End Of The Magic Era Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Shrieking Ghost


Carnage fell heavily, and the level 32 Skeleton Archer didnt have time to counterattack as it was crushed into bone fragments.

Enderfa, Reina, and Lin Yun were like fighting monsters. The few of them engaged the thirty Elite Skeleton Warriors, who were level 28 on average, as well ten Archer Skeletons, with the lowest being at level 28 and the highest at level 32, and completely crushed them. Only one attack was enough to deal with the Skeleton Warriors, and the Skeleton Archers fell after taking several spells.

The fight was over after barely five seconds.

But whether it was Enderfa or Lin Yun, they were both unhappy with the results of the battle

Because they both saw a sign from this battle.

"Merlin, did you also feel like this group of Undead was ambushing us?"

Lin Yun nodded, his expression not so good.

"You also felt it?"

Lin Yun already had that feeling when they first attacked. The moment Xiuban appeared, he took a Bone Arrow. Those Elite Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Archers were even already arranged in a formation, ready to attack anytime.

Before, Lin Yun would use Detect Undead on every path, but they had been waiting three hundred meters away from the room, at the detection limit of the previous Detect Undead spell.

The Skeleton Archers could be dealt with easily, but if they launched a sneak attack, even a 5th Rank Archmage would be killed in one hit.

When suffering a sudden attack, the quickest defensive strategy for mages was to instinctively cast a Magic Shield or a Magic Barrier. But those were no different from a piece of paper in front of a bone arrow fired by a Skeleton Archer. And without defenses, it was like suffering from an all-out attack from a Sword Saint. Not dying from a bone arrow in that case would be a miracle.

But if this was a premeditated ambush, then who was the mastermind behind it?

They went through the maze-like hallway with such doubts on their minds. At the end, Lin Yun easily cracked an array gate, but this time, he was more careful than before. He summoned a Rock Puppet first, and after confirming that there was no danger inside, he went in

"Eh? There is a short-distance teleportation array here," Enderfa said.

"Let me see." After a short inspection, Lin Yun discovered that the array was in good condition, but to be safe, he summoned a Rock Puppet again and had it test it.

With a flash of the teleportation array, the Rock Puppet instantly disappeared. After confirming that the connection with the Rock Puppet hadnt been severed for a dozen seconds, he took the lead into the teleportation array.

As the light disappeared, the group reached a new floor. It was even more spacious, as the hallway was even wider. On both sides stood lamps that were still calmly burning.

From that faint, fragrant smell, Lin Yun immediately understood that this was Deep Sea Manatee Fat.

Deep Sea Manatee Fat was very valuable, even during the Nesser Dynasty. Every drop of Deep Sea Manatee Fat could be ignited for over a millennium. The altars used by the royal family of the Pure-blooded Elves always used it as fuel. As for ordinary nobles, they could only use ordinary Manatee Fat to fuel the lamps.

Not much of the Deep Sea Manatee Fat remained in the lamp. Lin Yun conjectured that these lamps had been lit a few dozen millennia ago.

Lin Yun took some Deep Sea Manatee Fat and cautiously warned everyone.

"Careful everyone! Those that can walk on this floor should be the official crew members of the Intrepid."

During their lives, official crew members were at least at the level of 5th Rank Swordsmen, even the most ordinary sailors.

The mood of the whole group was very grave. Lin Yun had already said that the space was strange, and it was very hard to use the map as a reference.

When they were below, Lin Yun could take out the map and find the quickest path to their objective since these short-distance teleportation arrays were fixed.

But this floor was already considered the upper part of the ship. It was separated from the lower part, and those short-distance teleportation arrays werent fixed. They were mobile teleportation arrays.

At frequent intervals, the position of the array and the opening incantation would change, and although there was a pattern to it, they had just gotten there and couldnt determine it yet, so they could only find their rough position from the map.

There were at least a dozen rooms to open on that floor!

Even stronger death energy was permeating the array, and the accuracy of the Detect Undead spell had greatly decreased.

The group moved forward very slowly.

