End Of The Magic Era Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Breakthrough 2


Lin Yun nodded. He looked at the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and resolutely said, "Ill now fuse my 2nd Meditation Law Set with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel."

Enderfas eyes opened wide with disbelief. "Merlin, think about it. No one has ever done it before, fusing three Meditation Law Sets. This"

Lin Yun shook his head, not saying anything. He knew that his choice was risky.

Because even during the peak of the Magic Era, no one had ever fused three Meditation Law Sets.

If he fused only one Meditation Law Set, Lin Yun was certain that he could reach Banes heights, and even surpass him.

But Lin Yun understood something from the end of Noscent. In the end, even the powerful mages comparable to Gods could only fall one after the other. When faced with the end, they didnt have the power to resist.

So what if he could contend against a God by walking the path of his predecessors?

It would only eventually be a dead end.

Since there was no path, he could only look for a new one!

It was true whether it was the Magic Array or the three Core Meditation Law Sets.

Enderfa sighed as he saw Lin Yuns resolute expression and then flew out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Lin Yun closed his eyes once again and started fusing the Elemental Heart with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

As the most comprehensive Core Meditation Law Set, fusing it with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was most suitable. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel itself was an imitation of the Magic Array, able to cast flurries of all sorts of spells. Ever since it was crafted, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels spell bombardments had had huge effects.

As a Core Meditation Law Set, the Elemental Heart also transformed into formula chains of light and slowly merged with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Countless runes flowed on top of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. When all the runes and formulas covered the Spell Wheel, light started blossoming.

A glaring light spread and only dissipated after no less than ten minutes.

Lin Yun opened his eyes at this time.

Another breakthrough!

8th Rank High Mage!

Sensing the increase in mana, Lin Yun firmly suppressed it.

Advancing to the 8th Rank after fusing with two Meditation Law Sets was his limit.

It would be bad if he advanced again. Only by finding the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and fusing the Void Forge could he break through to the 9th Rank.

By fusing with two out of three Meditation Law Sets, the balance thrown askew. Lin Yun wouldnt be able to deal with the consequences if he couldnt find the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras before the balance was completely broken.

He only had a single piece of information as a clue, and that piece of information had a gap of ten millennia, so Lin Yun normally wouldnt dare to pull something like that but it was different now.

Noblesses appearance, even if it couldnt confirm that the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was on the Intrepid, made it a huge possibility. It could even be considered a confirmation that the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was at least in the Raging Flame Plane.

That was more than enough!

Even if he wasnt 100% certain, they still needed to survive the current crisis. It wasnt just that monster, there were also all of the Undead. One Grom almost wiped them out. There was no point in holding back for the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras if he was dead.

After finding the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, he would fuse his Void Forge with it and make his Magic Array more perfect.

But, he would have to find Constances skull to break through to the Archmage realm. Fusing with Constances skull was the most optimal opportunity to breakthrough.

After handing the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to Enderfa, Lin Yun closed his eyes to sense the changes brought about by the fusion.

After an hour, Enderfa woke Lin Yun up.

"Merlin, we more or less recovered Shouldnt we leave here? Staying in one place for so long is making everyone feel worried."

Before he recovered enough mana, Enderfa could still suppress his worry. Now that he had more or less recovered, he didnt want to stay in that room.

Lin Yun opened his eyes and glanced over. Reina didnt say anything, but she conveyed the same opinion with her expression.

Xiuban had also recovered from his injury and was looking uncomfortably at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun contemplated The mana of his Magic Array had already been restored when he broke through, and his two Alchemic Mana Whirlpools had already quickly recovered. As for the others, although they werent at 100%, they had enough power to fight if they encountered danger, and they couldnt stay here.

They couldnt stay in any room in this damned Ghost Ship for too long. If the door was blocked, they would be done for.

"Lets go to the Captains Cabin."

The group left the room with Lin Yun leading the way, following the map to the Captains Cabin.

They didnt walk far. After turning a corner, a bone arrow flew and struck Xiuban, and then a deafening shattering sound echoed.

