End Of The Magic Era Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Shatter


After taking out a crystal pen, Lin Yun stared fiercely at the wide hallway.

It was definitely impossible to go back because there would be many troublesome Undead waiting. This floor was the room where the crew members were living, after all. After becoming Undead, none of them would be under level 30.

Furthermore, so far, of Red Beards seven Admirals, only the 2nd Mate and Winchester had appeared, meaning that there were still five left. It was very possible that they were on the other path.

Although this path was dangerous, the danger only came from those arrays.

This place had mostly defensive arrays, with few offensive traps and alarm arrays.

Even the most powerful attacking array only reached the True Spirit rank.

So you can activate the arrays? Control them? I shall see how you can activate them once I crack all of them!

A simple crystal was sent out, controlled by Lin Yuns mana, quickly moving ten meters ahead.

All the offensive arrays were broken by Lin Yun. Within ten meters, even if the arrays were activated, they had no effect and couldnt threaten anyone.

Enderfa was gaping in surprise as he looked at the fluttering crystal pen.

His previous worried expression was slowly waning, to be replaced by a smirk.

Im such an idiot The one it provoked is Merlin! Trying to trap Merlin with arrays is so naive

It was a brute-force cracking method. By cracking the key parts of the arrays and then overcoming them with power, Lin Yun made the arrays collapse to the point where they couldnt be restored.

But how could it be that this method, which lacked technique and was pure destruction, seemed like art in Merlins hands?

Enderfa floated on Lin Yuns shoulder and looked at his calm face as he destroyed those arrays as if they were rotten pieces of wood.

It took them over five hours to cover a bit less than three kilometers.

Once they got past these rooms, Xiuban immediately sat on the floor, panting. On the way, he had to pay attention at all times, guarding against any possible ambush. This made him feel more tired than battling.

Enderfa sighed in relief, and Reina did as well, her serious expression easing up a bit.

Lin Yun listened to the sounds echoing, and his brows furrowed.

They were about to get to the Captains Cabin, but that monster was actually worrying him. Not only did its recovery speed seem to be getting faster and faster, but it was also getting stronger and stronger.

After walking for such a long time, he still hadnt seen that monster, only its tentacles, and they were more powerful than before.

The monster would be a lot more powerful next time they met.

Time passed as they ran for their lives, exhausted and on guard against any possible ambush or sneak attack. Under such circumstances, it was already quite good that they hadnt fallen yet.

With a deep breath, Lin Yun softly said, "Lets go, that last room should be the entrance to the Captains Cabin. Everyone, be careful."

The array on the last door was easily cracked by Lin Yun.

But just as he cracked the array, Lin Yun instantly cast an Ice Shield, quickly withdrawing.

Sure enough, after he retreated, three thick, black tentacles sprouted out from the entrance.

A muffled sound echoed as the tentacles ruthlessly slammed the area where Lin Yun had been a second earlier.

At the same time, Lin Yun, who had been on guard, cast a few Flame Spears to pierce these tentacles, followed by a few Bursting Flames to blow them up.

"Get in!" Lin Yun roared.

Not waiting for more tentacles to appear, Lin Yun already started casting. A dozen Flame Spears rushed inside the door. Lin Yun then raised his Draconic Staff and a Fire Dragon condensed in front of the staff and charged through the door.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and flew to the door, the Spell Wheel rotating behind him while condensing so many spells that they couldnt all be identified. A storm of elemental spells whistled towards the door.

The puppet also extended both arms, casting a great many High Tier Spells at the door.

The three mobile magic fortresses released their spells towards this five-meter-tall array gate. The huge flood of spells converged in that small area and made the surging mana swirl in a huge squall.

All the spells lost their original shapes and were combined into a chaotic and berserk elemental storm.

When that elemental storm charged into the door, regardless of what was behind that door, it would surely be torn apart.

After no less than ten seconds, this elemental storm finally stopped.

Lin Yun was the first to rush through the door.

On the other side, he could see that this was a large zone, a few kilometers wide. From the ruins, it seemed that this place was a communal area. There were many dilapidated structures, platforms used for experiments, and ruins of workshops.

The elemental storm had swept out an area of a hundred meters starting from the array gate. Nothing remained. Outside of these hundred meters, there were forty to fifty pitch-black tentacles twisting crazily.

Lin Yun could even see several tentacles that had been shredded by the elemental storm.

Those pitch-black tentacles had already come out of the ruins and had gathered into a huge, sixty-meter-long tentacle. Furthermore, many of the tentacles were giving out a metallic luster, while one tentacle had runes on it.

When he saw this, Lin Yun knew that it was no good; he clearly understood what this small change represented.

He raised his Draconic Staff again and pointed it in front of him. Large flames appeared out of nowhere and turned into a Flame Vortex. When the vortex reached five meters in diameter, large Fire Dragons began to rush out one after another.

There were constantly at least three Fire Dragons charging into the tentacles every second in an endless attack.

Each Fire Dragon exploded violently when they crashed into the black tentacles, leaving deep burns and distorting the atmosphere.

This was elemental fire from the Fire Elemental Plane. By using a guiding spell, he was able to summon Fire Dragons. They could all explode with great impact, and the existence of the elemental fire made sure that they would also combust violently.

The black tentacles that fell into the flames quickly burst into pieces before being burnt to nothingness.

However, the tentacles flickering with metallic luster were able to resist.

After Enderfa, the puppet, and Reina entered, they immediately joined the spell bombardment. It was the best way to handle that monsters tentacles.

Only a formidable flood of spells would be able to destroy them without giving them any opportunities to recover.

They released all of these spells while pressing onward, but after fifty meters, they could no longer move.

The black tentacles had no way to handle that bombardment, but although the tentacles flickering with a metallic luster would be injured, they wouldnt dissipate quickly.

The only tentacle with a thickness of more than one meter not only flashed with a metallic luster, but it also had some runes on its surface. It could forcibly slash through a dozen spells with one hit!

A dozen Frost Lances cast by Reina were smashed by that huge tentacle, and they were shattered into fragments of ice. The Flame Spears cast by Enderfa didnt even break its skin.

Enderfa couldnt help being startled by its resilience.

"This monster is getting stronger and stronger! Just the split tentacles already have such strength"

Lin Yuns expression was terrible. He was about to reach the Captains Cabin, but that monster was already this strong, and it was trying to stop them.

The common black tentacles had been greatly reinforced. Unless they were shredded in one hit, they wouldnt fall.

And the attacks of the tentacles flickering with a metallic luster had the power of a Low Rank Sword Saint.

The tentacle with runes was comparable to a level 38 magic beast. If one took the formidable regeneration of the tentacles into account, it would be a lot harder to handle than a level 38 magic beast.

So far they had only dealt with the common tentacles, and let alone the runic tentacle, even the five metallic tentacles had yet to be annihilated.

A Fire Dragon flew over and the metallic tentacles swept over, forcibly stopping its path. After it exploded, just one second was enough for the damaged areas to recover.

The runic tentacle frantically absorbed the mana from the explosion as if it was absorbing the spell itself. Even if the physical spells such as Flame Spears and Frost Lances were shattered, it wouldnt be too bad, but Fire Dragon, a fire spell condensed from pure mana, was actually shattered