End Of The Magic Era Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Too Shameless


Zeuss originally wanted to take part in that battle, but he suddenly recalled Lin Yuns words and immediately hesitated and interrupted his cast, looking very embarrassed.

If it was as Lin Yun said, then casting spells would just accelerate the rate at which his life was consumed


A loud sound echoed as Reina quickly turned into a Frost Dragon and spread her wings wide, turning several dozen Black Blood Lizards into a minced meat. At the same time, Reina also spat out a ray of light which swept through a large amount of lizards. Miserable shrieks echoed throughout the canyon.

It was truly frightening

Then, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel slowly raised above Lin Yuns head. The Spell Wheel burst with a moon-like radiance, and along with mana being poured into it, all kinds of spells quickly flooded the Black Blood Lizards.

On another side, Xiuban was swinging Carnage aggressively as he ran, flattening one lizard after the other. Carnages power seemed particularly shocking.

After five minutes of pummeling and magic bombardment, the screaming sounds became scarcer and scarcer. Soon, there was no sound to be heard. Just Lin Yuns group was enough to deal with over a hundred Black Blood Lizards, they didnt need the help of the Watson family at all.

At this moment, Arthus and Rhett were both staring at the scene with their eyes wide open, Damn, arent these three too fierce? After all, Zeuss had taken a lot more time to deal with the Black Blood Lizards earlier.

"Sir Zeuss, fortunately you pulled back relatively fast this time. If the poison had spread to the heart, I would have definitely been unable to save you" Lin Yun said as he walked to Zeuss. He had noticed Zeuss movements earlier. It looked like this esteemed Archmage had been somewhat unable to restrain himself.

"Nonsense, Im not poisoned!" A vein pulsated on Zeuss forehead as he said that, That scoundrel is too excessive, he keeps mocking me and doesnt pay any respect to an 8th Rank Archmage like me. I must teach him a lesson, or hell really think that he can remain impudent in front of me

"Mafa Merlin, you" Thinking of this, Zeuss expression sank. He ferociously grasped his magic staff in his right hand, but after starting off with those words, Zeuss suddenly froze.

Hold on

If I didnt hear wrong, Mafa Merlin just said: "If the poison had spread to the heart, I would have definitely been unable to save you" Thats an annoying reminder, but on the other hand, it means that if the poison hadnt reached my heart, Mafa Merlin can save me?

Thinking of this, Zeuss expression froze and his grip on his magic staff also loosened. After hesitating for a while, he squeezed out an embarrassed smile, "That High Mage Merlin, you said You said That you actually have an antidote?"

"Of course I know of an antidote, but wasnt Sir Watson not poisoned? How could I cure you if you arent poisoned?"

"" Zeuss face turned white as he heard this, he hoped he could slap himself a few times, Damnit, why did I dig a hole for myself?

"Alright, alright, High Mage Merlin, since you have an antidote, can you help me" Zeuss was an 8th Rank Archmage, a powerhouse of that level wouldnt be as shameless as Xiuban. After holding back for a while, he quietly said, "Can you help me cure the poison?"

"Of course." Lin Yun seriously thought before adding, "But I need a lot of magic materials."

"Magic materials?"

Even when he heard that Lin Yun had a way, Zeuss was still restless. He was afraid that Lin Yun would ask for something impossible. But hearing Lin Yun asking for magic material was a relief for Zeuss.

"My Watson Family has been operating in Okland for a millennium, there is no magic material we cant take out, Im even carrying many within my spatial ring which ones do you need?"

"Very good, then I shall list them!" Lin Yun chuckled and took out some writing utensils from his ring and then started listing the items he needed.

"Come take a look." Once he was done writing, Rhett reacted first, he took the list from Lin Yuns hands and carefully checked every single material on the list.

He then relaxed after reading through a dozen materials. Although these materials were precious, they werent much to Rhett Watson.

"No problem High Mage Merlin, let alone Sir Zeuss, I can also take them out of my spatial ring. If you can save Sir Zeuss, I shall not only give you those materials, I will even give you additional rewards."

At this time, whether it was Rhett or Arthus, they both understood that this was an opportunity to curry favor with the poisoned Zeuss, thus, Rhett displayed magnanimity.

"Wait, its not just those" Lin Yun methodically reminded Rhett. He then helped Rhett flip the page, "Look at the back."

"There is more?" Rhett frowned, and after a quick glance, his expression greatly changed. He was scared by the content of the list!

At the back of the list were listed seventy to eighty very precious magic materials. And that wasnt all, these magic materials included various domains of alchemy, they werent just used in potioneering.

What Lurman Mithril, what Abyssal Gemcore, whats that? Lurman Mithril is used in weapon forging, while Abyssal Gemcore is used to embed arrays. They have no damn relation with potions. Oh, right, there is also the Demon Claw, thats a f*cking siege weapon! What are you going to use a Demon Claw for? Do you want to use that potion to blow a gate?

So shameless

"High Mage Merlin, your list Your list is a bit too excessive!" Rhett made great effort to suppress his anger, he was in a bad mood after reading that list.

This This This is too much of a scam?

"You cant understand the Artisan realm" Lin Yun didnt give Rhett any time to answer, "Since I listed them it means that I need these materials. You can also let Zeuss Watson die, but dont blame me for reminding you, he has about half an hour left"

"You are profiting from others misfortune!" Rhetts expression turned terrible as he roared at Lin Yun, "The Watson Family wont compromise!"

"Haha" Lin Yun smiled disdainfully, looking indifferent.

"Give it to him." Zeuss quickly intervened, angrily looking at Rhett.

Rhett looked at Zeuss with incredulity and cried in alarm, "Sir Zeuss, Mafa Merlin is clearly taking advantage of the situation to rob us!"

"If you dont give it to him, will you treat me in his stead?" Zeuss pointed at Rhett while scolding him, Is my life more important? Or are magic materials more important?

Zeuss Watson felt as if his lungs were about to explode because of Rhett Watson, this pig-like teammate. At such a critical time, he still cared about these things.

Rhett sluggishly moved forward in silence, unwilling to look at Lin Yun. It looked like he was following Zeuss words.

"I have some of the materials in my spatial ring, as for the rest, Arthus, Rhett, you two help me fill in the rest."

Zeuss was a bit unwilling, it was as if he was being looted. But he still had to hand over the goods in the end, he had no other choice at this step.

Arthus and Rhett were very unwilling, but they couldnt refuse Zeuss, could they?

Soon, the three took out a huge pile of magic material. These materials glistened with a multitude of radiance and were piled like a small mountain. Even Xiuban couldnt help gulping.

Only Reina didnt find anything strange with it.

"High Mage Merlin, this is all we could gather, but we are still short a few of the items."

When the three of them worked together, most of the magic materials on the list were found. But there were a few materials that were so valuable that even an 8th Rank Archmage like Zeuss wouldnt carry them on his person.

"Sir Zeuss, those few magic materials arent too important, but I just saw Crimson Flame Gold Essence and a Sutton Gem in Sir Rhetts spatial ring, as well as a piece of Skyfall Magic Metal. If you are fine with it, you can replace those several materials with these"

"Mafa Merlin, this is too excessive!"

Hearing this, Zeuss and Arthus didnt say anything, but Rhett got angry.

This was a shameless robbery

He had never heard that magic materials could be switched like that, not only switched, but with such a huge difference from the original ones. These were metals and gems Alchemy wasnt magic, how could these things be used to create a potion?

This was too ridiculous?