End Of The Magic Era Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Kneel


"Clear-Headed Berserk Transformation, this guy is the 2nd Mate" Enderfa shivered as he let out a pained groan

They finally learnt of that Dark Warriors true identity, but they didnt feel happy about it.

One of the seven Admirals under Red Beard, Viking Beastman Grom, the Intrepids Second Mate, also known as the Blood Nightmare.

If one talked about true strength, then Grom was definitely the strongest Admiral!

Viking Beastmen were famous in Noscent as Berserkers, they lived in the northernmost Ice Field of Noscent and bordered the northernmost Human settlement, the Sten Kingdom.

In the desolate ice field, even the weakest magic beast had the power of a Great Swordsman. Some more powerful ones could even contend against a Sword Saint.

And the rulers of those lands were the Viking Beastmen. With a bit of training, they could compare to Great Swordsman, and they had the Clear-Headed Berserk Transformation ability, which could make the Viking Beastmens power increase by a rank under the Sword Saint Rank!

Grom was the most powerful Berserker among Viking Beastmen, he had the power of a 9th Rank Sword Saint during his life, and after becoming berserk, he could temporarily reach the Heaven Rank.

After becoming berserk, his fighting power would increase, whether it was his Aura or his body, they would be greatly reinforced. This was a first-rate ability all Swordsmen yearned for.

A few hundred years ago, a king of the Sten Kingdom was envious the Viking Beastmens Berserkers and wanted to recapture that territory. He dispatched over ten thousand troops to the northernmost Ice Field, but after setting foot there, they encountered five hundred Viking Beastmens Berserkers.

Ten thousand vs five hundred, such a large difference in numbers. No one believed that the Viking Beastmen would win, but the outcome startled everyone.

The five hundred Viking Beastmen turned Berserk at the same time, while still clear-headed!

Then, a massacre happened

The five hundred Viking Beastmen massacred the ten thousand troops.

A bit over three thousand soldiers managed to escape and return to the Sten Kingdom, but those five hundred Viking Beastmen killed their way back to the Sten Kingdom and no one was able to stop them!

The terrified king gave an order that very night, punishing the high-ranking officers leading the troops and delivering a large amount of needed food and livestock to the Viking Beastmen in order to appease them and send them back to the Ice Field.

From that point on, no power ever dared to think about attacking these Beastmen.

Now, in the Sten Kingdom, the Viking Beastmen had become existences that could make kids stop crying.

And the one before them, that Blood Nightmare, was the most powerful Viking Beastman!

He was only standing there, his entire body emitting a storm of Aura, blocking all the spells in a radius of ten meters!

Looking at Grom at the center of the storm, Enderfa despaired. Reina also despaired, the bloody Xiuban, was despairing even more

Especially since Groms body was emitting that might and pressure which made everyone understand that even as a Dark Warrior, Grom had also inherited the top-notch ability of the Viking Beasman, Clear-Headed Berserk Transformation.

After becoming Berserk, he directly reached level 39!

Level 39!

A level 39 Dark Warrior!

It was equivalent to a 9th Rank Sword Saint with no emotional obstruction, increased battle awareness, and who was tireless, unafraid of Aura consumption, and fighting even more frantically.

Done for, we are screwed this time.

But Lin Yun remained calm. When he felt that burst of power, his entire mana frantically poured into Baiers symbol.

Before the Elemental Chapter had fused with the Book of Death, Lin Yun wouldnt have dared sending out this dangerous monster, after all, Baiers was a true double-edged sword, he would injure others, but could also injure him.

But now, Lin Yun felt that he could give it a try

"Stop him for a minute."

"Got it!" In the black fog, Enderfas roar echoed. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel frantically rotated, a huge amount of mana flowingin, and with a shout, boundless spells flooded the Dark Warrior

At the same time, a clear and melodious Draconic Roar suddenly echoed as Reinas Dragon Breath froze everything within a few dozen meters.

The rushing Xiubans eyes turned red as he swung Carnage while shouting, activating the Bloodline of the Three-Headed Gold Dragon to make his power reach the apex. Carnage carried thunderous power as it fell down, heavily landing on the back of the Dark Warrior and shattering a large portion of the Dark Warriors back armor.

The Dark Warrior still didnt move after suffering such a hit.

He bellowed, turning the Death Aura around him in a dark red flaming explosion.


