End Of The Magic Era Chapter 565

Chapter 565 Poisoned?


"You alone?" Lin Yun was stunned.

"Thats right, itll be enough." Zeuss nodded.

"Eh, its up to you then." Lin Yun scratched his cheek and glanced at Zeuss from afar, not saying anything.

But Lin Yun not saying anything didnt mean that the others would remain silent. Hearing Zeuss, Arthus was instantly startled and tried to stop him, "Sir Zeuss, your body"

"It doesnt matter, I am this teams leader. It is something I should do." Zeuss shook his head, and then slowly raised his staff.

To be honest, Zeuss wasnt playing a hero, he knew that he was seriously injured and couldnt fight, but there was nothing he could do about it, he had to make a move here.

Moreover, he had to do it on his own to show that he had enough power.

If he didnt, his position might be replaced by Mafa Merlin.

Although Mafa Merlin had saved him earlier, how could he remain calm.

The quantity of Black Blood Lizards reached a frightening amount, single-target spells wouldnt be enough, thus Zeuss chose to cast a large-scale spell.

That spell was known as Starlight Storm

The instant magic power circulated through his body, pain sneakily surged within his heart. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that it felt as if his heart was being torn apart.

It would hurt just as much if his heart was sliced in two.

And now, Zeuss was withstanding this much pain.

But he couldnt do anything against it, Zeuss knew that he had to endure that pain.

As the Starlight Storm was fully formed, a starry sky appeared.

The sky seemed to have turned into a glistening color with countless stars illuminating the entire area with a dazzling radiance, it looked as if a meteor was falling from the sky.

This flow of mana was unstable and berserk. Unstable because of the state of Zeuss body, and berserk by the nature of the spell. But regardless, the strength Zeuss displayed was frightening and he quickly obliterated the Black Blood Lizards.

The Black Blood Lizards wished they were dead if it meant not having to undertake the ravage of the Starlight Storm, they were sent flying one after the other No, it wasnt as simple as that, the aura of life completely disappeared from their bodies at that moment, their blood was broiled by the starlight and their bodies withered.

The lifeless bodies looked dried up, just like old people in their later years. The strongest part of the Starlight Storm was its invisible energy. It seemed to be an extremely calm attacking spell, but in reality, it was already surging like a tide.

At this time, a larger Black Blood Lizard charged over like a whirlwind.

It had a malevolent head, scales glittering with green light, and those eerie white claws were comparable to the sharpest weapons. They put a lot of pressure on everyone.

At this time, it would be reasonable for others to make a move. After all, Zeuss had used a lot of his strength, with his body in that state, using Starlight Storm was already pushing it. But Zeuss didnt want help, he wanted to establish his prestige, so he could only carry on.


Zeuss cast a Slow spell on the lizards leader, before casting a Swamp under its clawed legs. But that lizard was clearly a monster, its four legs were like pillars as they unexpectedly struggled free of the swamp.

Just based on its physical power, it could match a 1st Rank Sword Saint.

The battle was still ongoing

Time slowly passed, although the fight between Zeuss and that Leader of the Black Blood Lizards was very strenuous, thanks to Zeuss rich fighting experience as well as his skillful casting technique, he ultimately managed to defeat that lizard by using an extremely destructive spell.

Following an explosion, the leader of the lizards was cut in half, its boiling blood dying the earth red as it lost its life to Zeuss fierce attacks.

The battle was over, all the lizards had turned into corpses.

Zeuss was panting heavily, his complexion paler than before.

Only now could Zeuss finally relax.

But his mana consumption was very high, it was like a waterfall.

But this was a small problem. As long as his goal was reached, he didnt mind it.

But just as he came back to the group, he heard Rhett Watsons "kindhearted" reminder.

"Sir Zeuss, your body doesnt seem to be in good shape"

"Nonsense!" Zeuss coldly snorted as he heard this, he even looked at Lin Yun with an unkind gaze.

He had no other choice but to do so.

After Faltons departure, the teams composition had greatly changed. The Merlin Familys side had a level 38 Frost Dragon and a puppet comparable to a level 37, not to mention the Beastman with strange power. Even if Mafa Merlin wasnt counted, they were enough to crush Rhett and Arthus. The Watson could lead only because of himself, an 8th Rank Archmage.


If this 8th Rank Archmage lost his fighting strength, the situation would definitely become unpleasant. If Mafa Merlin realized that, he might seize the leadership position. If he was ruthless enough, the Watson Family would be wiped here.

Thus, Zeuss hid his injury.

Because Zeuss didnt want to risk it

His existence was the best way to guarantee his groups survival. If Mafa Merlin learnt that he had been seriously injured in the fight against the Orachiss and that his power was continuously waning, it would be equivalent to putting his life in Mafa Merlins hands.

"Haha" Lin Yun chuckled. He clearly understood what Zeuss was thinking, "If Im not wrong, Sir Zeuss should have been hit by poisonfire during the fight with the Orachiss?"

"Do I look like Ive been poisoned by poisonfire?" Zeuss took a deep breath and tried his best to appear calm.

"I heard that someone hit by the Orachiss would be poisoned by the ash poison" As if he hadnt noticed Zeuss unhappy mood, Lin Yun continued, "This ash poisons most important feature is its corrosive nature. It would be like a loathsome leech that wouldnt give up until it corroded all mana"

"" Zeuss expression became somewhat unnatural as he heard that

"Even if the poisoned victim was an 8th Rank Archmage Ah, right, Sir Zeuss, Im not talking about you. Im just saying, even an 8th Rank Archmage like you would be unable to rely on their own resistance to poison, especially if that person didnt know how formidable it was and recklessly used magic after being poisoned. The end result would be even worse, once the ash poisons toxins reach the heart, even Gods wouldnt be able to help them."

"" Zeuss held his breath.

"Fortunately, Sir Zeuss hadnt been poisoned, otherwise what you did against the Black Blood Lizards might have" Lin Yun said that as he looked at Zeuss with a rejoicing expression.

"Yes, haha" Zeuss smiled stiffly.

"Oh, right!" At this time, Lin Yun clapped his thigh and said, "I remember something else, I heard that the people infected by the ash poison would have a red area on their right palm. As time passed, this red area would spread towards the heart, and once this red area truly reached the heart, the poisoned would be finished"

"Haha, this is only hearsay" Zeuss did his best to remain calm, but his eyes couldnt help looking at his right hand


Zeuss really found a red area on his right palm

But that red area had already spread to his arm

This discovery made Zeuss feel a chill.

It was just as Mafa Merlin said, the red area on his right palm was slowly spreading towards his chest, moreover, that feeling was becoming more intense in his chest, as if a hand was fiercely pressed against his heart, making even breathing extremely challenging.

The group slowly walked towards the depths of the canyon, but Zeuss remained at the back of the formation, glancing at his right palm with a gloomy expression, not knowing what to do.

After five minutes, Zeuss was staggering

Cold sweat kept flowing down his forehead and his expression was a lot paler, to the point that even Arthus and the others noticed.

At first, Zeuss didnt want to admit it, but after ten minutes, that red area kept spreading, just as Lin Yun said and had reached half of his arm, getting dangerously close to his chest.

Zeuss only felt cold in his limbs, Its just as he said

But, not long after, the team ran into trouble. Thirty meters ahead, another group of Black Blood Lizards approached. As Lin Yun poured mana into his Doom Staff, eight Flame Bursts were sent flying, signaling the start of battle.