End Of The Magic Era Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Blueprint


"Damn, it was really damned monster? This is such a shitty password" Enderfa had an amazed expression.

Lin Yun was also dumbstruck

But he soon threw these things to the back of his mind. After opening the box, Lin Yun could easily get the things inside. They were blueprints. Lin Yun counted forty-five sheets of paper, each of which was exceptionally complicated, and when assembled, it formed a huge array

Moreover, Lin Yun couldnt make sense of that array.

What kind of concept was that?

Lin Yun was a newly advanced Artisan!

An Artisan that could blindly destroy a Dimensional Cloister, yet he couldnt make sense of this huge array! This meant that this huge array had most likely already reached the Heaven Rank!

Thats right, a Heaven Rank Array

Lin Yun looked at the blueprint in shock for no less than a minute before slowly putting it down.

The blueprints were unusually refined. Moreover, every detailed annotation was written using the runes of the Sea Races.

This was somewhat strange

Besides being strange and concise, the Sea Races runes werent that special. They didnt carry frightening power like the Ascian Runes, and they also werent like the Nesser Runes, which were naturally suited for casting magic. In fact, apart from the Sea Races themselves, few people in Noscent would be willing to use their runes to write anything.

Could it be that this Heaven Rank blueprint came from the hands of the Sea Races?"

But it was a bit strange

In the history of Noscent, there had never been any Saint Alchemists among the Sea Races as far as he knew.

Lin Yun thought about it as he browsed the blueprints. Although he couldnt understand most of it, he still felt the power of that array.

The more he looked, the more alarmed he felt.

This wasnt an ordinary Heaven Rank Array.

Its might was too terrible

Lin Yun felt that the blueprint in his hands might even be considered high-end within the Heaven Rank.

Maybe only first-rate Saint Alchemists could understand this array.

The difference between a Heaven Rank Array and a True Spirit Array was akin to the difference between Heaven and Earth. Heaven Rank Arrays had already reached the stage where they could alter Laws!

Formidable Heaven Rank Arrays could even draw upon their own Laws!

It was rumored that the greatest Heaven Rank Array could even tamper with a worlds foundational Laws!

And even if this Heaven Rank Array wasnt the greatest, it wasnt far behind. Lin Yun managed to decipher a few parts that didnt conform to Laws!

These parts were clearly tampering with Laws

After looking for half an hour, Lin Yun knew that he simply couldnt figure out any sheets of the blueprint in a short time, even the simplest part.

As he thought of this, Lin Yun was about to put away the blueprints.

On the side, Xiuban was acting like an alchemist, conscientiously looking at the blueprints. When he saw Lin Yun about to put them away, he cautiously pointed at one of them.

"Sir Merlin, didnt we go through there?"

"What do you mean?" Lin Yun didnt understand.

"What you are holding, isnt it a map of the Ghost Ship? You see, here? Isnt that the hold where we met that monster?"

"Map?" Lin Yun froze. He quickly spread the blueprints out again, before organizing them based on the holds they went through.

Lin Yun no longer treated these blueprints as the design of an array. Just as Xiuban Said, it was definitely a map of the Ghost Ship.

Lin Yun now understood.

"Sh*t, its really the map of the Intrepid!"

Keel, Hold, Deck, Sail, Helm

Everything fit!

Lin Yuns hands shook This was a frightening discovery.

This wasnt just the blueprint of a top-notch Heaven Rank Array, it also explained all the materials and the structure of the Intrepid!

Could it be that the Intrepid itself was a Heaven Rank Array?

Enderfa was stunned when he heard this. They were actually on a Heaven Rank Array?

This was frightening!

In fact, Lin Yun suddenly understood many of the puzzling things that had happened. The Spatial Law had most likely been tampered with. Many things that happened here couldnt be understood with his own experience, because they followed the Laws of the Intrepid!

And Lin Yun also realized that he had taken many things for granted. Now that he thought about it, those might have been a lot more complicated. A Gods remains couldnt be so strange and unfathomable. Everything had an explanation.

Heaven Rank Array!

Those few words alone could make anything unreasonable become rational.

