End Of The Magic Era Chapter 594

Chapter 594 Ignorance Is Bliss


Everyone looked, and sure enough, although it looked like the Baubins mana crystal had turned into a third eye, it hadnt completely transformed, and that mana crystal wasnt emitting light, there was no luster at all.

After being sure that the Baubin was dead, everyone relaxed. The possibility was too scary. It was stronger than the Orachiss to a certain degree. If it was still alive, then even if it had been sealed in the cage, they would have all died.

Lin Yun looked at the mana crystal on the Baubins head and his eyes quickly focused. They would have to flee as far as possible had they met a living Baubin, but this one was dead, and the mana crystal was still there. He would be looking down on himself if he didnt take it. And he couldnt forget Enderfas expression.

With a wave of his hand, a Rock Puppet appeared. Lin Yun controlled the Rock Puppet to enter that huge cage. Nothing special happened, and there was no problem with the Rock Puppet.

But as Lin Yun controlled the puppet to climb on the Baubins head to get that level 39 mana crystal, he ended up stunned.

The moment the Rock Puppet touched the Baubin, the Baubins corpse instantly turned to dust, and even that level 39 mana crystal turned into fine powder.

Lin Yun was annoyed.

That was a peak level 39 mana crystal! And it looked like it was evolving into a third eye, just one step away from the Heaven Rank! Gone just like this!

"Damn! What happened!"

Enderfas situation was no different from Lin Yun, the three faces were filled with shock, blankly looking as that Baubin slowly faded into nothingness.

"This How could this be!"

After a long time, Lin Yun and Enderfa looked at each other, seeing boundless shock from each others expressions.

Whether it was Lin Yun or Enderfa, they both had a lot more knowledge than the average person, they knew that Baubins were innately covered with eternal runes, these runes were formidable enough to be comparable to Laws themselves.

Baubins skin couldnt be damaged, they were protected by the eternal runes, and beside the Baubins natural growth, nothing could penetrate their skin. This was also the reason why newborn Baubins could freely travel in the darkness of the sea despite the deepwater pressure, it couldnt cause a single fold on the Baubins skin.

And the toughness of the Baubins skin was all thanks to the innate runes on their skin. In human society, these runes could only be carved on certain things, and the inscriptions would make these things resist even against the power of time. During the peak of the Magic Era, the eternal runes started being engraved on the bodies of some formidable powerhouses to preserve their corpses forever in the hope of reviving one day if the opportunity ever occured.

Lin Yun studied the eternal runes and learnt about the Baubin in the process.

Because their skins were covered in eternal runes, their bodies wouldnt rot for hundreds of thousands of years, or even millions of years.

Not to mention there was still the mana crystal, and as long as there was still a hint of mana left, the Baubins corpse would never be able to decay.

The full name of Baubins was "Immortal Deepsea Reapers".

There has been no record of a Baubins corpse naturally decaying!

But what was happening in front of them?

Lin Yuns heart sank, there was only one explanation why the Baubins corpse turned to dust with a touch, it was because there was not a single wisp of mana inside its mana crystal, nor was there any inside its body.

Enderfa remained silent, this matter was too strange. A peak level 39 magic beast died like this, not even leaving its corpse behind, he felt a chill thinking about this.

"Xiuban, time to work, go and see if you can find another mechanism." Lin Yun said with a calm expression.

After seeing that there was no danger and that the corpse was no threat, Xiuban calmed down. Regardless of why or how this magic beast died, it was all good as long as he wasnt in danger.

Xiuban quickly found another mechanism looking exactly like the first. After moving it, another True Spirit Array brightened, and everything happened just like earlier.

Another cage floated out and a ten meter long creature was also laying down in that cage. That creature looked like an octopus but it had a tuna-like head with a sort of spear at the end. On both sides of the head were wide gills over a meter long which were used to breathe and absorb mana.

When the cage finished settling, Lin Yun came to a conclusion.

