End Of The Magic Era Chapter 568

Chapter 568 Mana Cleansing


Before coming to the Raging Flame Plane, Lin Yun had already made some conjectures.

Everything indicated that the scepter wasnt as powerful as the legends said, it would at most be a True Spirit Magic Tool, and after countless years, the Magic Tool Incarnation would have already been destroyed and it might have already fallen to the Spiritual realm.

Thus, to Lin Yun, Norricks scepter was only a token left behind by the Raging Flame Emperor. Apart from this, there was no real meaning to it.

This meant that although Norricks scepter had some appeal, it was far from making people desperate. Since even Lin Yun could understand this reason, he believed that Zeuss and Falton obviously knew about it.

They both could be considered 8th Rank Archmage powerhouses, and the power behind them was even more outrageous, they wouldnt make such a big fuss for that scepter. They definitely came here for something more important.

Thus, their behavior was strange. Such as the fact that regardless of what happened, they didnt want to leave this place.

As he thought of this, Lin Yun started having a favorable impression of Zeuss Watson.

Although Zeuss Watson didnt tell him why they were here, but saying that it was unfair to the Merlin Family was already a huge hint. At least, Zeuss knew how to be grateful.

But what were they looking for?

Could it be the skull of Ancient God Constance? The skull which represented the source of wisdom?

But as he thought about it, Lin Yun felt certain that apart from himself, no one should be aware of that secret.

Since that was the case, then what was the thing they were looking for?

Thus, Lin Yun decided to probe.

"Sir Zeuss, the two major forces cooperating is a good thing to our Merlin Family, how could it be unfair?"

"" Although Zeuss expression didnt change much, he felt conflicted.

The cause was very simple, at this moment, he had managed to come here mostly unscathed thanks to Lin Yun. It could be said that without Lin Yuns help, they would have died in the Orachiss hands long ago.

Moreover, even if he barely managed to escape the forest, the poisonfire would have been enough to take his life.

He could also understand the meaning behind Lin Yuns words.

If he could, Zeuss wouldnt mind saying a few more sentences, but he couldnt do anything, the burden he bore was too heavy, that was a mission issued by the Ancestral Land!

It concerned the Familys interests, he definitely couldnt leak it out at will.

In the end, Zeuss sighed and said with a complicated expression, "If possible, I hope the Merlin Family can withdraw from this collaboration. Arent you looking for Norricks scepter? I can promise on behalf of the Watson Family that as long as we find the scepter, Ill definitely hand it over to your Merlin Family."

After saying this, Zeuss stared at Lin Yun. This promise was the greatest concession he could make.

But he then found out that there was no change in the young mages expression. It seemed that he wasnt very satisfied with that suggestion.

In fact, Lin Yun couldnt agree.

He had come to this Demiplane for Constances skull, he had yet to find the skull, so how could he leave so easily?

"Sir Zeuss, you see, this Demiplane is rich in resources, how could I leave so easily? You might not know how poor our Merlin Family is, but with so many resources spread in front of me, if I dont take some back, Ill be in trouble"

Although Lin Yun appeared to be whining, how could Zeuss not see that the young mage only found a random excuse.

Regardless of what he said, it was unlikely that he would leave.

"High Mage Merlin, I understand. It seems that I was a bit rash. Haha, I suddenly remembered that there was something I wanted to check in the surroundings, I wont bother you any longer, you proceed with your meditation."

Zeuss forced a smile and hurriedly left after saying those words.

He didnt share any useful information. Lin Yun scratched his cheek and smiled. He didnt stop Zeuss and got up soon after. He told Xiuban to keep watch and then walked into his own tent.

Then, Lin Yun began his daily task

That task was using mana to cleanse the Hydra Heart.

This was something he did everyday ever since he obtained that Hydra Heart.

The Hydra Heart was already fused with the puppet, and since the fusion, the puppets could be said to have increased, although its level had reverted to level 35 due to the fusion having just been done, it could still prevail over a 7th Rank Archmage by relying on the Doom Staff, and its power was still increasing due to the fusion.

