End Of The Magic Era Chapter 593

Chapter 593 Baubin


He originally thought that this was a single huge array, with the Soul Absorbing Tree spread everywhere, the arrays that could be carved wouldnt be extraordinarily powerful, but they would be focused towards Undeads. That could be seen from the fact that they have been walking in for so long without anything happening.

But it turned out that there were actually twelve arrays, and all of them were at the True Spirit Rank, this was a huge difference!

If these twelve arrays formed a huge formation, then its power would be beyond the True Spirit Rank, and there were many types of arrays that could fit in!

Hearing Lin Yuns surprised shout, Enderfas three faces simultaneously displayed an alarmed expression, he knew how big of a difference that was

Twelve True Spirit Arrays!

Enderfa shivered.

"Merlin, can you figure out whats going on with these arrays?"

In this cursed Intrepid, anything could happen, who knows when would this seemingly peaceful array suddenly burst out. If these arrays lash out in the sealed hold, their group would be no different from rats being locked into a smelting furnace.

Lin Yun remained silent and took out a stack of paper and a quill before starting calculations.

Many formulas and information appeared on the pieces of paper. Reina only threw a glance and felt dizzy, Enderfa even got a headache, only Xiuban didnt seem to care. To him, Apprentice Alchemists scribbles were no different from Artisans formulas, they were just unreadable notes.

Xiuban was so frightened at this moment that he was on guard, ready to fight anytime.

A dozen Mage Eyes were cast by Lin Yun to study every detail of the arrays. In no time, a thick stack of paper, at least a dozen centimeters tall, was piled on the floor.

The runes used in these arrays were ancient runes from the Ascian Dynasty, and although they couldnt compare to Divine Characters, they were far more mysterious than the current eras runes. Lin Yun first had to translate every rune to understand the effect of this array.

After a bit over half an hour, Lin Yun suddenly stopped and massaged his aching wrist, his frown relaxing.

"Alright, I made the calculations, it looks like we are a bit fortunate. Although these are True Spirit Arrays, they pose no real danger."

Enderfas three faces sighed in relief along with the nervous Reina. As for Xiuban, he had an expression of joy as he put down his Carnage.

"These arrays were definitely set up by a first-rate Artisan, each rune had reached its limit and the arrays had been refined to an outrageous degree."

"They all act in concert with the Soul Absorbing Trees innate runes and have two effects; suppression and seal."

Hearing this, Enderfa instantly floated in front of Lin Yun, sounding a bit nervous.

"Seal? Suppression? Is there something wrong with the formation?"

Reina and Xiuban couldnt understand the meaning behind this sentence, only Enderfa understood due to his experience. The twelve True Spirit Arrays were fused with a huge amount of Soul Absorbing Tree, this was something that could suppress a level 39 existence. Especially since the entire hold was made of Soul Absorbing Tree, enabling the twelve arrays to create a huge formation array.

If something was wrong, then they would suffer the consequences.

Lin Yun shook his head and said with a serious expression, "There is no problem with these arrays, rest assured. If Im not wrong, this should be the Intrepids jail."

Enderfa looked at the spacious hold where not even a rat could be seen and took a while to understand.

"Everyone, look around and see if there is some kind of mechanism."

Soon after, Xiubans loud voice could be heard.

"Sir Merlin, I found something! Come check it out, is it that?"

Xiuban stood near the wall, proudly pointing at an obvious dark spot on the wall. But Xiuban had learnt from experience and knew that he shouldnt touch anything casually in this place, unless he wanted to run into trouble.

Lin Yun stood four to five meters away and cast a probing spell at a crevice in between planks. He then confirmed that it was fine and that there was only a power switch-like handle inside. He then pointed at Xiuban.

"Xiuban, go and activate that mechanism."

Xiubans face turned white, he shivered and sullenly said, "Sir Merlin, Xiuban is your most faithful servant, dont be like this, Xiuban doesnt want to die"

The Draconic Beastman pounced onto Lin Yun and grabbed his thighs while weeping, terrified. This time, no matter how lazy and simple Xiuban was, he could clearly understand that there was no plan behind this and that it was no different from putting his head inside an Ogres mouth.

