End Of The Magic Era Chapter 589

Chapter 589 Decline


The Undead Eye turned towards the Crystal Phoenix when it appeared, looking at it as at his mortal foe.

Even the support of the Death Gate and Undeads had been greatly weakened.

A large amount of death energy converged into a back fog and charged into the Undead Eye, forming pitch-black tentacles around its immediate surroundings, wrapping around it.

Then, under Lin Yuns shocked gaze, it flew up and charged at the Crystal Phoenix!

The countless pitch-black tentacles condensed out of death energy spasmed in the air, whipping towards the Crystal Phoenix.

As for the Crystal Phoenix, it let out a Phoenix Cry, basking the Undead Eye in sunlight.

The sunlight and the pitch-black tentacles collided and sizzling noises echoed continuously. The fierce fluctuations even affected the battle happening below, increasing the difficulty of casting.

It felt as if an Archmage cast the 8th Rank Spell, Thunderstorm, in between the two of them as lightning-like sounds kept echoing.

A one-meter thick lightning bolt fell down, striking an unlucky Undead Shaman on the head and disintegrating it, not leaving a bone fragment behind.

At that time, Lin Yun clearly understood that the Truth Chapter and the Undead Eye were natural enemies!

They were more than natural enemies, they were arch-nemesis!

They fought such a life and death battle on their own.

And the Truth Chapter had shown its true colors!

For so long, the Crystal Phoenix had turned into a crystal, and Lin Yun had no method to thoroughly fuse it with the Book of Death, he felt stuck, like a lion wanting to eat a tortoise.

Lin Yun was also clueless when he opened the Book of Death. His biggest worry was how to activate the true shape of the Truth Chapter, he hadnt expected such a scene to appear.

The Crystal Phoenix and the Undead Eye were wrestling it out in midair, and below, Lin Yun didnt remain idle. With the Draconic Staff in one hand and the Book of Death in the other, earth-shattering spell explosions kept showering the Death Knight.

Enderfa was also extremely angry, he turned into his three-faced incarnation and controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel with a sinister expression, his spells washing over the Death Knight.

Shawn bared his fangs, the Evil Eye between his eyes darkening as it slowly closed. That burst of power Shawn had used had greatly weakened him.

Another Soul Roar echoed, and no longer able to maintain his three-meters tall wolf shape, he weakly remained on the ground and turned into a smoke as he flew inside the Soul Walker.

The Purple Dragon of his Draconic Staff and Shawn had used too much power. They had returned to their True Spirit Rank Magic Tools, but their results could be considered quite good. Shawns final Soul Roar not only stunned the Death Knight, but also most of the Undeads.

The Crystal Phoenix and the Undead Eye were entangled, fighting desperately in the air. The support of the Undead Eye over the Death Knight and the sea of Undeads had decreased by more than half. Even the amount of Undeads rushing fort from the Death Gate had greatly decreased. The pressure on Lin Yuns group had been greatly alleviated.

Not to mention, the sea of Undeads had spread across the entire hold, and the fight between the Undead Eye and the Crystal Phoenix affected many locations, dealing with a lot of Undeads.

But Lin Yun wasnt relaxing yet, in fact, all his attention was focused on the Book of Death.

Lin Yun had no longer doubts about activating the Truth Chapter, but was now unsure if the Truth Chapter could triumph.

This was a great opportunity, with the complete activation of the Truth Chapter, it would completely merge with the Book of Death.

But if he failed and didnt eliminate the Undead Eye, he might end up losing a rare Augment, this was a loss even Lin Yun wouldnt be able to endure.

The might of the Book of Death would greatly plummet if the Truth Chapter was destroyed. By losing that Augment forever it could never end up complete, and its power would never reach its peak.

Although the Truth Chapter was activated, Lin Yun wasnt too optimistic

The Truth Chapter and the Undead Eye were fighting to their last breath, once they crossed paths, they wouldnt give up until the other one was destroyed. This meant that the situation was worse than Lin Yun had thought, if the Truth Chapter lost, it would end up completely destroyed.

And the battle between the two wasnt something others could intervene in.

Lin Yun was rousing his Magic Array with red eyes, his originally terrifying amount of mana was being consumed at a shocking speed.