The sound of ice splitting open echoed as the Death Aura on the Dark Warriors body seemed to burst open, forcibly breaking the frost covering him.

After escaping the frost, the Dark Warriors greatsword swung towards Xiuban.

Xiuban used Carnage to block, but he was unable to withstand a single blow, he was sent flying seventy to eighty meters away like a Wind Blade and rolled a few dozen meters on the ground before stopping.

At the same time, the Dark Warrior waved his greatsword once again and sent a dozen Aura Slashes towards Reina.

She was hit after barely dodging a few, leaving a few awful wounds on her body as she fell down.

Even the puppet was suppressed by the large amount of Aura Slashes and could only use defensive spells.

"Merlin, hurry up, we cant keep up" Enderfa shouted in alarm.

Lin Yun hadnt moved, he used a wisp of mana to touch the ring on his left-hand.

A light flashed on the ring and the recovering Shawn appeared.

"Hell! Merlin, I knew you didnt want to let me live peacefully!" Shawn screeched.

He then noticed that mighty berserk level 39 Dark Warrior and became frantic.


The Soul Roar instantly echoed on the Dark Warrior who had just shrugged off the ice.

A single Soul Roar brought the greatest effect.

Groms body was still stiff after barely coming out of the freezing Dragon Breath. The crazily burning crimson eyes looked at if they had stopped burning and were swaying peacefully.

The frantic shiver of his soul fire made Grom unable to control his body.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and urgently chanted an Incantation. A three meters huge red palm covered in countless runes solidified in mid air.

The large palm slapped towards the stiff Grom, forcibly scattering the berserk storm of Aura covering his body. The huge flaming palm slammed Grom, and crackling sound could be heard as Groms body showed signs of being set on fire.

Enderfa roused the Spell Wheel to repeatedly cast the same High Tier exploding spell towards Grom, burning a part of his body until it was black.

Reina released a few dozen Frost Lances which flew through the air with a sharp sound before piercing Groms body.

But everyones formidable attacks didnt even make Grom falter.

With a burst of Aura, their attacks were forcibly scattered.

Lin Yun saw this scene and turned towards Shawn, quickly saying, "I need more time."

Shawn was driven mad, but when he saw Lin Yun no longer paying attention to him he understood how grave the situation was.

"Damnit, meeting you must have been a curse, two spirit mana crystals, not one less!"

Shawn sullenly said, the Evil Eye on his forehead opening, aiming a thick ray at the Dark Warrior. Shawn used his power to his limits, inflicting countless negative effects, that had been raised to their limits, to the Dark Warrior.

The Dark Warriors momentum quickly declined.

The Evil Eye closed again, and Shawn was laying on his stomach, exhausted, not even returning to his True Spirit Magic Tool. He was truly despairing. If Lin Yun couldnt handle that Dark Warrior, he would be completely screwed. He wouldnt even have the opportunity to slumber in this Ghost Ship.

The group went all out and barely managed to block the Dark Warrior.

Lin Yun was already perspiring, from the start, Baiers hadnt answered his summons. But right now, he didnt need to summon a complete Baiers, even just a hand would be enough to reverse the situation.

But a large amount of mana was poured in only to get no reaction.

Who was Baiers? He was at the Heaven Rank during his life, and his corpse alone became a level 39 Undead after his death. Had it not been for Lin Yun, that guy would have already resurrected and would have been a genuine Heaven Rank powerhouse.

When Baiers Avatar had appeared, he had already reached the Heaven Rank. But he then failed his resurrection, he didnt have the power of a Heaven Rank, but was also at the Heaven Rank.

A minute quickly passed. The Dark Warrior was unequalled, everyone had to do their best to hold him off, and that was with him being weakened by the Evil Eye!

As cold sweat trickled down Lin Yuns back, Baiers symbol finally reacted.

A large amount of death energy rushed out from the Book of Death, making it shake. Lin Yun firmly grabbed the Book of Death and poured all his mana in, not caring about the outcome.

The thick death energy condensed in midair and transformed into a hundred meter large black lead cloud, and the pressure of the Heaven Rank could be felt.

The jet-black lead cloud frantically twisted, bolts of black lightning surged within before condensed into Baiers face.

Baiers eye sockets looked down, like a God overlooking ants.

A dull whisper was passed down from the sky.