End Of The Magic Era Chapter 569

Chapter 569 Great Changes


The development of the Natural Demiplane was too outrageous, and Lin Yun felt somewhat worried. The stability of the Laws could be explained by the presence of the Ancient Gods soul fragment, but what was behind the expansion of the Demiplane?

Lin Yun was puzzled. He thought for a long time but couldnt find a suitable reason to explain it.

Then, he summoned Enderfa.

Enderfa had been resting when he was summoned and he wasnt in a good mood, but once he saw the current environment of the Demiplane, his expression became very strange. "Damn, I just took a nap and the Demiplane expanded that much?"

"Enderfa, do you know the reason behind it?"

"How could I know? Im not omnipotent! As for the change, I think you should know more than me. This is your private plane, after all" Enderfa vaguely answered. In fact, he truly didnt know what to say, and Lin Yun could see that he wasnt lying.

"Hell" Lin Yun was very disappointed. He originally summoned Enderfa to try his luck, hoping to get an answer from him, but Enderfa also didnt know.

He could only put it aside for now and research it later.

But there were some areas Lin Yun was curious about.

He thought about it and quickly went to the mana pond.

The liquid mana in the pond was extremely rich and dense. Even without making the effort to absorb it, the mana revolved around his body and doused him completely, as if he had taken a bath in the pond

More importantly, the Mana Vine had become a lot thicker, which meant that the speed at which the Mana Vine absorbed mana was increasing. And the density of the natural mana crystal condensing within the mana pond was similarly increasing.

Now, when it came to mana recovery, Lin Yun had better choices, such as directly eating the mana crystal, which would recover his mana even faster. But Lin Yun didnt want to depend too much on the soul fragments, so he temporarily didnt use it.

Lin Yun started meditating.

The density of the mana was extremely shocking, and the surroundings of the pond made it feel like he was on some clouds. The results of Lin Yuns meditation there far exceeded his imagination. It only took a short time before he finished recovering his mana.

But when he opened his eyes, Lin Yun unexpectedly discovered that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was sleeping next to the soul fragment, and it seemed that there had been many changes.

Speaking of which, he hadnt paid attention to the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf for a long time That guy had remained slumbering in the Demiplane for so long.

Lin Yun was stunned to discover that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs body had surprisingly become even smaller after the long slumber. Its body was pocket-sized, and its fur had gradually turned silvery-white, looking very soft and smooth.

It would have been fine if that was all, but what truly surprised Lin Yun was the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs strength.

Its strength had skyrocketed, already reaching level 30!

This seemed very strange

After all, when Lin Yun met the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, it was very weak. But now it had reached such a high level, and the strangest thing was that, as the level increased, magic beasts typically became bigger and bigger but it was becoming smaller and smaller instead!?

Lin Yun frowned.

It just felt weird. What was the reason behind it? It now looked that there was something particularly strange with the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

But just as he thought about it, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf woke up.

As it emerged from its slumber, it looked around, discovered Lin Yun, and instantly became excited. It pounced into its owners arms and took advantage of the fact that Lin Yun had yet to react to suddenly flash across Lin Yuns chest

Lin Yun didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he discovered that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had stolen a few of his mana crystals.

But just as he was going to reprimand the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, it dashed into the forest. It was running cheerfully at first, but its speed quickly increased, and in the blink of an eye, it was charging like lightning.

It made Lin Yun wonder to himself Since when had that small pup become so fierce?

In fact, the Three-Eyed wolf didnt show any intent to stop. There was a huge rock in the forest, and the wolf pounced over, put all its strength into its claws and sent a powerful gale with heavy pressure towards the huge rock.

A loud noise could be heard a second later as the huge rock was smashed to pieces

Lin Yun looked at the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, feeling dumbstruck.

The speed and power displayed by the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf were extremely shocking. It was the power of a level 30 magic beast, which meant that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf not only reached level 30 during its sleep, but it was also able to display its full power right away.

Lin Yun also discovered that the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs 3rd eye was showing signs of awakening. That 3rd eye was just a mere red mark at first, but now, the outline of a slightly opened eye was visible.

Based on its rate of development thus far, Lin Yun estimated that the 3rd eye should completely open at level 35 at the latest.

This was frightening

After all, once a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf awakened its 3rd eye, it would mean that its strength would reach a completely new realm.

And at that domain, it would be known as a Wolf God. The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf of Mercenary King Bujam had awakened its 3rd eye.

At that time, the strength of that wolf made people shiver. It was said that it could deal with the joint attack of several dozen Archmages. When a 9th Rank Archmage launched a military campaign against the Mercenary King, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf ended up beheading that Archmage on its own.

It could be said that if a Three-Eyed Secret Wolf awakened its 3rd eye, it wouldnt be much different from an Orachiss in terms of power. No, it would be stronger than an Orachiss, as it could compare to a Heaven Rank existence.

But if it was the case, problems might appear.

His Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was only a pup. It wasnt more than a decade old, so how could it already reach this stage?

This was illogical

Lin Yun wasnt sure why the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was evolving so quickly.

After all, even the Three-eyed secret Wolf of Mercenary King Bujam had gone through several millennia of evolution before its 3rd eye awakened.

Could this be related to the soul fragment? This isnt right

The soul fragment in the Demiplane was only the result of the fusion of two small soul fragments. After the Ancient Gods death, its soul split up into several thousand fragments. A mere two fragments clearly didnt have such ability.

Then what was the reason behind it, what could cause such a terrifying change?

No matter how much Lin Yun racked his brain, he couldnt find an explanation for this.

And soon, Lin Yun helplessly sighed. Nothing could be done about it, as there was too little information on the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.


But the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf interrupted Lin Yuns thoughts by rubbing its head against his leg, as if telling Lin Yun that it wanted to go out and play

"Little guy, its not a good time to go out, its very dangerous outside" Lin Yun chuckled as he patted the wolfs head. "Ill take you out when you reach level 35."

Hearing Lin Yuns words, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolfs fur stood up, looking impatient. It seemed to be saying: Level 35 will take too long, I cant wait!

"If you cause trouble, I wont take you out at all"

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was scared, and it immediately returned to the Ancient Gods soul fragment

Lin Yun smiled as he checked the wolf. It would be very good if it could really reach level 35 and fully awaken its 3rd eye.

No one would be able to contend against it if it could match a Heaven Rank existence. That kind of power could only be described as terrifying. In front of it, 8th Rank Archmages were nothing more than ants. Only 9th Rank Archmages might be able to keep their lives

A hopeful look flashed across Lin Yuns face. He hoped that this day would come soon.

Not long after, Lin Yun left the Demiplane.

After a day, everyone had more or less recovered and tidied up their tents, leaving for the depths of the canyon.

This canyon was incredibly dangerous, and the magic beasts on the outskirts could only be considered the tip of the iceberg. Magic beasts were everywhere when they reached the central area. The battle naturally never stopped.

In a short dozen days, they had fought several hundred battles, large and small.

Naturally, it would be fine if they met relatively weaker magic beasts. But the problem was that the magic beasts appearing were comparable to 6th Rank Archmages.

And even worse, on the 8th day, they also encountered a fierce magic beast that was barely weaker than Zeuss. Rhett was injured during that battle, and his bones almost shattered.

On the 15th day, even Lin Yun felt enormous pressure. Several hundred magic beasts above level 30 appeared.

Even if Lin Yun used the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, he couldnt kill them all.

In short, every single day of this trip was challenging. They only left the canyon when they reached an icy area.

"Damn, we are finally out!" Lin Yun looked at the canyon behind them and wiped some blood from the corner of his mouth. He was very pale, but he was still showing a wide smile.