End Of The Magic Era Chapter 588

Chapter 588 Death Summon


Regarding the Undead Eye, Lin Yun had gotten some understanding

In the decaying librarys books, he had once seen some information regarding the Undead Eyes, how they were formed and how they died out.

Places rich in death energy had a chance of birthing an Undead Eye, but the Undead Eyes were very weak during the birthing process. During the peak of the Magic Era, most Undead Eyes didnt have time to fully mature before being destroyed.

A mature and awakened Undead Eye could open a Death Gate connected to the Undead Plane, and from the moment they awakened, a steady flow of the Undead would go through the Death Gate until the power of the Undead Eye was eventually consumed and it withered away, closing the Death Gate leading to the Undead Plane.

But it was written that an awakened Undead Eye would almost never be destroyed midway. Every time an Undead Eye appeared, it would cause a huge Undead Calamity.

The Undead coming out of the Undead Plane would sweep through the land, killing every living creature. When an Undead Eye appeared, the best outcome would be at least five cities being wiped out. A few millennia ago, an Undead Eye awakened in a small kingdom, and as a result, this small kingdom collapsed under the flood of Undead invaders.

Every time an Undead Eye appeared, the only solution was to wait until it exhausted its power and died out naturally. But by then, the Undead that went through the Death Gate would have already become a disaster, causing the fall of many Archmages and Sword Saints.

And the only record of an Undead Eye being destroyed while awakened came from the Ivory Towers Bane!

That matter had remained a secret for a very long time in the Ivory Tower, and only a few words were recorded about it in the decaying library.

It was written that at the time, for some unknown reason, an Undead Eye appeared in an area not far from the Ivory Tower, causing the tower to be surrounded by many of the Undead. At the time, people believed that the Ivory Tower would be greatly weakened by that Undead Calamity.

And at the time, Bane, the holder of the Book of Death, single-handedly killed his way to the Undead Eyes location. When he returned to the tower, the Undead Eye had been destroyed. Without the steady flow of the Undead coming out of the Death Gate, the ones that were already there werent as much of a threat.

And the few words Lin Yun had seen were a secret the Ivory Tower had guarded for many years.

Bane relied on the Book of Death to destroy the Undead Eye. To be more exact, it was the Book of Deaths Truth Chapter!

The Truth Chapter was the bane of evil and was like a predator to an extremely evil existence like the Undead Eye!

This was information written in Heaven Rank Banes diary, but unfortunately, he didnt explain the process in detail. He only wrote that he had relied on the Truth Chapter to destroy the Undead Eye.

Lin Yun had been thinking about it ever since he saw the Undead Eye, but unfortunately, he didnt have a concrete plan, as he didnt know what to do. Moreover, Banes Book of Death had been at its peak. It wasnt like Lin Yuns, which only fused with three Augments.

The difference between the two was like the difference between heaven and earth, and furthermore, Lin Yun had yet to use the power of the Truth Chapter. Although it had fused with the Book of Death, it had yet to perfectly merge with it!

Lin Yun also didnt have the power of a Heaven Rank like Bane. Even if the Truth Chapter had been fully integrated into the Book of Death, Lin Yun would avoid taking risks.

But it was the limit now. That level 38 Death Knight had yet to use its 3rd Runic Spell and the Undead were still rushing out of the Death Gate.

Lin Yun made up his mind and tried his best to get rid of more than half of the Undead just create an opening to use the Truth Chapter of the Book of Death!

But before Lin Yun could open the Book of Death, the Death Knight on the other side raised its sword once again and the 3rd rune finally appeared!

The last rune flickered on the sword, causing countless lights to appear on the floor near those beheaded Zombies, Liches, Bone Devils, and other shattered bodies.

It was like hands were gently recombining these bone fragments and corpses. One by one, recombined Bone Devils, Skeleton Warriors, and other creatures stood up. Moreover, there were a few Grim Reapers that were five to six meters tall holding scythes and draped with long cloaks, and similarly sized level 30 Skeleton Lords standing out from the dregs.

