End Of The Magic Era Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Death Ruling


Lin Yun, Reina, Enderfa and the puppet, the four of them were sieging the Dark Warrior from all sides, but they could only maintain the balance.

The few of them had consumed too much mana to begin with, their power had greatly declined. Even if Reina was using her Dragon Shape, she could only display the power of a level 37. Enderfa and the puppets spells could only display a suppressing effect. Wanting to inflict heavy damage to the Dark Warrior was nothing more than a dream

"Merlin, quick, think of a way, we wont be able to keep going at this rate"

Enderfa was very worried, the Dark Warriors fighting power could definitely be rated as the strongest among Undeads of similar levels. Moreover, the higher their level, the more the gap would show. So far, the Dark Warrior had only displayed his formidable battle awareness and his Aura Slashes.

No one would believe that this Dark Warrior had only been able to use Aura Slashes during his life

Lin Yun remained calm and didnt say anything, bursting with a large amount of spells, continuously suppressing the Dark Warrior. After less than a minute, Lagulin and the others exterminated the Skeleton Lord.

The Skeleton Warriors were decisively used as cannon fodder to surround the Dark Warrior, with Lagulin in the back providing support with the Evil Halo. Lagulin was only at level 37, he would be suppressed by the level difference when facing a level 38 Dark Warrior. At that time, the Dark Warrior would need only one slash to behead Lagulin.

Even Lin Yun had no other choice but to acknowledge that the battlefield situation was terrible, if the level 38 Dark Warrior appeared anywhere else, it wouldnt be any worse than an Orachiss

But in the Ghost Ship filled with Undeads and rich death energy, the Dark Warrior was an almost undefeatable existence.

Unless Lin Yun could summon Baiers

Yes, it was Lin Yuns last card, the level 38 Dark Warrior would be no different than an ant against Baiers, who was infinitely close to the Heaven Rank. Whether it was level 38 or 39, when facing Baiers, they would never be able to resist.

But summoning Baiers was easier said than done.

Back then, Lin Yun had been able to seal Baiers in the Book of Death purely out of luck, the timing and all the conditions had been right, all the factors had contributed to that shocking outcome. But sealing was sealing, Lin Yun might not have that kind of luck when attempting to summon Baiers.

Even if Lin Yun successfully summoned Baiers, the final result might not be what Lin Yun wanted to see. If Baiers appeared, the Dark Warrior might be done for, yes, but after the Dark Warrior died, wouldnt Lin Yun and the others be next?

As an existence infinitely close to the Heaven Rank, if Baiers struggled free from the Book of Deaths bindings, how could he give Lin Yun another opportunity to seal him?

It would really be a major event at that time.

Because of this worry, Lin Yun put his hand on the Book of Death a few times, hesitating, before ultimately putting his hand back.

But then

The Book of Death shook as Lin Yuns hand moved away.

"Eh?" Lin Yun was suddenly startled and immediately opened the Book of Death.

By the time Lin Yun opened the Book of Death to the Element Chapter, he pleasantly discovered that, after being nurtured for a while, the Element Chapter had started fusing with the Book of Death!

The original crystal ball pattern seemed to be slowly melting and four colored rays of light started shining.

Although the start of the fusion couldnt compare with being completely fused with the Book of Death, it still meant that he could now use the Element Chapter!

Lin Yun unhesitantly roused the Element Chapter and a large amount of fire elements converged behind him, representing the shadow of a formidable Fire Dragon.

Following the appearance of that shadow, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and started releasing fire spells.

Low Tier Spells were completely forgotten, the lowest ones were at the 5th Tier!

Fire God Spears, Bursting Flames, Mad Fire Dragon Dance, Fire God Hand

A large amount of fire spells flew out, but there was a huge difference, runes appeared on the Fire God Spears, the flames of the Bursting Flames were dark blue, the Fire God Hands were vivid and lifelike.

The power of all fire spells had greatly increased, but Lin Yuns expression suddenly turned white.

The Element Chapter could greatly increase the might of elemental spells, even the most powerful spells could become even stronger, but the mana consumption was also greatly increased.

With the addition of the Element Chapter, Lin Yuns spells started causing some injuries to the Dark Warrior, its armor of black aura gradually dissipated and traces of burns also appeared.

Lin Yuns sudden burst suppressed the Dark Warrior.

