End Of The Magic Era Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Mountain Python


They had been lucky to survive so far.

Just thinking of what they had gone through made Lin Yuns breathing grow rough.

Everyone was in a pitiful state, stained with blood and showing weak auras.

Especially Xiuban. He was proficient in physical attacks, and thus, he had been fighting magic beasts in melee range. Sustaining injuries in such a situation was unavoidable.

After a month, the Draconic Beastmans skin was filled with wounds, which would make Xiuban grimace if touched ever so slightly.

The Frost Dragon wasnt as relaxed as she appeared to be either. In the battle three days earlier, her wing was injured by a level 34 magic beast and she had yet to recover.

As for the three Watsons, they werent as lightly injured as Lin Yuns group. A level 30 magic beast would be enough to make Rhett and Arthus flee at this point

But everyone could finally sigh in relief now.

Because they had already left that hateful canyon

Then, everyones pace slowed as they cautiously walked forward.

They soon entered this land of ice.

The temperature was very low, lower than anywhere else they had been. Even Archmages could feel the cold. They hadnt walked deep inside this new land, yet everyone was already shivering.

The snow-white ground could be seen everywhere they looked. The rivers, mountains, and peaks were all covered in ice. There was even a kilometer-high iceberg looming over the area.

And that iceberg was the area Lin Yun chose for them to pitch their tents.

The huge iceberg would shelter the entire team from the snowy winds.

After half an hour, the tents were all erected and prepared. Then, following Zeuss, both Rhett and Arthus entered their tents.

After making arrangements for Xiuban and Reina, Lin Yun also entered his tent and began meditating.

At that time, Lin Yuns shocking meditation speed went into effect. Just as he started meditating, the surrounding mana fluctuations suddenly got fiercer. Lin Yuns Void Forge could turn everything in the world into mana, including the ice elements permeating this world of ice.

Thus, Lin Yun didnt need long to recover from his weakened state.

When night fell, he instantly fell asleep in his tent. Every single day of the past month had been very tense, and Lin Yun was considerably exhausted


But a loud sound echoed at dawn, followed by the earth shaking.

The surroundings all became noisy.

"What happened?"

Lin Yun was startled and left the tent with a puzzled expression.

Just as Lin Yun got out, he saw Zeuss rubbing his eyes as he came out of his own tent.

Zeuss looked as if he had just woken up and didnt know what was happening, but worry could be seen in the eyes of the 8th Rank Archmage.

Lin Yun clearly understood what he was thinking There was nowhere safe in this Demiplane.

But they felt the earth moving just as they came out, as if there was something moving and holding up the ground.

"Heavens!" Zeuss suddenly let out in surprise. This 8th Rank Archmage was looking into the distance with a sluggish expression, his mouth wide open. Both his expression and his gaze showed his disbelief.


It wasnt just Zeuss. At the same time, Lin Yun also found something unexpected in the distance and his expression similarly stiffened.

This was too terrifying

Four hundred meters away from the camp, there was a sparkling and malevolent head frantically rushing out of the ice.

it was a huge snake head, so huge that it looked like a mountain. Its head alone could compare with the Orachiss body.

And the strange thing was that this huge head looked like an ice statue. It was just like a huge iceberg with a pythons head carved on it.

As its head did everything it could to break out of the ice, the body hidden underneath gradually became visible. It was definitely a lot bigger than the head, as one would expect.

The sound coming from its struggles were definitely echoing a lot louder than before.

"That python is trying to come out of the ice." Lin Yun muttered.


It looked as if the huge pythons head wanted to thoroughly shatter the ice field. Mountains of ice rose up as the python tried to extricate its body from the ice, and when all of it fell to the ground, it made the whole area quake

A large amount of snow spread in all directions due to this swaying, and just like a tsunami, the falling covered everything in the surroundings. It was an apocalyptic sight.

Lin Yun and Zeuss staggered along and almost fell. They both were worried and anxious about what to do.

Soon, the python had completely gotten out of the ice field. Its body was a few kilometers long, and its head directly reached the sky.

The pythons body was covering the field of ice!

Its body and head were completely made of ice, and its numerous scales were flickering transparently. Its scales were like sharp and pointed spikes of ice.

And the strange part was the golden rings coiled around its tail; there were a total of nine flickering rings.

Zeuss was worried, but just as he thought that the python was going to attack their camp, the python twisted its body towards the iceberg next to the camp instead.

The python coiled around it. Although the iceberg was tall, the python was even longer and was able to completely wrap its body around it. It was to the point that the python still had a part of its body out of the loop, and each sway created an avalanche.

Then, the python spat out cold air.

"This isnt good!" Seeing this scene, Lin Yun suddenly reacted. With no time to explain, he took out his Doom Staff and an ice cold aura rose up as he directly skipped the incantation of the Ice Elemental Incarnation due to the magic staffs amplification ability. In an instant, he turned into a Frost Giant that was several dozen meters.

Then, he quickly moved his hand and grabbed everyone, including the still-slumbering Draconic Beastman, and used the terrain to his advantage to cast Frost Flash, moving several hundred meters away in an instant.

Sure enough, just as he moved, the pythons cold aura froze everything within a kilometer of it.

Even Zeuss couldnt help shuddering nervously. Damn, had Mafa Merlin not reacted so quickly, Rhett and Arthus would have met their ends Hell, what is that magic beast?

The pythons appearance made Zeuss heart palpitate.

Hold on A body of ice, and golden rings on its tail

Zeuss frowned as he was thinking, when he suddenly had a flash of insight and a name appeared in his mind. "Damnit, thats a Mountain Python, its really a Mountain Python! How could a Mountain Python appear in this place!?"

"Thats right, its a Mountain Python" Lin Yun attentively watched the huge head at the top of the iceberg, not backing down from the staring contest. "You could say that our luck is quite bad"

In the legends, the Mountain Pythons were a very ancient race

It was said that Mountain Pythons were creatures born in the era of the Ancient Gods. They would lie dormant under the ice at birth and sleep for a millennium. Then, they would wake up for a while, only to go back to slumber a millennium later.

Every Mountain Python already had the power of a level 30 at birth. With every period of slumber, their strength would increase by one level, up until their 10th awakening when they reached the Heaven Rank.

Every time a Mountain Python woke up, it would eat enough prey to slumber for a millennium maybe resources, maybe magic beasts or maybe humans.

Thus, each time a Mountain Python appeared, it would cause a huge disaster. The latest disaster happened at the end of the 3rd Dynasty

In the extreme north of Noscent was a kingdom of ice and snow called the Sten Kingdom.

A Mountain Python once appeared in the Sten Kingdom and attacked the most prosperous city, swallowing all that lived there.

The ruler of the Sten Kingdom was infuriated and dispatched the strongest joint army of the kingdom. After more than a month of battle, they successfully drove away the Mountain Python at a terrible price.