A rotten smell was emitted from the rotting zombies, and Necromancer Liches also came out from those piles of bones. And in the end, a few short level 30 Undead Shamans that started to buff the Undead in the surroundings also appeared.

With just a wave of its sword, twenty thousand of the Undead appeared out of nowhere!

And counting the fighting strength, it was definitely comparable to the power of thirty to forty thousand typical Undead, especially those Skeleton Lords commanding the skeleton-types. And the buff from the Undead Shamans buff was increasing the power of the Undead by a few times!

Undead Resurrection No, its that damned top-notch Death Knight ability, Death Summon! It can raise corpses into more Undead, and also use them to revive previously fallen ones. And if there are enough corpses, it can even summon some of the Higher Undead!

Shawn shrieked, and Enderfas expression was also miserable.

"Merlin, whats this damned place? What monster did you provoke? Evil Halo, Death Summon, damn! Whats that Death Knight!"

Lin Yun could only smile bitterly, thinking to himself that fortunately, Shawn hadnt seen the Death Knights Death Redemption.

A Death Knight that had three such first-rate Death Knight abilities, and high proficiency in all of them. Besides saying that their luck was terrible, there really was no other explanation.

This kind of ability that could reverse the course of a battle, it was comparable to encountering a one-in-a-millennium kind of genius. Having three such abilities placed the power of this Death Knight at the top, and even the abnormal Lin Yun, with his era-transcending knowledge, couldnt comprehend that.

This unforeseen event not only shocked Lin Yun, but Xiuban also panted as he screamed, "Sir Merlin, save me! I really cant keep going! Your faithful servant Xiuban cant bear to leave you"

Xiubans golden-red skin couldnt stop his skin from paling. He had just burst with all his power, but he hadnt expected that before he could even be proud of the destruction he had caused, even more ruthless Undead would appear.

Reina was also stupefied and wasnt in the mood to pay attention to Xiubans scream.

Lin Yun also didnt pay attention to Xiuban. He knew that he had thick skin. Before Reina fell, Xiuban wouldnt die.

Lin Yun watched the Death Knight in the distance and yelled at Shawn, "Work hard if you dont want to die here!"

Before Lin Yun even finished, Shawn had already made a move.

"Such a loss, a huge loss, one spirit mana crystal, such a huge loss!"

While nagging, Shawn opened his 3rd Eye with a pained expression. The crack in his forehead suddenly opened up and a black eye appeared. There seemed to be a vortex slowly rotating within that black eye, and a hint of evil aura suddenly spread out.

Lin Yun felt cold when faced with that evil aura and couldnt help but shiver.

The moment the Evil Eye opened, Shawn let out a loud shout. The cold and unfeeling eye emitted countless jet-black rays.

Each ray that fell into a group of Undeads would cause a ripple, and that ripple contained countless debuffing and weakening spells.

Slow, which slowed down movement speed, Weaken, which weakened the other sides power, Stiffness, which reduced their reaction speed, Corrosion, which harmed their defensive power

Every ray contained almost all Low Tier Debuffing Spells, but they were more powerful than the average mages spells, as they were cast by the Evil Eye.

Although they were Low Tier Debuffing Spells, it was practically a flood of spells, and it was enough to greatly weakened the power of the Undead despite the buffs they were receiving from the Shamans. Even the level 38 Death Knight couldnt help being affected.

Shawn especially sent five rays towards the Death Knights body. Even if Shawn had just finished fusing with the Evil Eye, the Low Tier Debuffing Spells he cast were enough to affect the Death Knight.

Shawn wasnt lazy this time; this large-scale spell he released let Lin Yun relax somewhat.

He unhesitantly opened the Book of Death and flipped to the Truth Chapters page, and the crystal pattern on the page appeared.

But something unforeseen happened, which startled Lin Yun. Before he could even make a move, the crystal loudly exploded and turned into countless crystal fragments.

Every crystal fragment converged in midair and turned into a crystal phoenix, and with a loud cry, it charged into the distant Undead Eye.