End Of The Magic Era Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Natural Demiplane


"Heavens, its an Outer Plane" At the same time, Zeuss eyes widened as he looked at the spatial tear. With his insight as an 8th Rank Archmage, how could he not know where this Planar Path led?

He was frightened

Because this Outer Plane was most likely a naturally formed Demiplane.

Naturally formed Demiplanes were close to boundless reserves of mana. It was an immortal power, the power of an entire world.

"Sir Zeuss, is there a problem?" Lin Yun asked. He had been directing Xiuban and Reina when he saw Zeuss hesitating to say something.

"High High Mage Merlin May I take the liberty to ask if this is a rumored Demiplane?" Zeuss gulped nervously.

"Thats right"

"" His hope was shattered and he really felt like cursing. Sh*t, is this the natural order of things?

Zeuss could still remember the legend of a certain Heaven Rank powerhouse, Astrologian Agalon.

If he remembered correctly, Agalon was only an ordinary 5th Rank Mage when he was 30. But by the time he turned 40, he had already become a 9th Rank Great Mage. He became a High Mage at 43, he reached the Archmage realm at 50, and the Heaven realm at 70

And this was all because he obtained a naturally born Outer Plane.

No, it wasnt just this. Soon after reaching the Heaven realm, in the same year, Agalon challenged a Heaven Mage and shocked all of Noscent with that battle.

That battle lasted no less than three days and three nights, and even though his opponent had a complete Outer Plane, he was still defeated by Agalon and his Natural Plane.

At that time, people became aware of how formidable naturally born Outer Planes were. Nearly unlimited mana reserves, the power of an immortal body This simply made others despair. They wouldnt even dream of setting themselves against Agalon.

As he thought of this, Zeuss started looking at Lin Yun with dread.

Too terrifying

He knew how terrifying a mage that had obtained a Natural Demiplane could be. It was hardly an exaggeration to say that as long as Mafa Merlins Demiplane matured into a complete plane, he might have enough power to rival Astrologian Agalon.

If that happened, what would a 9th Rank Archmage even count as?

Zeuss was truly terrified.

"High Mage Merlin, are your Natural Demiplanes Are your Natural Demiplanes Laws stable?" The pitiful 8th Rank Archmages voice was shivering.

Lin Yun thought for two seconds before answering somewhat truthfully, "Not yet, it will take roughly a year"

"How How vast is that Demiplane?"

"Not that much, more or less a hundred square kilometers."

Lin Yuns words silenced the entire area.

That isnt vast?"

Zeuss was truly stunned when he processed Lin Yuns answer. How could he not be shocked? An area of a hundred square kilometers and the Four Elemental Laws stabilizing in a year meant that in a year, Lin Yun would have a complete world of that. At that time, his power would reach an unfathomable level. He wouldnt just stop at touching upon the Extraordinary realm, he would be able to challenge a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

"But that doesnt matter because the Demiplane is still expanding," Lin Yun added, casually tossing out another shocking sentence.

This made Zeuss feel as if his surroundings had turned dark

Even as an 8th Rank Archmage, Zeuss was dripping with sweat, he was going crazy.

Too frightening This, this, this is simply a monster! A Natural Demiplane with an area of a hundred square kilometers isnt enough? Its also f*cking expanding?

What kind of concept was that?

It meant that Mafa Merlins Natural Demiplane could grow even bigger, perhaps several hundred square kilometers, or even a thousand! His strength would far surpass the Heaven Rank if that happened. Just by moving a finger, he would be able to instantly kill an 8th Rank Archmage No, even 9th Rank Archmages wouldnt be able to escape.

As he thought of the possible consequences, Zeuss couldnt help trembling Thankfully, his relations with Mafa Merlin could be considered quite good. Otherwise, it wouldnt have mattered how accomplished he might be in the future

This could no longer be described as just unfathomable. Mafa Merlins future was boundless, he would grow up to be an existence that one could only look up to

After half an hour, seeing that everyone was more or less rested, he opened the Demiplane again and led Reina, Xiuban, and the puppet in.

Fragrant grass could be seen everywhere, and the entire Demiplane was thriving with vitality.

But after a moment, Lin Yun was rather astounded

Because he discovered that the Natural Demiplane had greatly expanded.

Lin Yun estimated that it had expanded to at least one hundred and twenty square kilometers.

This was somewhat frightening

After all, he had checked the surface area a few days ago If it kept developing at this speed, it wouldnt take long before this Natural Demiplane reached a shocking state.

After confirming this, Lin Yun once again checked the Four Elemental Laws and found out that they were more stable and refined than last time. All the vegetation grew even lusher, and the vast forest in front of him was radiating with the aura of life. The refining of the Four Elemental Laws was truly bringing benefits to the plane that were hard to imagine.

This was a world, this was the origin of life

Lin Yun led them to the mana pond.

He used a water-type puppet to check the pond and could clearly see a large area of natural mana crystals being formed inside it. There were so many they couldnt even be counted.

Way too many

Lin Yun couldnt help sighing.

Having such a Natural Demiplane was enough to make a mage in this era wild with joy, but Lin Yun had greater ambitions

Because he came from 30,000 years in the future.

Too many Heaven Rank powerhouses appeared at the peak of that Era, as well as many Extraordinary Magic Tools. But during the end of the Magic Era, all these formidable figures ended up falling from the sky, and all the Extraordinary Magic Tools ended up being annihilated. In the end, everything ceased to exist.

The current Lin Yun possessed the knowledge and experience to surpass the entire world, including outstanding alchemy techniques and mastery of magic. He had learned too many things in the decaying library. What he wanted wasnt limited to a Natural Demiplane. Every item could topple the understanding of this world

But Lin Yun knew that this wasnt a good time for this and that there were more important things to do.

The large hemisphere filled with Ancient God Blood couldnt be casually set up in the Natural Demiplane. At the very least, he couldnt let it come into contact with the vegetation, or who knew what could happen?

Lin Yun had to take care of this.

He quickly led Xiuban, Reina, and the puppet to a sandy desert area. There was no water source in this location, no vegetation, and the air was dry. Such a place was the most suitable location to arrange the Ancient God Blood.

"Damn, you got such a good thing?"

At this time, the Star Gem flickered and Enderfa came out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, turning into a black fog as he appeared in the Demiplane.

He had a tone of surprise as he remarked, "Damnit, Mafa Merlin, you, you You actually got so much Ancient God Blood!"


"Heavens!" Enderfa uttered in shock, "Where did you find it?"

"You guess"

"You scoundrel." Enderfa looked at Lin Yun with dissatisfaction. "Do you know how great that Ancient God Blood is? In the 3rd Dynasty, that Sword Saint named Crow Watson was able to reach the Heaven Rank because he took a bath in Ancient God Blood"

"I know about this," Lin Yun said as he nodded.

"Hmm Right, I can see that this Draconic Beastman is very suitable for taking a bath in this blood!" Enderfa examined the Draconic Beastman and he stood up with excitement. "As long as he can bathe in it, he should be able to get the same ability as Crow Watson. Not only would he have resistance against most spells, but his body would be strengthened to a shocking level. Even 6th Tier Spells might not be able to hurt him."

"No Dont!" The pitiful Xiuban was startled, and couldnt even hide behind Lin Yun He was sure that this had to be some sort of a plot against him.