End Of The Magic Era Chapter 576

Chapter 576 Three Bottles?


He also understood what the Ancient God Blood represented. As long as he used it carefully, it would be enough to make the entire Watson Family develop to completely new heights. It might even birth powerhouses capable of contending against Star Sage Jouyi, an existence half a step away from the Heaven Realm.

No, no, that wasnt all. Not only could they reach the Extraordinary realm, but the effect of the Ancient God Blood could make it possible for the Watson family to welcome a new Heaven Rank powerhouse into their midst!


This was all ruined by Rhett.

If not for Rhett using his authority so poorly, the Watson Family might have obtained the Ancient God Blood.

As he thought of this, this 8th Rank Archmage glared at Rhett with unconcealable anger. He couldnt keep his so-called poise and roared with an ashen face, "Rhett Watson! You fool! Look at what stupid thing you have done! You gifted an entire pond of Ancient God Blood to the Merlin Family!"

Facing the Zeuss anger Zeuss, Rhett didnt dare to speak. He was scared stiff, and he was trembling slightly.

Rhett realized how grave of a problem it was once he learnt that it was the blood of an Ancient God.

He wouldnt have been in such a dire situation if he had gone to consult Zeuss when negotiating with Mafa Merlin. Even if Zeuss had made the same decision, at least it wouldnt be his own fault.

"Sir Zeuss," Lin Yun interrupted Zeuss after the latter scolded Rhett for a few minutes.

Then, this 8th Rank Archmage turned to look at Mafa Merlin. He was stunned at first, but he then recovered and said in a deep tone, "High Mage Merlin, is there something youd like to discuss?"

"Sir Zeuss, I just heard you shout Ancient God Blood"

"No, there is no Ancient God Blood, High Mage Merlin, did you perhaps mishear?" Zeuss refused to acknowledge it.

"Sir Zeuss, lying isnt a good habit." Lin Yun looked at Zeuss, and although he still had a smile on his face, the dissatisfaction in his tone was hard to cover up.

"Eh" Zeuss suddenly looked a bit downcast. Even a fool could understand that the young mage was displeased with his lie. As he thought of this, Zeuss couldnt help feeling regretful as he had forgotten the other sides power and status. Hed been unable to hold back his resentment when he found out that theyd lost out on an entire pool of Ancient God Blood.

And clearly, this youth had heard him.

Forget it If the Ancient God Blood is lost, then its lost. If we become hostile because of my resentment, it will be even worse for me and the Watson Family.

As he thought of this, Zeuss couldnt help sighing with a bitter tone. "Alright, High Mage Merlin, that golden liquid is really the blood of an Ancient God."

"Oh?" Lin Yun looked at him distractedly.

At first, he did have the feeling that the Mountain Python was guarding this place because of something precious, so hed played a trick while negotiating with Rhett But he really hadnt expected that this so-called precious thing would be this precious

This was Ancient God Blood!

"High Mage Merlin, have you heard of Crow Watson, one of our Watson Familys ancestors?"

"Of course, Unbreakable Sword Saint Crow Watson is famous throughout Noscent. Everyone has heard of him" Lin Yun recalled the information concerning this Watson ancestor after Zeuss mentioned him.

In the distant 3rd Dynasty, there had once been a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse in the Watson Family, and that person was Crow Watson. He was also one of the strongest Sword Saints in the history of the Watson Family, and was called the Unbreakable Sword Saint. Not only was his body as hard as iron, but he even had resistance to most magic attacks.

When Crow Watson was only a Sword Saint, he accidentally found the location of the Raging Flame Plane and became the first human in history to enter it.

No one knew what he encountered in there, but when he left, he was no longer a 9th Rank Sword Saint. He was a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"Thats right, that ancestor." After saying those words, Zeuss paused before continuing, "But besides our Watson Family, no one knew that he didnt just enter the Raging Flame Plane He also went through the Horn of Fertility and found this Demiplane"

"" Lin Yuns eyes shone. What happened afterward was the most crucial part.