The Draconic Staffs Dragon Head was pointed at the Death Knight, and together with Enderfa, a large amount of fire spell flooded the Death Knight like a powerful current, suppressing the Death Knight and adding more and more wounds. Even with the Evil Halo greatly increasing the Death Knights recovery speed, his state just kept worsening.

This kind of skill-less fighting style was most effective against the Death Knight. Half of the six minutes had already passed, if the Death Knight didnt fall before these six minutes run out, his Death Redemption would make him recover to his peak.

Lin Yun had to go all-out, if the Truth Chapter was defeated and their situation remained the same, they would be screwed. He could only get rid of the Death Knight so that he could still have a chance even if the Truth Chapter was defeated.

As time passed, the Death Knights mount was at its last breath. It lost all its power, severely reducing the Death Knights fighting strength, and greatly reducing the frequency of his attacks.

But Lin Yuns expression was getting worse, the consumption of that flood of spells was so huge that even Lin Yun could hardly manage.

And what was worse was that the Crystal Phoenix was slowly forced into retreat in the duel abovel.

The holy light-like rays of sunlight were falling back little by little while the Undead Eye had no need to worry about consumption due to the rich death energy filling the place.

The countless black tentacles whipped over like fearless Undeads. The Crystal Phoenixs sunlight could purify a dozen tentacles with a flash, but the Undead Eye could condense even more tentacles at the same time.

It was to the point that the Undead Eye had already condensed five three to four meters thick huge tentacles. Those tentacles had wretched white bone barbs growing all over and those bony outgrowths were turning black at a visible speed. Anyone seeing this metallic luster would know how powerful these bony appendices were.

Then, those bony outgrowths suddenly shot out, turning into Bone Spears aiming at the Crystal Phoenix.

The Crystal Phoenix did its best to counterattack, but it could only keep retreating due to the Undead Eyes pressure. The battle was becoming more and more unfavorable to the Crystal Phoenix. If this continued, the Crystal Phoenix would soon be killed.

Lin Yun clenched his teeth and called the puppet over, making it give up on cleaning those waves of Undeads to help siege the Death Knight. This greatly increased the pressure on Reina and Xiuban.

The wounded thick-skinned Xiuban made Lin Yun speechless as he kept screaming miserably, his face greatly paling, "Sir Merlin, dont be like this, Xiuban truly cant keep up with this, help me, ah, Xiuban is never going to be lazy in the future"

Xiubans eyes were filled with fear, he just kept killing Undead after Undead. The originally easy to manipulate Carnage had now became heavy in his hands. As for Reina, she looked exhausted, but didnt say anything. She only glanced at Lin Yun before wordlessly going back to battle.

With the puppet joining in, Lin Yun managed to spare some leeway to urge the Book of Death to release some energy to support the Crystal Phoenix.

But the Crystal Phoenix hadnt thoroughly fused with the Book of Death, moreover it was now separated from the Book of Death and the support connection between them didnt have too much of an effect, it could only alleviate the decline a bit.

Lin Yun was unwilling to give up, he looked at this scene and realized that alone, the Crystal Phoenix definitely couldnt match the Undead Eye, but since it hadnt fused with the Book of Death, it couldnt borrow much power from it

By constantly wasting mana to have the Book of Death support the Crystal Phoenix, it would make the Crystal Phoenix notice the effect of the power supply and it might nudge the Crystal Phoenix into thoroughly merging with the Book of Death against an enemy it couldnt handle.

Only by fusing would the Crystal Phoenix have a shot at victory. Lin Yun only hoped the Crystal Phoenix wouldnt prefer to fight to death and be unwilling to merge with the Book of Death till the end.

As long as it had some spirituality, it would seek luck and avoid calamities and hope to survive.

The Crystal Phoenix definitely had spirituality, otherwise it wouldnt have stayed behind his defences, unwilling to thoroughly fuse with the Book of Death for so long.

Time passed, and the six minutes were soon approaching. Lin Yun had used a huge amount of mana but hadnt managed to get rid of the Death Knight, and after the latter waved his sword, Death Redemption appeared once again, and the half dead Death Knight regained his spirit.

The Crystal Phoenix was soon chased into a corner, runes flickering on the five thick tentacles with dark bony outgrowths continuously drilling.

With the runes appearance, the power of these bony outgrowths became comparable to Ultimate Bone Spears.