They entered the first room, where a teleportation door could be found, and encountered a level 30 Dark Warrior. Just like the 2nd Mate, he had been a Beastman Berserker during his life. Unfortunately, the difference in power was too great, and he was annihilated in less than a minute.

Aside from a Low Rank Spiritual Double-edged Heavy Sword, there had been nothing valuable.

They then opened the second door that could have a teleportation door, but it was absolutely empty There was nothing there.

As they kept moving forward, they finally reached the end of that floor. The 10th room could be the room they were looking for When they cracked the array gate, a sharp, deafening yell echoed in everyones ears.

They had all been on guard against the Undead, but they hadnt expected to encounter a ghost-type Undead.

At the front, Xiubans expression instantly became empty. Enderfa also let out a scream as his three faces swayed and turned into smoke that returned into the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

Reinas expression alternated between anger and pain.

Lin Yuns face also went white. His soul shook, his consciousness becoming vague for a short duration as his surroundings turned into the end of Noscent.

He could see the endless flaming thunder falling and the bloody sky ready to cave in.

It could be said that this memory was the most profound scene in his mind. His expression kept changing, but he didnt move, before suddenly casting ten Sharp Minds in a row on himself.

At the same time, he chanted an incantation and a surge of pure mana turned into a shockwave, spreading throughout the surroundings.

It was the purest and simplest magic attack, shattering the scene into pieces.

He was once again in front of that door, with Xiuban foolishly standing just ahead of him, Carnage already on the ground.

A dozen limbless ghosts were floating in midair, their bodies translucent with only eyes and mouths.

At the same time, a black, half-meter thick tentacle ignored Lin Yuns pure mana attack and rushed over at them.

Seeing this black tentacle, Lin Yun felt a chill down his spine.

Dense death energy filled with an evil aura

Lin Yun realized that it was that monster!

He raised his Draconic Staff and cast three fiery red Flame Spears, hitting the front, middle and back of the tentacle, one of them nailing it to the ground.

Taking advantage of this short respite, Lin Yun didnt even cast a single defensive spell, instead casting a few spells covered with runes. A five-meter-tall Fire God Spear appeared out of nowhere, looking like a work of art.

The Fire God Spear pierced the tentacle from its tip and went through it!

And with blazing golden flames, the tentacle burst into black smoke.

That black smoke didnt have time to gather as Lin Yun sent five Bursting Fireballs. The spells ignited a wide area.

The black smoke quickly recoiled, rushing into a corner to escape.

Lin Yun cast three Sharp Minds on Reina, allowing her to struggle out of the illusion.

Then, he fired several 1st Tier Fireballs at Xiuban. The painful burns made the absent-minded Draconic Beastman wake up in fear. The pain was far more effective than Sharp Mind.

Meanwhile, the puppet had already cleansed the place with fire magic.

Smoke rushed out of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel as Enderfas three faces congealed once again, cursing fiercely.

"F*ck, how could there be a dozen Shrieking Ghosts here! We were actually ambushed by Shrieking Ghosts!"

A large amount of fire spells erupted like the lava of a volcano and poured inside the room.

The Shrieking Ghosts were smothered by the fire spells and let out miserable shrieks, but they didnt die right away.

Shrieking Ghosts were high-level Undead.

The Shrieking Ghosts before them were all level 32 and had complete immunity to physical attacks. They were even immune to most magic attacks. Fire spells could only cause partial damage.

The best way to annihilate Shrieking Ghosts was to use Holy Magic. Even a simple Holy Cure would make the Shrieking Ghost suffer a huge injury.

Those things didnt have fighting power at all, but their Soul Shriek ability was extremely frightening. Without sufficient defenses prepared, a single level 30 Shrieking Ghost could make even a 9th Rank Archmage sink into a soul-shaking state.

One second could sometimes decide ones fate.

Even so, since Lin Yun already fused with the Core Meditation Law Set, so even a dozen Soul Shrieks only had a negligible effect on him.

Lin Yun would have been in a lot of trouble if he hadnt reacted quickly enough to drive away the tentacle.

Soul Shriek would cause a lot of illusions to impact the mind. Bringing up negative emotions was the key to maintaining the effect of Soul Shriek.