End Of The Magic Era Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Boom


Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to send out a wave of fire spells, while Reina cast a large flurry of ice spells.

The puppets firepower seemed to be the strongest. All its spells were instant, and the lowest ones were at the 5th Rank.

That monsters tentacle burst into pieces when the flood of spells crashed into it.

But at the same time, more and more black smoke got through and condensed into more and more tentacles. Besides Xiuban, the others didnt dare to approach those tentacles.

After taking a bath in God Blood, Xiuban had completely severed his connection to mana, and he had no mana to begin with. The mana sealing and mana absorption effects of the tentacles were ineffective against him.

In the group, Xiuban was the only one that could fight those tentacles in close range, while Reina could only use ice spells.

Even Lagulin could only use Evil Halo to buff everyone, raiding their movement speed and attack speed. He was also slashing with Heavens Wrath from a distance, sending Undead Slashes over.

Unfortunately, Xiuban truly wasnt a match for them

Without even putting up any decent resistance, Xiuban was sent flying back with a scream.

When Xiuban got up from the ground, everyone could see three swollen, red bruises on his skin.

"Sir Merlin, faster, we wont be able to hold for long! This monster is fighting its way in!"

Xiuban shouted in fright while brandishing Carnage. Less than twenty tentacles were already so troublesome, and outside the door, not only was there the monsters head, but there was also a large amount of power that still hadnt made its way inside.

Enderfa clenched his teeth, rousing the Spell Wheel to its limit, further depleting the bit of mana that the Elemental Amber had managed to regain.

Reina also turned into her Dragon Shape, casting spells in Draconic. But no matter how many tentacles they annihilated, more would come to take their place.

They couldnt approach, so they could only use long range attacks, greatly limiting their offensive capabilities. This simply wasnt effective.

After more than a dozen minutes, Xiuban spat out blood.

"Sir Merlin, if you dont finish, Xiuban will really be done for"

Xiubans voice was full of fear.

Even the simple Xiuban knew that when they could no longer hold off this monster, everyone would die. That monster wasnt like Syudos, who was always just ruthlessly sorting him out.

The battlefield was slowly moving towards Lin Yun. One of Enderfas faces also turned to look at Lin Yun and saw the sweat on his forehead. Lin Yun had already finished cracking the encryption. His hands were moving on the control plate of the Hand of Destruction at such a speed that it looked as if they were spasming.


After a soft call, Enderfa restrained himself and didnt say anything further.

"Sir Merlin Ah Save me" The Draconic Beastmans scream felt mournful.

"Shut, dont disturb Merlin!"

Enderfa gnashed his teeth as he scolded the Draconic Beastman.

At this time, Lin Yuns hand finally stopped and he instantly put a mana crystal in the notch of the Hand of Destruction.

A light shone from the cannon mouth as the Hand of Destruction was fully activated.

Lin Yun controlled it and had it change direction, aiming at the entrance.

"Persevere!" Lin Yun gnashed his teeth as he stared at the entrance. The Heaven Net Defense suddenly split open!

Faster, a bit faster

The Hand of Destruction needed time to shoot. More time was needed for it to gather more power, and this process needed to be controlled by someone.

The puppet was carelessly caught by a tentacle. Reina cast a High Tier Ice Spell to save it, but they had all already been pushed back to the front of the Hand of Destruction.

"Sir Merlin, faster!"

Xiuban was pale. He had bloodstains all over his chest, and his hands were already shaking while holding Carnage.


A loud sound was heard as the Heaven Net Defense completely snapped.

The monsters huge head squeezed into the three-meter-high entrance. Those eyes made of blazing grey flames only contained anger and hatred.

"Damn rat, I finally found you"

After shouting, over seventy tentacles rushed in, turning into a black wall of tentacles coming towards them.

"Fall back!" Lin Yun roared. The energy at the end of the cannon suddenly intensified as a glaring white light was emitted from the mouth of the cannon, making it hard for everyone to keep their eyes open!

The powerful mana fluctuation was like a tsunami, raising gales around them. The surging mana fluctuations made even Lin Yun, the controller of the Hand of Destruction, feel like he was drowning, his complexion turning bright red.

Reina, Xiuban, Enderfa, Lagulin, and the puppet

None of them could look dignified as they threw themselves behind the Hand of Destruction.

