End Of The Magic Era Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Detention


Lin Yun’s first priority now was to continue perfecting the Magic Array.

This was a task that would take time. For more than half of the following month, Lin Yun remained inside the alchemy laboratory, spending all his time polishing and improving the Magic Array.

Spell after spell, metamagic after metamagic, all of it was gradually blended into the Magic Array system one by one. And as they were merged, the Magic Array kept changing all the time.

The change was very small at the start, to the point that even Lin Yun couldn’t perceive it. But ultimately, Lin Yun could tell that the might of these spells and metamagics greatly improved after merging with the Magic Array.

Furthermore, as more and more spells and metamagics were infused, Lin Yun was able to try combining and arranging them.

This was the most frightening part of the Magic Array.

A complete Magic Array could be considered this world’s most complicated and most detailed Magic Conducting Rune because the entire Magic Array was made up of spells and metamagics in a manner similar to a convoluted alchemy formula. Great Mages with a properly completed Magic Array could combine these spells and metamagics as they pleased, and every proper combination would increase their might to a new level.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun’s current Magic Array was far from complete…

And not only was there just a single Magic Array at the moment, but that array was also still very weak. He could only merge a few low-level spells and metamagics in right now. Lin Yun would only dare to try merging a powerful metamagic like Elemental Incarnation once he reached the 5th Rank.

For all Great Mages, the 5th Rank was a very pivotal rank.

When a Great Mage reached 5th Rank, it meant that they had completed half of their Magic Conducting Rune. Regardless of what kind of Magic Conducting Rune they had, their might would be displayed by this point.

This was true to an even greater degree for a Great Mage with a Magic Array.

Such a 5th Rank Great Mage could have five Magic Arrays, and not only would he be able to merge even more spells and metamagics, but he could also thoroughly stabilize the Magic Array system. From that moment, a Great Mage with Magic Arrays would have the power to be able to fight against a High Mage.

But becoming a 5th Rank Great Mage was still something far in the distance for Lin Yun…

Having this extremely complicated and detailed Magic Conducting Rune was Lin Yun’s fortune, but also his misfortune. The fortunate part was that once Lin Yun became a 5th Rank Great Mage, he would indeed have the power to contend against a High Mage. The unfortunate part was that the path Lin Yun would walk would be a lot more difficult than that of other Great Mages…

The first Magic Array took Lin Yun more than half a month to complete.

Over the course of this period, Lin Yun had merged five spells and four metamagics. Completing his first Magic Array with such a large amount of merging would have been seen as astonishing, even during the peak of the magic civilization.

When Lin Yun finally left the alchemy laboratory, he was haggard, his face was pale, and his steps were dragging. It looked as if he would fall down if he wasn’t careful.

But his bloodshot eyes were shining frighteningly, and some faint runes could even be seen in his eyes.

If Solomon were present at this time, he would inevitably notice that this young man’s strength had undergone an earth-shattering change. The Lin Yun from half a month ago was on a totally different level from the current Lin Yun.

This was due to the changes brought by the Magic Array system…

Lin Yun had planned to look for the old butler once he came out from the alchemy laboratory to ask how the business was doing.

But once he stepped outside, he noticed a small silhouette who had already been waiting at the doorway.

“Ah, Boss Merlin, you finally came out” Remy looked like he had been waiting for quite a while. He seemed very sleepy, and when he saw Lin Yun, he raised his hands to massage his eyes before daring to greet Lin Yun.

“Did you wait for a long time?” Noticing Remy’s pallid appearance, Lin Yun couldn’t help frowning a bit.

The old butler had promised Lin Yun that once he entered the alchemy laboratory, no one would be allowed to disturb him. Even if a huge matter came about, it would have to wait until he came out himself.

For Remy to wait at the door until he fell asleep meant that something had definitely happened to the Gilded Rose.

“No Not long.”

“Let’s go, you can explain on the way.” Lin Yun led Remy downstairs while he asked, “Did something happen to the shop?”

“Yes, indeed, the goods we delivered to Edge Rift were seized by the Viper Nest’s people.”

“The Viper Nest?” Lin Yun frowned.

Not long ago, Lin Yun had used a Ghost Potion to obtain the cooperation of the Silver Moon Mercenaries, including a deal to purchase their products. Ever since then, the Silver Moon Mercenaries had purchased quite a few alchemy products from the Gilded Rose.

In the beginning, these alchemy items could be delivered to the Lion Monarch Main Street. But with the Silver Moon Mercenaries departing on their campaign to Edge Rift, the transport of the goods had to be done by the Gilded Rose. And in the end, a mere alchemy store was far from having the armed caravans that the former Flashing Gold chamber of commerce had.

The ten following shipments had used up a lot of manpower, yet they still were robbed twice. Fortunately, the Silver Moon Mercenaries promptly provided support and no major loss was suffered.

But those two robberies were only done by ordinary bandits. They were on the scale of a dozen people or so at most, and had been eliminated by the Silver Moon Mercenaries.

As for the more well-known forces of Thousand Sails City, no one dared to make a move. After all, this was the partner of the Silver Moon Mercenaries. Ordinary forces wouldn’t even have time to hide after offending such a group, so who would dare to recklessly make a rash move?

Not to mention the Viper Nest…

How could it be the Viper Nest? Honestly, Lin Yun couldn’t understand. Was the Viper Nest’s leader an idiot? How could they dare to seize the alchemy items that were purchased by the Silver Moon Mercenaries? Aren’t they afraid of Sasu bringing his greatsword to their door?

“Oh right, Remy, when did this happen?”

“Yesterday afternoon. The five Alchemy Apprentices that went along were also captured. Boss Pave just went out to request their release from the Viper Nest.”

“Alright, I understand.”