Although those cannon fodder Skeleton Warriors were shaking when approaching the Dark Warrior, they used their bodies to limit the range of action of the Dark Warrior.


A stifled angry roar echoed from the helmet of the Dark Warrior, the huge greatsword he held with both hands was raised high, and the black fog originally coiled around his greatsword had now reached an extremely dense level, it was like a huge vortex. At that moment, a large amount of death energy was gathering on his greatsword, making everyone feel as if they were suffocating.

"Hell! This is Death Ruling!" Enderfa suddenly let out.

Unfortunately, there was no more time

Enderfas words had barely left his mouth when the Dark Warriors Death Ruling already burst. Those thirty or so cannon fodder Skeleton Warriors didnt have time to react before being turned to ashes by the Death Ruling. The endless death energy in the surroundings was crazily roused, and a kind of evil and rotten aura filled the entire room

As for Xiuban, the only melee fighter of the group, the impact he received was second only to the Skeleton Warriors. Xiuban couldnt dodge the power of Death Ruling and was sent flying alongside Carnage, vomiting a lot of blood.

The others circumstances were similar, the power of the Death Ruling swept everything within a few hundred meters. Reina straightforwardly fell from the sky, the puppet had to use three defensive spells to resist the impact of the Death Ruling, while Lin Yun and Enderfa joined hands and used two Runic Shield

"Damn, too abnormal" Enderfa hid behind his Runic Shield, cursing and retreating.

Lin Yuns expression was also not so good. At this time, he couldnt even attend to the poor Xiuban who was sent flying by the Death Ruling. He roused the Magic Tool Incarnation of his Draconic Staff and the young Purple Dragon flew out with a clear and melodious roar. After being roused by Lin Yuns mana, he transformed into a hundred meters tall Purple Dragon, appearing behind Lin Yun like the shadow of a God

Lin Yuns casting ability was strengthened to the point of being comparable to Chromatic Dragons. He hurriedly cast High Tier Fire Spells, completely disregarding his mana consumption to end the Dark Warrior.

Enderfa roared fiercely, controlling the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to make it rain fire spells. Even the puppet tirelessly cast Instant 6th Tier Spells.

The Dark Warrior would endure dozens of High Tier Fire Spells every second.

Regardless if it was Lin Yun or Enderfa, they both knew that this was their best opportunity in this entire fight

After the sudden burst of the Death Ruling, regardless how formidable the Dark Warrior was, he would inevitably need a second to breathe, and this small pause was their shot at a counter attack. There were only two paths in front of them, either using this opportunity to get rid of the Dark Warrior or let the Dark Warrior recover and use Death Ruling on them.

Under the suppression of a large amount of spells, the Dark Warriors armor was burnt completely red.

A muffled angry shout could be heard from the Dark Warriors helmet as he was half-kneeling on the ground, leaning on his greatsword stuck in the ground with both hands.

Following that shout, a dark red mist came out of the Dark Warriors body. The burning red armor began to fall, exposing the wild runes on the Dark Warriors rough dark skin.

Those runes emitted a wild aura and a large amount of dark red mist revolved around the Dark Warrior, turning into a sinister crimson viper which frantically buried itself into the Dark Warriors body.

After letting out a painful shout, the Dark Warriors body began to swell up. Death Aura started fusing with that dark red mist and the originally deathly still Death Aura seemed to crazily twist at this moment. The Death Aura condensed into a drill revolving around the Dark Warriors body.

The dark red Aura raised a gale which turned into a black tornado. The half naked Dark Warrior slowly raised his head, exposing a fierce Beastmans face with scarlet red soul fires.

The Dark Warrior had originally been suppressed to the point where he couldnt raise his head by that flood of spells, but now, that black tornado was resisting it.

Lin Yuns expression faintly changed as a berserk shout echoed


The sound, combined with the Death Aura, turned into a shockwave. The crazily rotating black tornado also burst out.

In that instant, the Death Aura turned into countless black Wind Blades that flew in all directions, taking countless fire spells along with them and turning into a flaming tornado in the sky.

At that time, the half-kneeling Dark Warrior slowly stood up, berserk. His formidable aura was projecting pressure in the air, even the ground couldnt handle the pressure and countless cracks appeared. In a mere few seconds, the ground around the Dark Warrior looked like a spiderweb of cracks.