End Of The Magic Era Chapter 563

Chapter 563 Despicable


The Crystal Scales were known as the absolute defense within the Watson Family. Rhett had once heard people in the Ancestral Land say that a newly advanced Archmage could even block a Heaven Mages attack with it. And since the one using the Crystal Scales at this moment was Zeuss Watson, its power would reach an unimaginable level.

This was a very shocking spell.

But, it wasnt completely flawless The price to pay for using it was huge.

It was said that once the Crystal Scales appeared, it could easily lead to mana disorder, and in the most serious cases, it could even lead to magical backlash.

Rhett had never expected that Zeuss would use the Crystal Scales at such a time. It could be seen that he had been extremely angered by Mafa Merlin.

Surprised gasps could be heard as the Crystal Scales appeared above Zeuss Watson. Whether it was Falton and Weiss of the Black Tower or Lin Yun, they were all staring at the Crystal Scales.

People at their level of power could see the true essence of magic, and the great amount of magic bubbling within the Crystal Scales made everyone gasp in surprise.

Quite formidable

But they didnt have the time to pay too much attention to the Crystal Scales.

Because when Zeuss put them up, it caught the Orachiss attention. After roaring, this vicious, ancient beasts Apocalypse erupted with power.

Apocalypse had previously still been in its initial phase, but the Orachiss felt some threat from the Crystal Scales. Despite it only being a small hint of a threat, that vicious beast felt that it was enough to pay attention to it.

Thus, the full power of Apocalypse appeared ahead of time.

It was a destructive calamity. The silhouette of the Orachiss could no longer be seen amidst the smoke. The excessive ashen cloud suddenly expanded in the sky as the loud rumbles became louder and louder, making everyone cover their ears in pain.

Reinas body shook, and with a mournful scream, her body fell to the ground. If Lin Yun hadnt promptly case Levitation on her, she might have already ended up as mincemeat.

The Orachiss was bursting with power.

The lava that originally permeated the forest unexpected flared up once again, and it was undoubtedly scary.

Before the others could react, the lava covered heaven and earth, flooding the entire forest in an instant, and it wasnt a small area!

Then, the surroundings changed.

The area had been extremely lush before, but now it was a sea of red

It was burning hot, the ground was scarlet, and the air was filled with ashen smoke and scalding heat. It would make anyones skin fester if they came into contact with it.

It was an extremely painful feeling. Not only would it tax their bodies, but even their minds would become restless. The power being shown by the Orachiss wasnt something humans could stand against.

With their bodies on the verge of exploding, no one dared to absorb any mana in the atmosphere It would be a disaster.

Even so, the pain they felt made the faces of the Archmages distort in pain. Their bodies felt as if they were roasted on a stove or bathing inside a volcano. No one could endure it.

"Damnit, we cant let the Apocalypse spell continue, or we wont survive!" Zeuss roared in a panic. He might have initially cast the Crystal Scales earlier due to his anger towards Lin Yun, but now, he just wanted to survive

After saying that, Zeuss controlled the Crystal Scales to block the Apocalypse. Although he hadnt received any injury yet, that was only because the Crystal Scales were still active But what if he ran out of mana?

Thus, time was valuable, and Zeuss didnt dare to rashly waste it.

The Crystal Scales were known as the absolute defense, and they were true to their name.

The wide area covered was like an entirely different world. The vegetation still had enough vitality there, and there was no issue with the flow of mana.

The Apocalypse couldnt destroy the Crystal Scales.

"Haha" Lin Yun looked at Zeuss with ridicule. Now you know that your life depends on it? But knowing is a good thing

Lin Yun had Reina and Xiuban add their power to his to establish a relatively safe space to fight against the Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse was going wild as the Orachiss looked agitated, but fortunately, everyone had been able to resist for now, one way or another, so it hadnt reached the point where anyone despaired any more than before. At least, they could endure after paying an extremely disastrous price.

But no one could relax. Weiss was almost hit by the Apocalypse. Had it not been for the High Tier spell, Ice Pillar, that he managed to cast at such a crucial time, he might have already been torn apart.

Suddenly, Lin Yun let out another command, shouting, "Flee!"

This word sounded heavenly. Everyone worked together this time and no one questioned Lin Yun about why he told them to attack before but now wanted them to flee.

Everyone used Flight or Flying Magic Tools to flee in all directions.

They also discovered that the space wasnt sealed. In other words, they still had enough leeway to flee from the Orachiss.

Could it be Is it because of Apocalypse? Because the Orachiss cast that terrifying spell, it has no spare power to use the Ash Cage? Right, this must be it.

At this time, everyone understood why Mafa Merlin told them to attack the Orachiss, finally able to infer the reason behind it.

But a small issue popped up.

It happened to Falton.

Faltons defensive spell couldnt compare to what Zeuss was using. In fact, he had gotten injured in the clash with the Orachiss because of that.

Naturally, his injuries werent serious, at least not to an Archmage.

But the problem was that he now had to run from the Orachiss.

Because of his injuries, Falton wasnt able to fly as fast as the others, and he fell to the end of the group. Even if he made great efforts, under such disadvantageous circumstances, he couldnt catch up easily.

And that wasnt all. What truly frustrated Falton was that the Orachiss seemed to have become enraged when it saw its prey fleeing, and it kept using ice and fire elements to bombard them from afar.

The power was incomparably berserk, and with the fire and ice together, this ancient forest and the team of Archmages could only suffer.


The Orachiss was still eyeing Falton. Then, something horrifying happened. The area hundreds of meters around the Orachiss, the place where lava was the densest, was now filled with the Orachiss raging flames and chilling frost. The shakily flying Falton was quickly hit a few times by the Orachiss, and half of his body was already frozen stiff.

"Sh*t!" Falton was truly angered, but he couldnt do anything about it. He didnt have enough power to resist the Orachiss, or else he would have unhesitantly fought back and let that beast know how fierce he was.

But Falton knew that this couldnt continue. With the current tempo, it wouldnt take long before he fell into a world of darkness.

So Falton did something drastic.

He used a Gravity spell on Zeuss, who wasnt far ahead of him!

The completely unguarded Zeuss felt his body becoming heavier. His body was in chaos, and the Crystal Scales swayed. There were too many factors that could put the Crystal Scales in chaos, so even the ordinary Gravity Spell could easily be the Crystal Scales fatal weakness.

Then, the Orachiss target changed to Zeuss.

Even if the Orachiss was an ancient beast that didnt have human intellect, it clearly understood that the most troublesome thing blocking his attacks was Zeuss. Now that it had the opportunity to attack Zeuss, it wouldnt pass on it.

Zeuss was quickly injured. Under the endless bombardment, the Crystal Scales finally shattered to pieces

He was then sent flying by the attack, and the ash-colored fog that permeated the Orachiss attack was too nauseating. It remained as a kind of gooey glue, not falling off.

But the most terrible part was that the eyes of the Orachiss head that possessed spatial magic were glittering with an ashen radiance. It was slowly increasing the magic power, making Zeuss roar. He understood that this 3rd head was about to cast a new spell.

As he was about to run out of luck, Zeuss couldnt help roaring at Falton. "You are too despicable!"

"Despicable? What now? It looks like you dont understand the situation." Falton had already flown above Zeuss, not forgetting to throw him a disdainful glance on the way.