The more he understood, the more he felt a chill. Lin Yun forced himself to not think about the array and only consider this blueprint as a map of the Intrepid.

Soon, Lin Yun found the hallway he had walked down before, and he also found his current location.

Even if this blueprint could also be considered a map, it was extremely complicated. After a while, Lin Yun massaged his aching eyes.

Captains Cabin, Kitchen, Warehouse, Crews Quarters, Slave Work Hold

After finding these simple areas, he constructed a rough outline of the ship in his mind.

After contemplating for a while, Lin Yun pointed to a part of the map.

"We are here. By going through there and there, we should be able to find the captains cabin. I think that inside the captains cabin we can most likely find a way to leave this place. Red Beard wouldnt imprison himself inside this Ghost Ship, would he?"

With a rough plan and a map of the Intrepid, the matter became a lot simpler. It didnt matter if he couldnt figure out the Heaven Rank Array for the time being, as he could always use the map.

Lin Yun barely finished his sentence before an angry and hateful roar was heard.

Xiuban wasnt sleepy at all, while Reina looked somewhat fearful. Enderfa ruthlessly cursed, "Is that damned monster a f*cking Three-Headed Hellhound?"

Lin Yuns eyelids twitched. That monster was chasing them too quickly!

A Three-Headed Hellhound was good at tracking. As long as it caught a scent, it wouldnt let go even if it had to run to the end of the world.

But earlier, Lin Yun had meticulously set up an array to take care of their scent and tracks, even removing any mana fluctuations. He had also destroyed the teleportation array, so even a group of Hellhounds shouldnt be able to catch them.

He truly didnt expect that monster to catch up to them so quickly. He really didnt know how that monster tracked them.

"Run! Or that monster will slowly kill us" Enderfa was despairing.

That monsters vitality was too unreasonable. As long as they were able to avoid the tentacles, that monsters power wouldnt be that overwhelming.

But once they were grabbed, that monster would keep absorbing everyones mana, and once they ran out, the end result was easy to guess.

Lin Yun also got angry. After coming to this era, it was the first time he suffered such a disastrous loss. Lich Barton was still in the Book of Death and his mana had yet to completely recover, yet that b*stard still dared to chase them.

Damn, there is no end to this!

"Alright, since you dont want to let go, dont blame me for being rude" Lin Yun clenched his teeth after putting the map away, his face full of killing intent, "Lets leave a big gift for that guy this time!"

After confirming the location of the monster through the sounds and aura, Lin Yun led everyone in the opposite direction.

They kept going through maze-like hallways and found another short-distance teleportation array. After activating it, they arrived on another floor. Lin Yun was like an old sailor on the Intrepid, unhesitantly choosing a path and following it.

They casually reached an array gate.

Lin Yun took out his crystal pen and didnt even think before starting to crack the array. A few seconds later, the array gate was cracked open by Lin Yun.

He had Enderfa and the others go in first before reinforcing that array gate. After less than a minute, the defenses of the array gate had reached a whole new level.

After going through, Lin Yun immediately took out three exquisitely decorated pieces of gold.

When Enderfa saw these three fist-sized pieces of metal, he felt distressed. He opened his mouth to say something, but then ended up remaining mute.

Three fist-sized pieces of Eternal Gold Essence!

This was the best magic material for crafting defensive Magic Tools or armors. The amount of Eternal Gold Essence produced every year in Noscent was pathetically small. This magic metal definitely couldnt be found on the market.

Even a poor Eternal Gold Essence Vein would be enough to make two major forces dispatch Archmages to fight over it!

Under the True Spirit realm, any Magic Tool or armor which had Eternal Gold Essence fused into it, even by an Apprentice Blacksmith, would upgrade it by a rank. Even a True Spirit Magic Tool could see its defense greatly increase after Eternal Gold Essence was incorporated.

If a True Spirit Magic Tool was made mainly out of Eternal Gold Essence, its defense could only be rated as abnormal.

This was a rarely seen magic material that massively reinforced defense and sturdiness.

But now, Lin Yun was using it to set up an array, and he used three fist-sized lumps of it in order to set up an array that could only be described as crude and extravagant.