End Of The Magic Era Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Self Destruction


The huge head opened its mouth wide open. There were no teeth and no tongue within. There was only something akin to a deep, dark-red blood pond that was continuously emitting bubbles. From two hundred meters away, Lin Yun could feel the toxicity from that face. If a Dragon fell inside, even if it didnt die, it would be crippled.

Lin Yuns head felt like it was exploding as he threw up blood.

Damnit, absorbing the mana from both of my Alchemic Mana Whirlpools and over half of the mana from my Magic Array How could it be so easy!?

Taking a step back to dodge a black tentacle, he absorbed the mana from a spirit mana crystal.

On the other side, thirty black tentacles were already cutting off the Lichs escape path, driving it towards the mouth.

But the Lich didnt resist. It tightly held the two spirit mana crystals as it charged straight into the huge mouth.

But soon after, a loud sound could be heard.

The skulls huge mouth was opened by an explosion that also blew away the blood pond. The entire chin was missing, and one eye also burst open.

Fierce mana fluctuations spread as if flaring up, and the monster let out a miserable roar.

"Damnit, you wretched ant, you actually dare to do this!"

The large black mist converged towards the monster, and the areas injured by the explosion started recovering.

Lin Yun took the initiative to charge into the monster, fully using Flame Flash before scattering his Fire Elemental Incarnation and using Tempest Elemental Incarnation instead.

The Incarnation was a Tempest Elemental that was four to five meters tall, and although Lin Yun couldnt fly, his flexibility had been raised to its peak.

The Wind Blades were like rain falling onto that monster.

The Tempest Elemental Incarnation greatly increased the power of Wind Spells, as well as greatly increasing their casting speed. The originally instant Wind Blades turned into a veritable storm, similar to the 7th Tier Tornado spell.

Unfortunately, that fierce attack wasnt much of a threat to the monster. Besides displacing the death energy that had been bubbling on that monsters face, it only made it roar.

As that deafening roar echoed, the black tentacles fiercely withdrew, and even the black fog coming out of the hole stopped.

The lower part of the monsters head had disappeared due to the blast, and the top half had deformed. This time, the injury wasnt light, but Lin Yun knew that although this monster looked like that, it wasnt heavily injured or in danger at all.

Lin Yun kept up a fierce offensive, and the monster couldnt recover for a short time. It even showed signs of wanting to retreat into the hole.

"Damn, you want to run when I have the upper hand? How could I let you off easy?"

Lin Yun fiercely raised his Draconic Staff. He would severely injure that monster even if he had to pay a huge price!

The monster was really thinking of temporarily retreating. Lin Yun had been somewhat surprised that his suicide bomber Lich hadnt killed it, but how could he let it run now?

Lin Yun had clearly seen that monsters body. It was the fusion of a huge amount of death energy and some evil energy, but if it recovered that energy, it would be like he hadnt injured it at all.

Only seven to eight tentacles were left, and its strength had greatly suffered. It used the tentacles to protect its body, wanting to return to that small hole once again.

But Lin Yuns Wind Blades slashed out once again. The original cyan Wind Blades slowly darkened, and behind them was an inky cyan Wind Blade!

Those deep cyan Wind Blades were Gale Blades, the advanced, 4th Tier version of Wind Blade. And as for the inky cyan Wind Blade, it was actually a 7th Tier Spell!

Dimensional Edge!

It was rumored that when the comprehension of Dimensional Edge reached the peak, it would be possible to tear through space itself.

Naturally, an ordinary Dimensional Edge didnt have such power.

But this was fine. An ordinary Dimensional Edge was still a 7th Tier Spell. Making Wind Blades reach the level of Dimensional Edges was like turning Wind magic into Space magic, a qualitative leap.

Now, Lin Yun was making it rain Wind Blades, as every second, that monster was hit by dozens of them. The activity of the wind elements reached the peak at this moment.

In this extreme chaos of wind elements, anything would be completely suppressed.

The monster only noticed that last blade when it had already struck.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

The part hit by the ordinary Wind Blades could only turn to smoke before recondensing, but the infinitely small part slashed by Dimensional Edge would turn into a spatial tear, as if space had been cut on both sides!

That Dimensional Edge slashed the left eye of the monster, the upper left corner of that skull looked as if it had been sliced by a sharp blade!

The cut part instantly collapsed and turned into a large amount of black, gooey liquid, falling on the floor.

The monster loudly screamed with a bitter voice. Had it not noticed the Dimensional Edge early enough and moved a bit, that Dimensional Edge would have cut it in two!

"Damn rat! Wait for me! Wait for me"

The gray flames in its eyes swayed fiercely. There was only pure hatred and resentment within. At that moment, the head collapsed and turned into smoke, quickly pouring into the small hole, with only a tentacle left outside to guard against Lin Yuns attacks.

The monster was determined to escape.

The hold suddenly became peaceful, before an ear-piercing, sizzling sound came from the floor.

The black, gooey pool that fell off the monster was quickly corroding the floor, forming a large hole.

Lin Yun threw a glance and shivered.

He clearly knew how hard the floor made from Soul Absorbing wood was. Xiuban had to use the power of the Three-Headed Gold Dragon to barely create a thumb-sized hole on it.

That liquid was so corrosive that even this floor couldnt resist!

Witnessing the great toxicity within that death energy even made Lin Yun break out in a bit of sweat. He urgently used Wind spells to blow away the air in front of him, afraid of being infected.

The monster had been scared away for a bit, but Lin Yun was very badly hurt.

The losses were too great this time. The two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools had been drained dry, and less than twenty percent of his mana remained in his Magic Arrays Mana Whirlpool.

Two spirit mana crystals had been used, and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels Elemental Amber had dimmed completely. The huge amount of mana stored within had almost been completely used up.

As he took out the Book of Death and summoned the Lich, Lin Yuns face turned green.

The originally peak level 37 Lich that could have advanced to level 38 any moment was now level 35.

From being entangled by those tentacles, Lin Yun understood how the mana and vitality of those level 39 magic beasts had been absorbed.

Lin Yun didnt believe that he could resist the binding of such powerful tentacles with his magic being suppressed to only 10%, let alone struggle free Unless that monster let go of him.

Using that seemingly greedy temper, Lin Yun drew up a fighting plan.

First, he would use Bursting Flames to create some breathing room, and then he would take out two spirit mana crystals and frantically pour the mana from the Elemental Amber into them.

In fact, when the two mana crystals came out before, Lin Yun knew that his conjecture was right. The monster didnt care about the two spirit mana crystals.

The mana crystals of those twelve magic beasts had still been there, but they were empty, so Lin Yun guessed that this monster could only feel the flow of mana.

And as long as he was alive, mana would flow.

By pouring a large amount of mana into the spirit mana crystals, he overloaded them. The mana within surpassed what the two spirit mana crystals could contain, creating a very dangerous state.

It would make the mana within the crystals rush forth, just like a mages Mana Whirlpool. This was also why that monster didnt pay attention to the two spirit mana crystals at the start, but immediately pounced towards them when they started shining.

At that instant, Lin Yun had summoned the Lich by his side. A level 37 Lich at its peak, possessing a huge amount of death energy. It was extremely appetizing to that monster, so that monsters tentacles directly let go of Lin Yun to rush towards the Lich.

And after fleeing, Lin Yun sent the Lich to the head to be swallowed.

The peak level 37 Lich fused with the two overloaded mana crystals and self-destructed within the sealed mouth of the monster.

That formidable power could only be matched by Heaven Rank powerhouses!

Although the results were glorious, the price wasnt light Lin Yun had bled a lot.