"Enjoy the gift I prepared for you," Lin Yun squeezed out. Over a hundred black tentacles were already in the room, but Lin Yun didnt even look at them.

When the tentacles were ten meters away, Lin Yun slammed the one independent rune on top of the cannon.


A thick, white beam of light shot out of the cannon. Like a holy light piercing through the darkness of the apocalypse, it pierced the wall of tentacles.

The tentacles were like pieces of paper in front of that light, they couldnt even slow it down and only melted away.

Following the light beam, lightning revolved around that laser that seemed akin to sacred fire, sweeping through everything.

All the tentacles turned into smoke, and all the death energy was instantly annihilated.

It didnt just disperse, it was thoroughly annihilated!

Thoroughly erased from this world!

The monsters head had just squeezed out of the entrance and was forced to take the beam head-on. A large part of its body was destroyed, and its miserable scream was cut short.

The lightning revolving around the beam was cleansing everything, annihilating all the tentacles and only leaving half a broken skull behind.

And the only reason even that much remained was the fact that the monster was blown out of the entrance by the explosion, and the indestructible Intrepids structure resisted half of the light of annihilation.

The light lasted three seconds before vanishing. The monsters half-broken skull let out miserable screams, retreating like the tide.

"Youll see, youll see, you damn rats, Ill wait for you in this ships darkest area"

The light of the Hand of Destruction dimmed.

Lin Yun, Xiuban, and Reina sprawled to the ground. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel also fell to the ground, and Enderfa nowhere to be found. The puppet was also lying on the ground face-first, trying to get up. Lagulin was covered in black smoke as if illuminated by holy light.

After a while, they all crawled up from the ground. Lin Yun took out a Health Potion, drank half, and then poured the rest in Xiubans mouth.

"Are you alright?" Lin Yun asked weakly after a few moments.

"Im fine" Reina said before barely managing to get up.

"Sir Merlin, I It looks like I have a problem!" After drinking some of the Health Potion, Xiuban wanted to take advantage of the crisis for himself.

"Shut up" Lin Yun unhappily scolded.

He then noticed the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel moving. One of Enderfas heads worriedly looked out, looking like a thief. He then came out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

"I was scared to death. The monster didnt manage to get rid of me, but I almost died to that Mana Crystal Cannon" Enderfa floated out, looking panicked. "That power is too frightening"

"That it is" Lin Yun still had goosebumps.

Although it was rumored that a Heaven Rank powerhouse had been blown up by a Hand of Destruction, Lin Yun hadnt completely believed it. Everything under the Heaven Rank was mortal, but the Heaven Rank was like a completely different species. No matter how powerful the Hand of Destruction was, in front of the extraordinary power of the Heaven Rank, it shouldnt have that much effect.

But he had now witnessed the power of the Hand of Destruction, and his thoughts had been shaken.

This kind of power could only be described as capable of extinguishing the heavens.

Moreover, it shouldnt be forgotten that this Hand of Destruction was far from being at its peak. After all, a Hand of Destruction at its peak would be using a Heaven Rank mana crystal. The mana crystals he had put in could only allow the Hand of Destruction to display 10% of its power

If 10% already had such power, then wouldnt the Hand of Destruction at full power easily be able to take out a Heaven Rank?

Everyone rested for half an hour. When Lin Yun saw that they all had more or less recovered, he casually cast a Gale spell.

The dust spread around them was dispersed, and the space between the cannon and the entrance was revealed to everyone.

It was a shocking scene.

The originally three-meter-tall entrance was now a hole that was more than twice as tall. Theedges were showing signs of burns, as if it had been instantly cauterized by the luminous flames.

The floor there was also burnt black, alongside traces of lightning.

This kind of damage wouldnt have been as notable in other places, but it shouldnt be forgotten that they were on the Intrepid!

The hull of the Intrepid was made out of a Gods remains, and unless something on the same level of power was used, it couldnt be damaged!

That monster had been attacking like crazy for such a long time, yet it hadnt been able to make a single crack around the door. Xiuban had used the power of the Three-Headed Gold Dragon Bloodline and was only able to make a thumb-sized hole in the hull.

Enderfa was foolishly staring at this six-meter-wide hole.

Reinas mouth was wide open, and so were her eyes.

That power came from neither an Extraordinary Magic Tool nor a Heaven Rank Powerhouse, but rather something that even a High Mage like Lin Yun could control?