The exploding bone arrow made Xiuban take two steps back, a painful expression on his face, but without any visible injuries on his body. After all the power-ups he had undergone, Xiubans body had reached an outrageous level, especially since Xiuban also advanced and became a 2nd Rank Sword Saint.

This kind of terrifying sneak attack was just a bit painful for Xiuban.

Lin Yun immediately readied himself when the bone arrow appeared, and with a wave of his hand, three Ice Walls appeared.

The excessive five-meter-high Ice Walls formed a shield in front of Xiuban.

Lin Yun was already an 8th Rank High Mage, so even an ordinary Ice Wall was clearly different in his hands. The originally ice blue Ice Walls had turned much darker, and they were spreading a cold aura in the surroundings when they appeared.

In the next instant, a dozen bone arrows already blasted through the first Ice Wall, shattering it.

But the moment the 2nd Ice Wall shattered, a sparkling and translucent mirror appeared. The bone arrows seemed to just enter the mirror as if it was water, yet it didnt make a single wave or drop of water.

Then, they watched as those dozen bone arrows were reflected back out from that mirror!

Spatial Spell, Mirror Reflection.

Ordinary Great Mages could use this spatial spell, but they needed 2 seconds to chant it. Lin Yun definitely wouldnt have chosen this spell if this had happened before fusing with the two Meditation Law Sets. A span of two seconds was too long. A lot of things could happen in a battle, and a short moment could be deadly.

But Lin Yun had already fused with two Meditation Law Sets, letting him reach the 8th rank. The two-second cast time had already been reduced to a negligible amount. Even if this Mirror Reflection wasnt instant, it wasnt far from it.

Lin Yun controlled the large Mirror Reflection to slowly move forward, reflecting hundreds of bone arrows. It looked like a swarm of white locusts

Xiuban also swung Carnage as he charged forward.

Reina cast a dozen ice spells from the back. The benefits she had received from the Ancient God Blood were also showing. Not only had she greatly recovered her power, but she became even more powerful after digesting a part of the Ancient God Bloods power. As a Frost Dragon, her ice spells had been reinforced to a frightening level.

As for Enderfa, because of the fusion between the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Elemental Heart, his casting ability had been strengthened to an unimaginable degree. Now, under Enderfas control, a large amount of elemental spells flew out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel. Countless Flame Spears, Frost Lances, Wind Blades, and Rolling Rocks turned into a wave of spells that was several meters tall, ruthlessly flowing forward.

Even if the numbers of the enemies were unknown, such a domineering wave of spells was like a storm that engulfed everything.

Two hundred meters ahead, a dozen Skeleton Archers wearing bone armor were arranged in a line, using bone bows to continuously shoot out arrows.

In front of the Skeleton Archers, there were thirty Elite Skeleton Warriors holding bone sabers in one hand and bone shields in the other as they rushed towards Lin Yuns group, unafraid of death.

But the first wave of magic crashed into them. The large amount of spells drowned these thirty skeletons. Burning fire, freezing ice, sharp wind, spiky earth, everything pressured them. The thirty Elite Skeleton Warriors didnt even last three seconds under the impact of all the spells.

In less than ten seconds, the group had already crossed 150 meters.

Suddenly, a slightly taller Skeleton Archer standing in the middle of the line-up grasped its bone bow, and a light flashed. It used Bone Arrow Rain, which sent over thirty bone arrows flying through the air and piercing down at them. That Skeleton Archer had to be at least level 32.

The Bone Arrow Rain caused a ripple as it went through the Mirror Reflection, but it couldnt be reflected by the Mirror Reflection.

Lin Yun sneered, and without moving, eight Ice Fire Shields appeared five meters around the group.

Fire Shields on all sides, Ice Shields on all sides The eight Ice Fire Shields intertwined in the form of a gyroscope and quickly rotated in midair.

"Thud, thud, thud"

A series of sharp noises rose as the Skeleton Archers Bone Arrow Rain was completely blocked.

Three seconds!

Xiuban, who was rushing at the forefront, was already only ten meters away from the Skeleton Archers!

The destructive power of Skeleton Archers exceeded that of other Undead creatures at the same level, provided they were at a distance It was very different in a melee battle, especially against a Draconic Beastman.