End Of The Magic Era Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Whats Happening?


Zeuss fell down from the sky, not having the time to cast a cushioning spell.

He couldnt do anything about it, he had exhausted his mana after having forcibly activated the Crystal Scales.

"Save Sir Zeuss, quick!" Arthus, who was puking blood, saw that something wasnt right, but he was too far, he didnt have the time to help Zeuss so he could only shout at Rhett.

Rhett was about to cast Flight and catch the falling Zeuss when he suddenly noticed a silhouette flying out from his side.

"Mafa Merlin?"


At this time, only Lin Yun had enough energy to save Zeuss, and sure enough, he directly flew and caught him.

"Thank Thank you" Zeuss stammeringly thanked Lin Yun with a poor expression.

"Sir Zeuss is too polite." Lin Yun put Zeuss on the ground and casually gave him a few Mana Potions. At this time, Zeuss fighting power was indispensable. A few bottles of Mana Potion could help him recover to some extent.

Zeuss also knew that it wasnt the time to be polite and only gave Lin Yun a grateful look before opening the lids of the potions and drinking them one after the other. After drinking the potions, Zeuss recovered about half of his mana and sighed.

After all, the Mountain Pythons power far exceeded Zeuss. Had he not used the Crystal Scales, the frost spheres attack might have killed him already.

This Demiplane could truly be said to be plagued with misfortunes. First the Orachiss, now the Mountain Python, they were both unfathomable existences.

Thinking of this, Zeuss couldnt help feeling defeated

This battle had just started but he had already tasted defeat. Arthus was seriously hurt and his fighting power had greatly diminished, Zeuss had been forced to use his trump card and only managed to supplement half of his mana afterwards. Even if Rhett was added, they wouldnt be much different than snacks to the Mountain Python.

It would have been a lot better if more people from the Ancestral Land had come

At the very least, they wouldnt be in such a bad situation.

Currently, only the Merlin Familys side didnt lose much of their fighting power. But in the Merlin Family group, only Frost Dragon Reina could fight with the Mountain Python. Although the puppet wasnt weaker, just on fighting awareness it couldnt compare to a living being.. The power it could display would be greatly weakened. As for the Beastman, Zeuss had already seen through him, he was just a mischievous subordinate who could be useful in large scale battle, but in a battle between powerhouse individuals, his strength wasnt enough to warrant him a spot on the sidelines

Oh right, there is also Mafa Merlin

As he thought of this, Zeuss couldnt help taking a glance at Lin Yun.

He then couldnt help sighing

Still too young

Mafa Merlins power was the most formidable among all the young mages Zeuss had seen.

It could be said that considering his current strength and his age made him quite an unimaginable existence.

But regardless how unfathomable it was, he was only a youth in his early twenties, no matter how powerful he was, he couldnt possibly contend against the Mountain Python.

"Hmm?" Just as he thought about it, Zeuss felt a burst of wind.

Whats happening?

Zeuss was stunned, his mouth wide open

Because Zeuss clearly saw the young mage flying towards the Mountain Python

"High Mage Merlin, hold on" Zeuss tried to call the young mage back.

But, it was too late

"F*ck" Zeuss cursed, feeling that the young mage was acting too impulsive.

Does he not understand that he shouldnt be fighting head on here, but rather make use of the team? An Artisan is invaluable when facing an enemy like the Mountain Python

One potion or one array might be enough to save the entire group

But now

You rushed over so impetuously. If you were seriously hurt by the Mountain Python, or even killed, who should I find to save the team with potions or support the team with arrays?

Zeuss was somewhat regretful

Had he known earlier, he would have went to battle the Mountain Python once more after recovering half of his mana, that way, Mafa Merlin might have not rushed in.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Zeuss heavily sighed and started recovering his mana, this was the only thing he could do. Only by quickly recovering his mana could he take over the battle and make Mafa Merlin retreat to support.

Lin Yun was hovering in the air, holding his Doom Staff while the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel hovered above his head. He didnt look as nervous as Zeuss imagined.

Because Lin Yun knew that the Mountain Python before his eyes wasnt as undefeatable as Zeuss thought.

Sure, the Mountain Python was a level 39 ancient monster, but it shouldnt be forgotten that it had just woken up from a millennium of slumber.

After a millennium, the Mountain Pythons vitality was at its weakest, the power it could display was far from the Orachiss.

And this was Lin Yuns best opportunity.

The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel started revolving

A shocking mana fluctuation suddenly rose up and countless 5th Tier Spells flew out of it.

Everything in front of Lin Yun turned into a sea of fire, the blazing flames suppressing the cold from the world of ice in a few hundred meters.

The Mountain Python was born in this world of ice, the creature itself was the embodiment of the ice element, fire spells would naturally have the best result. And thus, when Lin Yun made a move, he cast countless fire spells.

In that split second, it could clearly be seen that the Mountain Pythons body was completely formed by ice, under the light of the inferno it turned into a fiery color. It was clearly suffering from extreme pain and its head was crazily swaying as he let out mournful hisses.


The Mountain Python angrily cried out. The tail that was coiled around the mountain-like iceberg fiercely whipped towards Lin Yun.

"Get out of here!" Zeuss shouted, just having recovered his mana. The power of its tail could instantly kill an Archmage, if Mafa Merlin was hit by it, it would end terribly.

Lin Yun didnt seem to have heard him and raised his draconic staff and a youthful Dragon Roar echoed. That was the Magic Tool Incarnation within the Doom Staff. Three seconds later, the Dragon Crystal let out a purple light, which shot out like a whirlwind.

Then, the purple light turned into a countless light curtains, enveloping Lin Yuns body.

At the same time, Lin Yun urged his first spell.

After going through the magic amplification of the Doom Staff, the spell obtained an astonishing buff and was soon completed, slowly forming a dark red pattern around Lin Yuns body.

"Runic Shield?"

Zeuss never thought that when facing the Mountain Pythons attack, Lin Yun would actually choose such a basic spell.

Damnit, he is still using such an inferior spell at such a time? This is courting death!

Is Mafa Merlin crazy?

Is he tired of living?

He didnt dare to think how Mafa Merlin would end.

He might end up torn apart, or maybe even worse.

Then, a loud explosion echoed in the air.

"Eh?" But after the explosion, shock appeared on Zeuss face.

Because he could clearly see that Mafa Merlins shield hadnt even weakened after suffering the tail attack and was still emitting a gentle mana radiance. The only difference was that Mafa Merlin had been sent flying several hundred meters away.

Mafa Merlin hardly needed to spend any strength to stabilize himself with Flight. He then flew towards the Mountain Pythons head at an even faster speed than before.

Whats happening?

He resisted that blow with just a Runic Shield?

Seeing this scene, Zeuss expression was full of shock.

Was it not a Runic Shield but something similar to the Crystal Scales?

This completely violates the laws of magic

But before Zeuss could understand what had happened, Lin Yun was already raising his draconic staff and pointed it at the Mountain Python, sending one Flame Burst after the other crashing onto the huge snake.


An earth-shattering roar echoed as the jade-like scales on the Mountain Pythons head were peeled off one after the other, even the ice elements curled around the head started scattering.