbfounded

It wasnt just him Falton, Zeuss, and the others all looked at the Orachiss, their mouths wide open.

While that brief interlude finished, its central head had already finished its incantation. The Demonic Runes looked as if they had gained new life, looking extremely frightening.

The land, which had suffered a severe hit, was once again torn apart by the Abyssal Spell. The entire forest was like a soft quilt that easily folded in two. The bottomless ravine that formed made everyone look at each other, unable to say what was on their minds.

The forests vegetation no longer existed. It hadnt been able to handle the berserk power, which caused it to wither, as if all the nutrients had been absorbed.

This scared everyone to death. The vegetation being torn apart could be explained by the power of the earlier attacks, but what did that sudden withering mean? It meant that this Abyssal Spell contained something else.

And that something was even more terrifying than physical destruction.

And that wasnt all What erupted from the ground werent simple flames. It was true lava!

Lava and fire were two completely different things. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that once someone was covered in lava, they would soon burn up and solidify.

Lava was flowing like water, forming a wave that reached several hundred meters in height.

Everyone fled. They all understood that if they were covered in lava, even a peak Archmage would meet their end.

"Its Apocalypse."

While Weiss didnt know what he should do, Lin Yuns voice echoed beside everyones ears.

Even Lin Yun felt pressure at this moment. But he couldnt do anything about it Everyone had combined their power together to block one attack, but they didnt interrupt the spellcasting letting it successfully cast Apocalypse.

This was a legendary ancient spell, and from the scene in front of him, he knew that it wasnt something people could stop.

In the legends, Apocalypse was a High Tier Spell among Abyssal Spells. Generally speaking, it was a spell mastered by Heaven Rank powerhouses.

Although Lin Yun had made countless calculations before, he hadnt thought that this Orachiss would have actually mastered Apocalypse.

The only spot of hope was that this was a channeled spell. In other words, it wasnt using all its power at once, and if he could make use of this, the situation wouldnt be as bad. He might even be able to reverse it.

"High Mage Merlin, can you deal with Apocalypse?" Weiss quickly turned towards Lin Yun with a worried expression.

He felt too insignificant in front of that Apocalypse.

Weiss had no doubt that his power as an Archmage would be useless for protecting himself from this. He would only be able to stare helplessly as Apocalypse slowly swallowed him whole.

Thus, he was gambling everything on Lin Yun.

Everyone knew that this was a crucial moment. If he couldnt do something to stop Apocalypse, then even Falton, the most powerful one, would be annihilated.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel rose up above Lin Yuns head, and after expelling the chaotic magic power in the surroundings, the Doom Staff was raised high, transforming into a Runic Shield.

Hundreds of runes spread outward, forming a runic storm that rotated at a crazy speed. The golden light was ignited like a flame, and it crushed the Orachiss attack with its berserk movement.

This was a very effective defense.

At the same time, Reina let out a loud Dragon Roar. Just as Lin Yun made a move, the Frost Dragon was already bursting with power, forming a huge ice coffin that enveloped everyone.

Among Dragons, Frost Dragons didnt have formidable fighting power, but they had their own specialties, such as this Frost Coffin, which had defensive power that wasnt much weaker than Lin Yuns defenses.

But in front of the Orachiss attack, although Reina did her best, she still wasnt strong enough. In a short moment, the Frost Coffin was covered in countless cracks. It was only a matter of time before it shattered

The others couldnt sit still at this time. It would be unfavorable for them if the Frost Coffin and the shield-shaped Doom Staffs two layers of defenses couldnt handle the Orachiss.

Rhett cursed and was about to make a move, when he suddenly saw Zeuss giving him a meaningful glance.

Rhett originally felt that this was strange, but he quickly understood.

Zeuss was telling him to save some strength

The progress of the spatial tears had just started, and coming across an Orachiss was unexpected. But the Demiplane was far from limited to just the Orachiss

Thus, Rhett stopped circulating his mana and held back. Mafa Merlins life and death had nothing to do with them.

And it was true If not because of profit, how could the Watson Family and the Merlin Family come together?

But how could Lin Yun fail to notice their dirty tricks?

In fact, while Lin Yun was resisting the Apocalypse, he was also secretly paying attention to the people of the Black Tower and the Watson Family. Whether it was Falton or Weiss, everyone was biding their time.

The Watson Family was still hoping to be lucky.

Not only did Rhett withdraw, but even Arthus and Mark slowly withdrew their power.

We are fighting the Orachiss with our lives while you are watching from the side, could there be such a good thing in life?

Unfortunately, Lin Yun didnt like the way the Watson Family was handling things

Thus, Lin Yun made full use of his Fire Elemental Incarnation. The surrounding fire elements were very dense, and the Orachiss raging flames could also be put to good use.

Lin Yun had enough methods to draw support from the Orachiss raging flames and casually used an Elemental Flash.

With only one Elemental Flash, Rhett, Zeuss, and the other Watsons were shockingly brought back to the battlefield. The elements were too dense here and even Zeuss didnt have time to counter the Elemental Flash.

The expression of the Watsons turned ashen. Damned Mafa Merlin, this is a provocation towards the Watson Family!

But now wasnt the time to get angry.

They already had no choice but to participate in the battle. The Orachiss was not far in front of them, and the lava and the abyssal power were closing in on them. If they couldnt come up with a way to stop it all, they would be in grave danger.

"Damnit!" Zeuss cursed, feeling terrible. In a flash, a Runic Shield appeared. Zeuss was holding his two wrists in front of his chest, emitting a crazy amount of mana.

The strange thing was that this mana was jade-colored. This jade-colored mana gradually condensed.

At the same time, a series of strange sounds also came out of his mouth as Zeuss was incanting.

Then, a huge set of crystal scales appeared above Zeuss. The energy of the crystal scales was shockingly powerful. It was scattering a jade aura that could suppress this calamitous power, forming a vacuum zone on the spot.

This wasnt normal How could Zeuss bring forth such power?

The only one who could explain was Rhett, who was also a Watson

"How could it be!?" But seeing this, shock filled Rhetts face. His eyes were staring at the crystal scales, flickering with fanatical jealousy.

How could he not see that it was the Watson Familys strongest defensive spell, inherited from the ancient 3rd Dynasty? It was a treasure left behind by the ancestor before he stepped into the Heaven Realm