End Of The Magic Era Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Array


"Its not that simple" Lin Yun shook his head, "If Im not wrong, we most likely circled back"


"You said it yourself, this is an extremely evil place" Lin Yun didnt explain, he instead led the group to the location of the twelve cages according to what he remembered of the place

And no surprise

The twelve cages were there, motionless, even the ashes and dust were there.

"Hell!" Enderfa wasnt able to stay calm, "We came back!"

"It seems that we missed something before" Lin Yun helplessly shook his head, "If Im not wrong, this should be related to some kind of array. Do you remember when Xiuban activated the first lever? There had been a subtle fluctuation"

"What What should we do?"

"Well, if we cant crack this array, we wont be able to go out"

"F*ck" Enderfa suddenly cursed, this had been such a simple trick.

"Alright, stop complaining and help me think of a way to deal with this array"

"Okay" Enderfa thought for a bit and then activated the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to analyze the surroundings. But he suddenly felt that something was amiss and froze, then shouted in alarm, "My mana is being consumed, and the speed is increasing!"

Enderfas voice was shivering, the huge Elemental Amber embedded in the Spell Wheel contained a large amount of mana, this gem was the source of Enderfas mana.

As a Magic Tool Incarnation, if the mana of the Magic Tool was exhausted, Enderfa would have no other choice but to sink into slumber. This wasnt something to be taken lightly, to the Magic Tool Incarnation, this was comparable to death!

Why had Shawn, the Incarnation of the Soul Walker, fallen so low, to the point of using illusions to scare people? It was because his mana was almost exhausted, giving Shawn no other choice but to put aside the prestige of a True Spirit Magic Tools Incarnation and use lowly illusions to swindle people

That deprivation period left its mark on him, Shawn had an abnormal greed for mana crystals now. Mana was that important to Magic Tool Incarnations.

When Enderfa felt his mana being drained, even though the speed wasnt that fast, he couldnt help recalling those twelve level 39 magic beasts who had died without a wisp of mana left, their vitality had completely faded away.

Enderfa didnt think he could compare to those monsters, especially that one who already had one foot in the Heaven Rank and in possession of the eternal runes.

"Merlin, you You had better be fast Although the absorption speed isnt too fast at the moment, it is slowly increasing. If this continues, my mana would be completely depleted"

Lin Yuns expression sank. Sure enough, his mana was also starting to flow out at a fairly slow speed, as long as he roused his mana, he could make up for that loss.

But after a meticulous inspection, he confirmed that the absorption speed was indeed accelerating, it wouldnt be long before it could be easily noticeable.

"I understand, Ill speed up, dont disturb me."

Lin Yun cast Haste on himself and used his fastest speed to move within the hold, continuously observing those twelve True Spirit Arrays while also checking out those twelve strange doors.

He took out a quill and paper and started deciphering every single array in detail. These True Spirit Arrays all had similar effects, and Lin Yun had only deciphered one earlier and stopped as it wasnt necessary to decipher all of them, that would have needed an astronomical amount of calculations.

But with the current situation, Lin Yun knew that he had looked down on these True Spirit Arrays.

Someone who could simplify a True Spirit Array to this extent while also constructing twelve of them inside a ships hold definitely wasnt an ordinary Artisan. But that persons style was strangely concise, each and every runes effect was squeezed to its pinnacle.

With twelve arrays appearing at the same time, how could these arrays abilities not be squeezed to their pinnacles?

Time passed, another piece of paper was thrown aside by Lin Yun, adding to the white pile on the side.

On the other side, Reinas expression wasnt great. She could already feel her mana flowing out. A Dragon, she was still unable to stop it, it felt as if something was forcibly absorbing her mana. Although the mana consumption couldnt be considered much for now, it gave her a feeling of weakness.

Enderfa couldnt stay put, he kept moving in the air, worried and fretful. As for the puppet, it had raised its defenses, that mana absorption had triggered its defensive mechanism.

Lin Yun was pale, his eyes filled with exhaustion. At this time, he felt a force draining him of his mana. There was a large amount of calculations, thus, to speed it up, he had already cast two Ultimate Sharp Mind, greatly taxing his brain and making him look seriously ill.

Only the simple-minded Draconic Beastman didnt feel anything. Whether it was the fusion with the drop of blood from a Three-Headed Golden Dragon, or the bath in the God Blood, they both upgraded his body to an unimaginable level, especially the bath, it made Xiuban completely cut off from mana elements.

Even if he had magic abilities, they came from the Draconic Beastmans innate runes and didnt need magic at all to begin with. While the others were suffering, only Xiuban remained at his peak.

But seeing Lin Yun in that situation, Xiuban wisely chose to shut up, he didnt dare to ask anything.

Lin Yun had been writing and computing like crazy. After no less than an hour, he finished fully translating the twelve arrays.

After the calculations were complete, Lin Yun immediately started incorporating the matching door with the result of his previous calculations. He calculated the angle, power, the time used to go through each entrance, he calculated all the data possible.

After over ten minutes, Lin Yun sighed in relief.

"As expected, its here!"

Lin Yun walked to the center of the hold and looked at this seemingly ordinary area. The twelve arrays were arranged in a circle, supporting this empty area.

With the appearance of the twelve doors, Lin Yun had immediately thought that the newly activated array must have been in the center of the hold!

But the center of the hold was a vacant area, there was only Soul Absorbing Tree, there wasnt even an array. They could see nothing.

But Lin Yun had a daring thought after thinking of the twelve cages coming from below. This array should be below the Soul Absorbing Tree floor!

After meticulous calculations, Lin Yun confirmed his conjecture, this array was definitely below the Soul Absorbing Tree floor.

Although the twelve cages seemed to have come from the floor, it was more precise to say that it looked as if they floated up from a spatial door. With the True Spirit Arrays capacity for manipulation of metallic substances and the Intrepids strangeness, the probability of this kind of spatial variation on top of it was very small.

But the outcome of the calculations shocked Lin Yun. They could only see half of the hold! In other words, the current area was only the upper half of the hold, the bottom half was below the Soul Absorbing Tree floor!

Twelve True Spirit Arrays combined with the Soul Absorbing Tree floor formed a huge array!

Its power was so formidable that even Lin Yun was left highly apprehensive, he even wondered if this formation array had been made by a Saint Alchemist or a first-rate Artisan.

What kind of terrifying thing was sealed below!

The array formation would definitely be stronger on the other side, and Lin Yun didnt think he would be able to crack it!

But in their current situation, if they didnt crack it, they would never be able to leave this place.

Lin Yuns palms were sweaty, this was an unsolvable problem, he could only pray that his luck wouldnt be too bad.

"Xiuban, come over." Lin Yun beckoned to Xiuban.

This terrified the Draconic Beastman and he started shivering. He moved slowly, as if he was carrying a mountain on his back.

"What, you didnt hear me?"

Lin Yuns expression turned cold and Xiuban no longer dared to waste time and sullenly walked to the center of the hold.

"Sir Merlin, tell me what to do"

Lin Yun frowned and pointed at a mark he made the ground.


This thumb-sized small circle was the result of an hour and a half of calculations. Not having seen the array below, he had managed to calculate the key part of the array below!

Xiuban didnt understand this, but he beamed with joy when he heard Lin Yuns words, "Oh, smash?" He patted his chest trying to guarantee that this mission would be accomplished, "Rest assured, Sir Merlin, Ill take care of it!"

The worried Enderfa flew over and glanced at the self-confident Xiuban before cursing in a low voice, "Idiot."

Xiuban only smiled, ignoring the insult. He held Carnage and moved closer to that mark, looking at it with a murderous glint.