End Of The Magic Era Chapter 611

Chapter 611 Breakthrough


That voice carried a chilling aura, causing everyone to stiffen.

And the Dark Warrior facing it was also an Undead, so his body instantly shivered.

The Undead World was very strict, not just regarding levels, but also with respect to social positions. Even if they were of the same levels, Skeleton Warriors wouldnt dare make a move against a Skeleton Lord.

Baiers pressure revealed a hint of the aura of the Heaven Rank. That whisper was like a thunderous roar in the ears of the Dark Warrior, making his soul fire shiver violently.

The Dark Warrior trembled and knelt on the ground. Enderfa and the others wouldnt let go of this opportunity, and even the bloody Xiuban lifted Carnage and swung it down.

With his soul fire violently shaking, the Dark Warrior didnt dare to use any Aura and just knelt there, waiting to be killed. Except for his thick skin, there was nothing stopping them.

Having lost his Aura Defense, the level 39 Dark Warrior was burnt by a swarm of flame spells.

With a pale face, Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and cast an incantation once again, causing a flaming red vortex to appear, with a gold-red spear rushing out of that vortex.

That spear was covered in golden runes and gathered many fire elements, a glaring radiance slowly rising from it.

The golden spear flew out of the vortex as if it had been tossed by a God, leaving a long golden trail behind it and instantly piercing Groms neck, making his head fly off his shoulders.

The battle was over.

Everyone limply fell to the ground.

Xiubans terrifying body was now covered in scars, and he almost wept as he was laying on the ground.

Enderfa was sullen, and Shawn looked dead as he was also lying on all fours.

Reina was sitting with a frighteningly pale expression.

As Lin Yun put away the Book of Death, Lagulin already rushing to devour the Dark Knight, followed by Barton. The cleanly took care of the soul fire.

Lin Yun casually threw a spirit mana crystal at Shawn while also taking one for himself to recover his mana.

With great difficulty, they had managed to find a room where they could absorb mana, and their mana was almost exhausted, so no one was in a hurry to leave this place.

At the very least, the area should be considered safe for the time being.

While absorbing mana, Lin Yun started recalling the events that had happened so far.

The mount of the Raging Flame Emperor, Noblesse!

It originally was at level 39 and had been named Noblesse by the Raging Flame Beastmen, referring to the envoy of Gods fallen on earth.

When the Raging Flame Emperor conquered the Raging Flame Plane, he encountered an Abyssal Overlord one step away from entering the Extraordinary Realm. It had been the most terrifying opponent the Raging Flame Emperor had encountered.

In that fight, Noblesse fought alongside the Raging Flame Emperor and thoroughly eliminated the Abyssal Overlord, but had paid a huge price.

Noblesse had died in order to resist the Abyssal Overlords counterattack on the verge of death.

After the war, although he had been brought to life by the Raging Flame Emperor after the battle, two cross-shaped scars remained on his back.

Had it not been for that scar making him drop a level, then that fake Xiuban wouldnt have just escaped, but rather killed them.

The appearance of Noblesse was beyond Lin Yuns expectations.

Because it was completely illogical for Noblesse to appear here. The Raging Flame Emperor was resting in the Volcanic Mountain Range. As the mount of the Raging Flame Emperor, even if he didnt follow his master to death, he should be guarding his eternal resting place. How could he be in that plane? And on the Intrepid nonetheless

This discrepancy was too great.

Could it be The Raging Flame Emperor is also on the Intrepid?

Lin Yun was started when he thought about this possibility.

Historically, the Raging Flame Emperor and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras remained in the Volcanic Mountain Range, yet the Raging Flame Emperor might be on the Intrepid

Then Wouldnt the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras also be on the Intrepid?

As he thought to this point, Lin Yuns heartbeat sped up.

Although he knew that in the future, the Raging Flame Emperors remains and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras would be in the Volcanic Mountain Range, that was something that would happen ten millennia later.

There were still 10,000 years before then!

There was no clear record of what happened during those ten millennia. Too many things could happen in such a long period of time

Lin Yun couldnt stand still when he thought about the fact that the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras could be on the Intrepid because of how important it was.

He was a 6th Rank High Mage at the moment, but the fact that he hadnt fused his Meditation Law Sets yet made it more difficult for him to fuse them, especially since he had three of them. He had to make all three of them fuse with his Magic Array or a Magic Tool.

