End Of The Magic Era Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Bear And Man


"Youll see, I shall remember this!" Zeuss ruthlessly threatened. But he couldnt hide the worry in his mind. Seeing the Orachiss getting closer and closer, his heart grew cold.

Over, its all over! I cant escape the Orachiss without the Crystal Scales.

But at this time, Lin Yun quickly turned back and ordered the Heaven Puppet to protect Zeuss Watson.

In a flash, the Heaven Puppet used countless spells, sending them to strike the incoming Orachiss.

As the Heaven Rank Puppet unleashed its power, the black smoke curled around the Orachiss body, its fire head, and its ice head, lacerating them. The Orachiss let out a loud, painful cry before angrily roaring and locking onto the Heaven Puppet with an Abyssal Aura.

At this time, the Orachiss was too busy to care about Zeuss. The six eyes of his three heads were emitting an ominous green glint as it crazily bellowed at the Heaven Puppet.

"You?" Zeuss eyes were wide open. Amidst the countless possibilities he could have thought of, he never expected that the one who would save him was actually Mafa Merlin!

This made Zeuss freeze, even forgetting to keep trying to flee from the Orachiss pursuit.

Lin Yun impatiently looked at him and yelled, "You still arent f*cking moving? What are you waiting for? Do you want to become the Orachiss dinner?"

These words were like cold water to Zeuss. They made him realize how grave of a mistake he was making.

Zeuss looked at Lin Yun with an extremely complicated expression as he quickly put more distance between him and the Orachiss, followed Lin Yun towards the edge of the forest.

Soon, everyone rushed out of the forest, and for an unknown reason, the Orachiss actually didnt pursue them. And unexpectedly, when Lin Yun felt that they should be safe for now, he discovered that the Black Towers people had been scattered away.

In other words, only Lin Yuns group and a few members of the Watson Family were waiting there.

The Black Tower must have dispersed while they were fleeing too wildly. And Mark Watson also disappeared, but it didnt matter because Lin Yun didnt care about any of them.

Zeuss expression was terrible. He hadnt said a word while running, because he was racking his brain trying to understand why Falton had done something some despicable

"You didnt hear the story of coming across a bear in the forest?" Lin Yun walked over to Zeuss with a smile. He could see that this High Rank Archmage was trying to process what had happened.

"Ah?" Zeuss was stunned. What is he trying to say?

Lin Yun sighed as he saw Zeuss expression and explained in an extremely blunt way, "To put it simply, one day, two people decided to go hunting together, but they met a bear on the way. They couldnt do against it, so they could only flee. Unfortunately, the bear was a lot faster than them. One of them soon ran out of energy and started struggling. He slowed and told the other one, Dont run, its useless, we cant outrun the bear Can you guess what the other one answered?"

"How did he answer?"

"The other one said: It doesnt matter if I cant outrun the bear, I only need to outrun you!"

It turned out that the reason was so simple, but Zeuss truly didnt know whether to laugh or cry after hearing it.

Lin Yun led the way, surrounded by Frost Dragon Reina and Draconic Beastman Xiuban, and the three members of the Watson Family were following closely behind them.

They could still feel the Orachiss aura, so no one dared to stop. They managed to break away from the Orachiss, but all their efforts would be wasted if it caught up.

The Orachiss aura only disappeared when they reached a huge canyon.

Only then did they all relax

But then, they took a closer look at the canyon.

From where they were, the peaks of the canyon looked sharp and outstanding. Then, their gazes fell onto the vast barren land.

Yes, it was completely barren

This canyon was unimaginably desolate. It felt as if everyone had come to a completely uninhabitable area. It was desolate, arid, and had no water sources.

The air wasnt pure; it was mixed with dust.

Naturally, there were other things, such as the Black Blood Lizards in the periphery. These lizards werent weak, as each one was at least level 30.