This fighting strength was very shocking and it wouldnt take long before the puppet could compare with Frost Dragon Reina.

Moreover, the Heaven Rank wasnt too far.

Lin Yun would Mana Cleansing every day on the Hydra Heart to maintain the vitality of the Hydra Heart and guarantee that there would be no failure during the fusion with the puppet. As the fusion with the puppet was being perfected, the power of the puppet was rising at a shocking speed. Sooner or later, it would be able to compare with Reina, and might even be able to fight against an Orachiss.

After entering his tent, Lin Yun arranged an array, opened the puppets mechanical system, and put both hands on the Hydra Heart.

As the Magic Array slowly rotated, one small mana whirlpool after another started appearing in Lin Yuns hands. They looked like small scale Magic Arrays and rotated at the exact same frequency. If someone was next to Lin Yun, they would be able to see the Hydra Heart throbbing with every rotation of these mana whirlpools. As for the various mysterious runes on it, they became clearer and clearer.

At the same time, Lin Yuns expression became extremely serious.

Mana Cleansing was an extremely complicated and challenging process. It needed an extremely accurate control over ones power, as well as good insight. No mistake was tolerated.

In just a short half an hour, Lin Yun completed the first stage of the Mana Cleansing, his forehead covered in sweat.

The flow of mana was controlled to an extremely accurate degree. Lin Yun had no other choice but to do that, if there was a problem with a single drop of mana, it would lead to the failure of the Mana Cleansing and cause a fatal flaw.

And there were three such stages.

The Mana Cleansing was only finished when the light of the day appeared.

Lin Yun finally let out a sigh of relief. The only thing making him depressed was the mana consumption.

Mana Cleansing was not only complicated, it was very taxing on mana

After letting out a sigh, Lin Yun entered his Natural Demiplane.

"This Already so vast?" An amazed expression appeared on Lin Yuns face as he stared at his plane.

Every time he came here, he would end up shocked by the sight.

This world had became even more vast than before, the trees looked even more lush, and giant trees were everywhere. The entire plane was brimming with vitality.

And what made Lin Yun pleasantly surprised was that the Laws of the Four Elements were even more stable than before.

What did that mean?

It meant that the Natural Demiplane was getting closer to evolving into a true world!

At the current speed, Lin Yun estimated that it wouldnt need more than a year for the Four Elements Laws to be identical to the outside world. At that time, this Natural Demiplane would become a genuine plane.

The existence of the Natural Demiplane was enough to make anyone envious of Lin Yun. Because it had never been exploited and was developing on its own, he didnt even need to do anything.

He only needed to wait until the Demiplane matured.

Moreover, this Natural Demiplane would offer a terrifying unending stream of energy to Lin Yun in the future. As a conservative estimate, if Lin Yun had a complete Natural Demiplane, he would be able to challenge the Orachiss! He wouldnt have to flee.

This was the benefits of having a complete world!

Then, Lin Yun began checking the Demiplanes growth.

And he soon obtained a stupefying result.

The currently Demiplane had reached a hundred kilometers!

This was almost the double of its original size.

Lin Yun was astonished. The size of a Demiplane was fixed at birth, it could only expand by using very special methods. But even then, a considerable price would need to be paid, and that wasnt even mentioning doubling the size.

According to the speed of this development, wouldnt the Natural Demiplane grow to be a 2nd Noscent after a hundred years?

And the size of a Demiplane also determined the power of the world. The larger the Demiplane, the stronger the power. If he really had a Demiplane comparable to Noscent, he would have the strength to kill a God!

At that time, regardless if it was an Archmage or a Heaven Rank powerhouse, or those God-like existence within the Heaven Rank, they would have no other choice but to flee in front of him.

If his strength reached the stage where others could only look up to him, then he might be able to use the most common Fireball Spell to instantly destroy a Peak Archmage!


What was the reason behind this?