This wasnt a problem that people with only one Meditation Law Set would run into.

They would simply fuse their Meditation Law Set with their Magic Conducting Rune, and if they had a powerful Magic Tool, they would fuse it with their Magic Tool.

As for three Core Meditation Law Sets, the Magic Tools they should fuse with couldnt be too different.

Moreover, the Magic Tools used would relate to future prospects, so Lin Yun simply couldnt settle for just anything.

The Magic Array was known as the most powerful Magic Conducting Rune in history. Its capacity was almost unlimited, so fusing with a Core Meditation Law was no problem. As for the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, it was forged imitating the Magic Array and satisfied Lin Yuns fusion requirements.

Apart from these two, there was also the Book of Death. Unfortunately, though it met his requirements, it was too powerful, exceeding even Lin Yuns abilities.

Lin Yun still couldnt use a wisp of power from the Book of Death, he could only use the Book of Deaths Augments.

The current objective for the Book of Death was to add more Augments and to increase the overall power.

He couldnt fuse a Core Meditation Law Set with the Book of Death, so the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, which was as famous as the Book of Death, was the best choice. Especially since he had a clue about the location of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, he didnt need to think too much about it. He would definitely fuse his Core Meditation Law Set with it.

Now, only the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was missing, and as soon as he got it, he would immediately be able to fuse his three Meditation Law Sets. At that time, his rank would increase extremely rapidly.

There was even a huge possibility that he could attempt to reach the Archmage realm!

Before that, Lin Yun had to keep suppressing himself so that he wouldnt have a breakthrough. Originally, the best timing to fuse with the Meditation Law Sets was at the 5th Rank, but he was already at the 5th Rank, increasing the difficulty. If he reached the 9th Rank, he would have to rethink fusing with a Meditation Law Set, let alone three

It might be even harder than killing a Heaven Rank magic beast.

Lin Yun couldnt remain calm with that new information.

He thought about it and felt that this was highly possible.

What was the Raging Flame Emperor doing in this plane? And on the Intrepid?

Could it be that the Raging Flame Emperor knew Red Beard? As an enemy? A friend?

Red Beard was one of Constances subordinates, and apart from those under Constance, it didnt seem like he had many relations.

Could it be that the Raging Flame Emperor was related to Constance?

The Raging Flame Plane, spatial tear, God Nation, Intrepid, Book of Ten Thousand Mantras

These chaotic things felt a bit less chaotic with the appearance of Noblesse, the mount of the Raging Flame Emperor.

Due to that new clue, Lin Yun made a decision.

He would make a breakthrough!

The situation was becoming more and more dangerous. With the power of a 6th Rank High Mage, he could barely deal with all of it.

He had to break through and raise his power so that they could survive the next time they encountered danger.

Although he could rely on his huge pool of mana to cast High Tier Spells, the greater mana consumption was a critical factor in this place.

The greatest restriction was spell casting. Only by raising his Rank could he control spells more easily and reduce mana consumption, even releasing higher tier spells. This was extremely important for what was to come.

Moreover, Lin Yun was growing more confident that he would soon find the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

He started fusing with the Core Meditation Law Sets!

He closed his eyes and entered a meditative state, operating the Equilibrium Law.

This was a Meditation Law Set with only three formulas. Although it wasnt too powerful in itself, it was Lin Yuns formidable foundation.

As the formulas operated in his mind, his Magic Array also started revolving.

Slowly, a formula crystallized into a chain of light and spread out from unknown depths to enter the Magic Array.

When the first rune entered the Magic Array, the array started revolving at maximum power. The rune of light looked like it was thawing, dissipating in the Magic Array.

Countless chains made of runes quickly entered the Magic Array, and the aura of the Magic Conducting rune started transforming as the ability to make endless calculations fused with the power of the Equilibrium Law.

In a mere half an hour, the Equilibrium Law turned into chains of light and disappeared in the Magic Array.

The Magic Array was Lin Yuns foundation, and the Equilibrium Law was the core of the three Core Meditation Law Sets.

Thus, fusing the Equilibrium Law with the Magic Array was the best outcome.

After the fusion was done, Lin Yun opened his eyes. Due to the fusion, he had reached the 7th Rank.

He reached his hand out and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel flew over.

Enderfa rushed out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, looking at Lin Yun with a bit of surprise. "Merlin, you are fusing your Meditation Laws?"