End Of The Magic Era Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Swordsman


"Use High Tier Spells and get rid of the thickest tentacle first!" Lin Yun shouted as he frowned.

He then started chanting an incantation. Four seconds later, the Draconic Staff was pointed towards those tentacles again. Many complicated patterns appeared underneath the tentacles, and as if they were coming alive, the patterns rushed forth and spread to cover an area of twenty meters.


Turbulent Hellfire surged from the floor, turning a dozen tentacles in its range, as well as three metallic tentacles, to ashes in less than two seconds.

As for the thickest tentacle, its runes shone with a kind of protective layer. It was burnt by the Hellfire, but wasnt cremated.

After Lin Yun released his Hellfire, Enderfa immediately followed with another flood of spells, all of which were High Tier Spells.

Then, rumbling could be heard from the sky as a large, flaming meteor fell, followed by a long trail of flames, and struck that thick tentacle.

As a fusion spell of the Earth and Fire elements, Heavensfall Meteor was a 7th Tier Spell, but its power wasnt worse than that of 8th Tier spells.

Especially when facing these metallic enemies, the destructive power was terrifying.

Because the Hellfire had drained the resistance of that huge tentacle, the impact of the meteor flattened it.

The massive impact of the Heavensfall Meteor turned all the ordinary tentacles within thirty meters into fragments.

When Enderfa released the Heavensfall Meteor, Lin Yun immediately raised his Draconic Staff and cast five Dimensional Edges.

After being heavily injured by the meteor, the tentacle was approached by five Dimensional Edges


After being cut into six pieces, the tentacle still had to face the spell bombardment of Reina and the puppet.

Five seconds later, nothing was left of the tentacles.

But no one felt happy.

That monster was becoming stronger, from the first tentacle ambushing them to the barrage of dozens of tentacles now, and this latest never-before-seen runic tentacle.

Would they encounter the main body of that monster when they reached the Captains Cabin?

With the power of these tentacles, wouldnt the main body of that monster be comparable to a level 39 existence? Not to mention, that monster could compare to the Heaven Rank in terms of vitality. How could they beat it?

The atmosphere was a little heavy, but no one stopped. Even Xiuban knew that if they didnt leave this damned Ghost Ship soon, they would die sooner or later.

"Hurry to the teleportation array." Lin Yuns words caught their attention.

Soon after, Enderfas voice could be heard.

"Eh? Merlin? There seems to be someone there?"

Lin Yun rushed over and saw a haggard man lying down.

That mans complexion had darkened and he looked older. His skin had wrinkles, and hissparse hair was also grizzled.

"How come he looks so familiar?" Lin Yun asked, feeling apprehensive.

But then, Enderfa pointed at a greatsword not far from there, looking startled.

"That guy is Arthus?"

Had it been outside, Lin Yun would have been unable to connect the corpse of that old man with the Sword Saint.

But after ending up in the Intrepid and having seen that greatsword, Lin Yun was sure that it was Arthus.

After examining carefully, Lin Yun frowned.

Arthus apparently just died. His body was still warm, but there wasnt a single trace of Aura in his body.

Lin Yun thought back to the tentacle and understood. Arthus vitality had definitely been sucked out of him by the tentacles.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Yun took out the Book of Death and summoned Lagulin.

"Put your Death Aura into his body," Lin Yun instructed.

Lagulin dismounted and grabbed Arthus arm and began to pour Death Aura within.

Whether it was Death Aura or death energy, pouring it into a corpse was a way of transforming it into an Undead being. But that method had an expensive price, and it could only succeed on a Sword Saint or an Archmage, because this Undead Transformation could preserve some of their consciousness.

But Lin Yun was using this method only to ask for some information.

As Lagulins Death Aura was poured into his body, Arthus, who had already breathed his last breath, opened his eyes.

Seeing Lin Yun, Arthus eyes suddenly shone and he struggled to plead with a hoarse voice, "High Mage Merlin, quick, quick, save Sir Zeuss, under the Captains Cabin, there is a huge monster, too frightening, Rhett is already under that monsters control, he has gone crazy!