He was too regretful, why didnt he just feign not having seen anything, instead, he wanted to take credit and now was about to end up suffering instead. He looked at that strange spot and wondered what malicious mechanism was inside, and there was also the arrays he couldnt understand, he was screwed

Xiuban was truly terrified, it would be fine if he had to deal with Undeads, he had his trusted Carnage after all. But he couldnt deal with what he didnt understand

Lin Yun looked at the crying Xiuban and burst into a fit of laughter. As he got stronger and stronger, Xiubans behavior was worsening. Lin Yun hadnt expected him to be scared like that when asked to activate a simple mechanism.

"Xiuban, Syudos isnt in a good mood recently, I dont want to have to summon him to chat with you."

Syudos had been thrown in the Bone Plane by Lin Yun to clean the large amount of Undeads remaining there. As an Upper Rank Flame Spirit, this wasnt hard work, but it was very exhausting.

After coming to the Intrepid, let alone the Bone Plane, Lin Yun couldnt even connect to the Demiplane and had thus no way to summon Syudos.

Xiuban visibly shivered when he heard that name and instantly rose up, he had the expression of someone willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good as he put away the plank in front of the mechanism before grabbing it with his eyes closed.

Then, after waiting for a long time, the Draconic Beastman opened his eyes with relief as nothing wrong happened.

Enderfa looked at him with disdain, thinking that with that Beastmans intelligence, no matter how powerful he became, he would never be able to escape Lin Yuns grasp.

Following Xiubans actions, a True Spirit Array started radiating light. Those patterns and runes released shocking mana fluctuations.

Then, it looked as if that blue floor was made of flowing water and in a few seconds, the range covered by an array turned golden.

A ripple appeared before their eyes, and they silently looked on as an over thirty meters long metal cage appeared from that golden light.

Looking at this cage, everyone was on alert, especially Lin Yun.

If they couldnt find a way off this ship, Lin Yun wouldnt move those things.

The cage slowly rose, as if it was floating out of the golden water. The bars of that dark golden water cage were over a meter thick and were covered in countless runes which sealing effect.

As the cage fully emerged, the golden light covering the floor dissipated, a ten meter tall and over thirty meters wide cage was now standing in front of the group.

And inside that cage was an eighteen to nineteen meters long humongous creature, laying on its stomach. The giant creature was shaped like a whale, but it had four short limbs similar to Dragon Claws. Its deep blue skin was covered with natural runic imprints.

Seeing this creature, Lin Yuns hair stood on its end, Xiubans legs were shivering incessantly, Reina was pale white.

"Eh, sh*t! How could there be such a thing!"

Enderfas eyes opened wide as he retreated towards the wall, shrieking as if he had seen something terrifying.

The group looked like they were about to confront a formidable enemy, everyone got ready to battle. But after a while, they discovered that the giant creature wasnt moving.

"Whats going on?"

Lin Yun found out that something was wrong, although the seal was powerful, there was still two to three meters of space between the pillars, even if the creatures power was suppressed, it should have the strength to release power towards the outside.

That giant creatures back was facing everyone, and Lin Yun didnt believe that it couldnt sense the mana fluctuations behind itself.

"Lets go take a look."

Lin Yun led the few to the other side of the cage, where they were met with a huge maw covered in sharp teeth,and completely black eyes looking rigidly forward. On its forehead was a human-skull sized mana crystal.

Enderfa took it all in and mumbled to himself, "Dead?"

Lin Yun also relaxed and quickly cast a Life Detection Spell resulting in death.

"That big guy already died, have you seen the mana crystal on top? Thats its mana crystal, and also its 3rd eye."

"This beast was known as Baubin, it was an overlord-like sea beast. It was comparable to the Orachiss we met earlier, only a step away from the Heaven Rank and was called the Reaper of the Seas. Moreover, as long as it was in the seas, the Orachiss would be killed by the Baubin. And once the mana crystal completely turned into a third eye, it would advance to the Heaven Rank."

"The mana crystal of a living Baubin would keep flickering with light, at the seafloor, that light would lure its prey."