"Later, he wrote down his experiences in this Demiplane. But unfortunately, although these notes were placed in our Ancestral Land, we only found half of them"

"I want to know if Crow Watson has been here and what happened in this Demiplane." Lin Yun frowned.

"The Ancestor did come here, and he soaked in the Ancient God Blood. Because of this, he reached the Heaven Rank while he was here." Zeuss looked at the pond of Ancient God Blood and squeezed out a smile.


Lin Yun inwardly shook his head because he was sure that the truth wasnt that simple. He could feel that Zeuss hadnt revealed everything. He was consciously covering the truth. Of course, Lin Yun could understand, as this was a secret of the Watson family, after all. Telling him this much was already satisfactory.

In fact, he could now understand why the Mountain Python was able to go through nine cycles of slumber in this world of ice.

After all, the Mountain Python would need to swallow a large amount of food every time it awakened, just like the one that appeared during the 3rd Dynasty and swallowed an entire city. However, there seemed to be no prey in this world of ice.

In other words, the energy needed by the Mountain Python was supplied by the Ancient God Blood.

But this Mountain Python clearly couldnt absorb too much blood. Perhaps a sip at most, or else it wouldnt be able to bear that terrifying power, even as an ancient race.

Zeuss felt very pained as he looked at the pond of Ancient God Blood. This was the blood that had created the Unbreakable Sword Saint, and after they miraculously found it, they had to give it up! This meant that the Watson Family was giving up a chance to have a Heaven Rank powerhouse. He would become the sinner of the Watson Family.

"Are three bottles enough?" Lin Yuns voice suddenly echoed.

"Eh?" Zeuss suddenly froze and looked at Lin Yun in disbelief.

"Are three bottles enough?" Lin Yuns voice clearly held a hint of impatience.

At this time, the pained expression on Zeuss face suddenly changed and became one of pleasant surprise. He repeatedly nodded while hoping he was understanding correctly. "Enough, enough, more than enough."

Zeuss never could have expected that Lin Yun would actually be willing to spare three bottles of Ancient God Blood despite having no obligation to do so. He didnt think the young mage would be so magnanimous.

Three bottles would truly be more than enough for them. Not only could it help him reach the Heaven Rank, but it could even help Rhett and Arthus advance to the 8th Rank. This was such an unexpected bounty.

Rhett and Arthus were also pleased with the development. As members of the expeditions, they were clearly entitled to some of the Ancient God Blood. They were very satisfied with this sudden reversal.

Soon, Rhett volunteered to get the three bottles of blood.

"High Mage Merlin, how are you planning on dealing with the remaining blood?" After getting his share, Zeuss was clearly in a good mood and was smiling as he looked at Lin Yun.

"Im still thinking about it" Lin Yun frowned. In fact, he felt that it was rather problematic.

"High Mage Merlin, I have a suggestion"

"Oh? Please do tell." Lin Yun nodded.

"I believe you should know that Crow Watson became a Heaven Rank Sword Saint by bathing in the Ancient God Blood"

"Yes, you told me." Lin Yun couldnt help frowning as he heard that. "But we cant just take a bath here"

"No, no, I meant that the best method would be to directly take the pond away."

"Alright, I got it"

"But unfortunately, there isnt that much that much space in my Spatial Magic Tool." Zeuss expression was somewhat regretful as he explained, "Ordinary Spatial Magic Tools wont be able to support the power of the blood. If someone had a True Spirit Spatial Magic Tool or an Extraordinary Spatial Magic Tool, we could give it a try."

"Ill take care of this." Lin Yun interrupted Zeuss and called Xiuban and Reina over and had them dig up the entire pond.

Soon, everyone got busy.

After roughly three minutes, a hemisphere with a diameter of three meters appeared in front of everyone, with all the Ancient God Blood inside.

Then, Lin Yun opened his Natural Demiplane.

The originally calm space changed, and suddenly, gales rose up, carrying frost along with them. It was like a ripple formed by a rock falling into a lake. With the appearance of the crack, the surroundings gradually became hazy and the space violently twisted, before appearing frozen.