"High Mage Merlin, please, save Sir Zeuss, our harvest is yours Please go save Zeuss"

Lin Yun didnt answer and instead asked a few questions, but Arthus consciousness had greatly dissipated and simply didnt know anything. He just kept asking Lin Yun to save the others.

After waving to Lagulin, Lagulin transformed into smoke and returned into the Book of Death.

Having lost the influx of Death Aura, the light in Arthus eyes slowly dimmed.

"Rest in peace."

Arthus eyes closed once again and Lin Yun sighed, leaving these ruins.

His Aura and vitality had been sucked dry, so even if they revived him as one of the Undead, he would at most be a weak skeleton.

"Merlin, you really want to go?" Worry could be heard in Enderfas voice.

"Find the Captains Cabin first." Lin Yun didnt answer and instead took out the map of the Intrepid, looking for the path to the Captains Cabin.

But then, something happened to Arthus corpse.

Cracks appeared on the corpse like a piece of porcelain that was under pressure. Then, the corpse exploded.

The corpse first exploded into countless tiny fragments, which then dissipated into ashes.

When the ashes fell, they formed a vague design on the floor.

Strangely, not one sound was heard during the process.

Lin Yun was stunned as he looked at that scene.

Damn, thats

In the legends, the Raging Flame Emperor held a scepter as he battled, and those hit by the scepter would shatter after dying, before turning to ashes and returning to the earth.

And in the battle between the Raging Flame Emperor and the Abyssal Overlord, the latters corpse also exploded after his death, transforming into ashes which spread over the land, forming a twisted demonic face. It was said to be the result of a soul shackling.

Lin Yun looked at the vague design on the floor in disbelief.

The Raging Flame Emperor was really in the Intrepid!

There could perhaps be another reason why the mount of the Raging Flame Emperor, Noblesse, was in the Intrepid

But there was only one possibility for the Raging Flame Emperors scepter to be there! The Raging Flame Emperor was also on the Intrepid!

Because even if the Raging Flame Emperor died, he absolutely wouldnt abandon his scepter!

As he thought of this, Lin Yun ended up in a deep struggle.

Arthus had definitely been hit by the Raging Flame Emperors scepter!

The clue he had been looking for was in front of him, but he was stuck in a dilemma.

He had two options now. First, he could go below and maybe find that clue, which was the crucial step that could lead to the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was too important, especially now that he had fused with two Core Meditation Law Sets. He would have a lot of issues if he didnt find the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras and fuse all three of his Meditation Law Sets.

But that monster might be below. With its current strength, a direct battle was too dangerous.

And the second option was to go to the Captains Cabin and leave this damned Ghost Ship. This was the safest choice.

But because of that clue, Lin Yun was hesitating.

F*ck, lets go!

He had to go down! He definitely couldnt give up on the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, but he wanted to visit the Captains Cabin first. He had to secure the escape route so that they could leave if they met danger.

This time, Lin Yun had no confidence that they wouldnt lose their lives. Lin Yun wouldnt have hesitated had there not been a huge risk for his life.

That monster was too powerful.

If he couldnt fight head-on, Lin Yun definitely wouldnt choose a direct battle, so he had to seriously consider the chance of success.

They definitely had to visit that cabin first. Not only did it have the door to leave the Intrepid, but there was a high chance of finding that half of the diary in there.

This path was extremely dangerous. Who knew if there were still things in the Captains Cabin? They would first clean out everything in the Captains Cabin before going to the floor below, and if they met something they couldnt handle, they would immediately return and leave the Intrepid.

After all, only by surviving could they have a future.

Moreover, there should also be that part of the First Mates diary in the Captains Cabin

Some critical information could still be recorded in those pages, maybe even the weakness of that monster

To face that monster, the First Mates diary was an absolute necessity. Without sufficient information, confronting the monster would only be throwing away their lives. There was no other Hand of Destruction there