"This one is also dead."

Enderfa nodded, that huge Speardevil was called the Restless Roamer. The Restless Roamer would never stop during its life, it would die if it stopped. The Speardevils mana absorption speed was too terrifying, there was no place with enough mana for them to rest at, thus they could only roam.

And its huge gills-like organs would let out an oppressive whistling sound which could be heard a few dozen kilometers away. But there was no sound coming out at the moment, it could only be dead.

Lin Yun summoned another Rock Puppet and sent it inside the cage, but after softly touching the Speardevils body, its corpse instantly turned to ashes, just like the Baubin.

Lin Yun remained silent, thinking of what could have caused this, it was too strange. Lin Yun felt a chill, level 39 lifeforms had died in silence

And two of them consecutively! They both silently died and their corpses both turned to ashes!

What caused this

The threat caused by this was a lot greater than the level 39 magic beasts!

"Merlin, have you noticed?" Enderfa suddenly said.

"Noticed what?"

"I didnt notice when it happened to the Baubin, but it was very obvious with that Speardevil, it looked frightened, or maybe resisting something, its eyes were wide open and it was in a defensive stance. It wasnt too clear with the Baubin, but it was very obvious with this Speardevil, its tentacles were protecting its body."

With Enderfa saying this, Lin Yun recalled something and turned his head to shout at Xiuban, "Activate all the mechanisms!"

The simple-minded Draconic Beastman didnt know what was strange and simply looked for all the mechanisms to activate them one after another, making one huge cage after another appear.

There were twelve True Spirit Arrays, for a total of twelve cages. And inside the remaining ten cages were also huge monsters, and each of them had already died.

This time, Lin Yun carefully observed it, these huge creatures apparently encountered something terrifying as each of them was terrified, futilely trying to protect themselves, all of them seemingly at deaths door.

Lin Yun unwillingly summoned a Water Elemental to test and they still turned to dust with a light touch.

This time, even the expression of the puzzled Reina had changed, twelve level 39 creatures had died in such a weird way, only an idiot would not realize the problem.

"Lets leave this place, immediately!"

Lin Yuns complexion was a bit greenish. To tell the truth, he would rather fight a heaven-defying Death Knight right now than stay any longer in this strange and chilly place.

On the other side, the responsible and diligent Xiuban suddenly discovered a path. After approaching and observing, he discovered a crack between a door and a wall that was far bigger.

"Sir Merlin, I found something, I found the exit!"

Xiuban was happy, not only did he find the mechanism, he hadnt expected that he would find an exit. This time, he would definitely not be threatened with a certain flame.

"Good, lets leave this place"

Although he looked calm, Lin Yun was very tense right now. This place was too strange and they had encountered their fair share of formidable enemies so far, a Hydra, an Orachiss, and he had even destroyed an Undead Eye

But this time, Lin Yun was nervous, twelve monsters approaching the Heaven Rank had died there, and they looked terrified before their death. Just thinking about it made Lin Yun feel numb.

"Yes, lets leave first." Enderfa also urged, wanting to leave this place as soon as possible.

In fact, Xiuban was the strange one.

After all, ignorance is bliss.

Xiuban was in such situation.

The originally cowardly Draconic Beastman was swaggering as he opened the door, not waiting for Lin Yun to speak as he led the way.

"" Lin Yun looked at this scene and felt strange. He wondered how Xiuban would react if he properly explained to him how strange this place was.

Nothing dangerous happened after the group went through the door, everything was empty in front of them. The floor was made of the same Soul Absorbing Tree as in the previous room, it looked exactly the same

"Phew, finally escaped" Enderfa let out a long sigh, his voice full of relief.

"No" But Lin Yun wasnt so optimistic.

"What is it?"

"Carefully look at this place, dont you feel that it looks like the place we just left?"

"Eh" Enderfa was distracted, after looking around, he nodded and concurred, "It does look similar"