Every Black Blood Lizard had a long horn, sharper than a sword, and they had skin covered in green scales, which showed that these had pretty strong venom. They were concealed in the sand, lying motionless. But there was no doubt that if someone intruded into their territory, they would definitely not remain calm.

There were too many Black Blood Lizards There would definitely be a clash if they went through there.

If they had a choice, no one would be willing to proceed that way. But this was the only way to go forward.

Before that, Lin Yun had everyone take a rest outside the canyon. They had used too much energy and needed some time to recover

But then, Zeuss had a painful expression flash across his face.


His heart was fiercely beating, as if it was about to split open.

This feeling was sudden and fierce, even making a formidable powerhouse like Zeuss look pale.

Zeuss discovered with shock that he seemed to have received an extremely grave injury.

But, when did he get injured?

Was it caused by the fight with the Orachiss? Right, when Falton trapped me, I lost the effect of the Crystal Scales, exposing me to the Orachiss flames. It should be from then

"Sir Zeuss, are you okay?" Rhett noticed this and walked to Zeuss side, looking at him worryingly.

"Im okay." Zeuss took a deep breath and forcibly suppressed the pain within his body.

He knew that he couldnt let others know of the severity of his injuries at this time.

He had to be patient because Rhett and Arthus werent the only ones here There was also the Merlin Familys group.

He had to endure if he wanted to keep leading the Watson Family with the Merlin Family.

It was hard to imagine what Mafa Merlin would do to the Watson Family once he learnt that their leader wasnt capable of exerting his full power.

"Alright, I dont feel the aura of that hateful Orachiss, Lord Xiuban managed to survive!" The Draconic Beastman said in a joyous tone. The cowardly Xiuban hadnt been able to relax ever since he encountered the Orachiss.

But he was finally safe.

Frost Dragon Reina was bound to have the greatest recovery ability due to her bloodline. She managed to recover from the injuries inflicted by the Orachiss in a short time and was already in good condition.

At this moment, she stood at Lin Yuns side, her long silver white hair reaching her perfect waist, exuding with a wild beauty.

"What do we do next?"

"Lets go through here first." Lin Yun smiled as if a weight had lifted from his mind. He checked the canyon and frowned. "But its clear that going through there isnt going to be that simple."

"Yes." Reina nodded. But before she could say anything, she heard countless sharp sounds.

It didnt come from the wind, seeming softer than that. In a split second, Reina noticed something

Then, the Draconic Beastmans horrified voice echoed, "Sir Merlin, its terrible! Those damned lizards are coming over!"

Lin Yun didnt actually need the reminder. He and the Watsons had all seen the movement.

Those several dozen Black Blood Lizards rushed out of the sand, scattering sand everywhere as they charged towards the team at the entrance of the canyon.

Arthus and Rhett seemed wary. their mana and Aura had been greatly exhausted during the fight with the Orachiss, so they didnt have much left.

This should normally be time to rest and meditate. But the Black Blood Lizards launched an attack on them, creating a tricky problem

"These damned Black Blood Lizards, they should be waiting inside the canyon! Why would they suddenly come out?" Rhett seemed quite upset. He couldnt help ruthlessly curse, raising the magic staff in his hand. He couldnt just watch and do nothing as the Black Blood Lizards approached, right?

On the other side, Arthus raised his greatsword, his expression worse than Rhetts. Black Blood Lizards were innately toxic and had formidable magic abilities. At his peak, handling a Black Blood Lizard would be a piece of cake, but the problem was that everyone, including himself, wasnt at their peak.

Thus, wanting the handle the Black Blood Lizards was somewhat challenging. After all, there were more than just a few of them.

"Get ready!" Lin Yun frowned. It wasnt time to show off his abilities further On his side, whether it was Reina, Xiuban, or the Heaven Puppet, everyone had greatly suffered.

But then, a voice echoed

"Wait. Im enough to handle those Black Blood Lizards." Zeuss was the one who spoke up, an extremely solemn expression on his face.