End Of The Magic Era Chapter 617

Chapter 617 Four Statues


As Lin Yun sank into contemplation, Enderfa asked, "Whats wrong?"

Lin Yun explained what happened to Arthus and shared his conjecture and his decision.

That decision was risky after all, anyone would know how foolish it was to throw away the opportunity to escape just to go look for that monster.

Painful expressions appeared on Enderfas faces. After a long time, he said in a cursing tone, "Forget it, its just my bad luck. If that is madness, then we can only follow your madness."

After the decision was made, everyone was somewhat quiet. Lin Yun quickly cracked the teleportation array.

Afterwards, Lin Yun cautiously sent three Rock Puppets into the teleportation array.

After twenty seconds of uninterrupted contact with the Rock Puppets, Lin Yun impatiently stepped on the teleportation array.

The appearance of the Captains Cabin was beyond his expectation. He had originally thought that the control room of Intrepid wouldnt be big. But it now looked to be over fifteen kilometers wide, and apart from the large amount of alchemic machinery, the center was a big open space.

What he got distracted by was the floor of the cabin, it was dark red, as if dyed by blood, and on these dark red wooden planks were several golden runes.

As soon as they entered the Captains Cabin, Lin Yun felt a faint pressure emitted by the floor itself. That pressure gave a feeling of a rock having been put on their mind, not greatly influencing them, but making people feel very uncomfortable.

Lin Yun crouched down and gently caressed that dark red floor, his finger slowly streaking across the grain with a serious expression on his face.

"This is Blood God Tree"

Enderfas three faces changed color, he clearly had an alarmed expression.

Blood God Tree was legendary, that thing could be considered a legend even in the Ascian Dynasty.

Because the Blood God Tree needed a drop of God Blood to grow

The energy contained within Gods blood was huge, it could be seen from the pond Lin Yun had obtained.

That pond could even make the Chaos Twin Snakes not need to hunt for food, just a bit was enough for the Chaos Twin Snakes for a millennium.

And by taking a bath in God Blood, Xiubans physical ability was strengthened to an outrageous level. Anyone under the Archmage realm would burst just from a drop of the blood

As for Blood God Trees, they could actually absorb a drop of God Blood.

In the Ascian era, Blood God Trees could be considered as Gods. Every living Blood God Tree was indestructible, even if it was just at the Archmage Rank. Spells under the 8th Tier couldnt leave any trace on the Blood God Tree.

Harvesting Blood God Tree could only be done with Heaven Rank powerhouses, and only Gods had the ability to use Blood God Tree as a wood material in the Ascian Dynasty.

Hard, indestructible, and because of the absorbed God Blood, the natural patterns even formed runes that contained power from the same source as God.

It even had innate formidable defenses and sealing power. It could be said to be a natural Magic Tool. It doesnt need processing yet could display the effect of a Magic Tool.

What Shapeshifter Devils or Shadow Devils, they wouldnt dare to stand anywhere near a Blood God Tree. As long as they appeared within the range of Blood God Trees, all their disguises and camouflage would be forcibly torn apart, it was a lot more useful than True Eye.

This here was a luxurious use of Blood God Tree, everyone could feel a cold piercing through their heart.

And the Soul Absorbing Tree they had seen before had also been used as flooring.

Moreover the hold where they saw the Soul Absorbing Tree floor was where they encountered the monster for the first time. Had they had not pierced a hole through the floor, the monster would have been unable to come out.

After all, that hold was suppressing a group of level 39 magic beasts with a few on the verge of reaching the Heaven Rank!

Even so, it wasnt suppressed to death

This place was actually using the legendary Blood God Tree, the effects it would display would be formidable, so what was it suppressing below?

That thought made Lin Yun feel numb, he didnt need to think twice, it was definitely that monster!

What accident happened on the Intrepid was unknown, not one living person could be seen, and it was unknow how that monster was able to escape this suppression.

And if this wasnt suppressing that monster, then it would definitely be suppressing something even more powerful!

This was something Lin Yun didnt even dare to think about.

As soon as he came here, he detected something suppressing them and not a single relaxed expression could be seen in their group.

Lin Yun stood at the entrance of the Captains Cabin and summoned a dozen Mage Eyes while simultaneously summoning a group of Water Elementals and Rocket Puppets before making these elemental lifeforms slowly scout the Captains Cabin.

Who knew if there was any trap

After a dozen minutes, every corner of the Captains Cabin was checked by these lifeforms, not triggering any change. After sighing in relief, Lin Yuns mood became heavier.

No change only meant that the power of the Blood God Tree was concentrated under the floor

After a thorough search, the Mage Eyes quickly found a teleportation array, but they also found other things.

In the center of the Captains Cabin, Lin Yun discovered four statues.

Those four statues stood in a circle around a small obsidian platform, emitting a rich death energy. When Mage Eyes got within thirty meters, that rich death energy destroyed them.

But, these small fluctuations didnt cause any issue. With a frown, Lin Yun cautiously approached the statues.

He stopped fifty meters away from the statues, at the edge of the surge of death energy.

Suddenly, Enderfa exclaimed, "Heavens! Its those four!"

Lin Yun turned to look at Enderfa and noticed his unsightly expressions.

"These four were Red Beards Admirals"

Lin Yun understood after hearing Enderfa and turned back.

Red Beards Seven Admirals, any of the seven was a formidable powerhouse on its own.

Apart from that First Mate who had been "blessed by the gods", who of the remaining six didnt have a formidable background?

Winchester was the disciple of the Noscents first Death Knight and was one of the few famous ones.

Grom was Red Beards Second Mate and was a Viking Beastman Berserker. Not only was he the most powerful Viking Beastman Berserker in history, after using his innate ability, Clear-headed Berserk Transformation, he would be able to stand against a formidable Heaven Rank powerhouse for a short time.

As for the remaining four, they were all mages, and all of them were 9th Rank Archmages, known as the Unbreakable Four Stars Array. In those days, they had studied together for some time under a Heaven Rank Mage that could be considered a Demi-God.

If the four of them joined hands, they could even resist a 1st Rank Heaven Mage for some time.

Heaven Rank powerhouses could be said to be a completely different species when compared to Archmages. One was mortal, and the other had exceeded the limits of mortals.

Heaven Rank powerhouses werent something people under the Heaven Rank could resist. The four of them together resisting against a Heaven Rank powerhouse was already a legendary feat.

Lin Yun examined the statues. One of them was wearing a wide robe covered with ice runes.

This was Cook, the Ice Emissary. His comprehension and casting of ice magic was comparable to the most formidable Frost Dragon under the Heaven Rank. Just on comprehension and casting alone, Reina, this Frost Dragon, was far from being able to compare to Cook.

Cook once conquered an ice plane filled with Frost Elementals by himself.

Another mage was wearing a pitch-black robe, holding an ordinary staff forged out of Spiritual Wood. But that low-ranked staff had a resounding name: Dark Contract!

Many peoples souls were unable to rest because of that Dark Contract. He was named Hall and was known as the Dark Left Hand, famous as a dark mage. But because of his identity as a pure dark mage, he was chased by a kingdom and destroyed a legion on his own, binding their souls to the core of the Dark Contract.

The title Dark Left Hand came about because Hall usually held his Dark Contract with his left hand.

The 3rd statue was rather short. It was the rumored Dwarf Arnold. Arnold was a summoner and had suffered from discrimination and bullying during his youth in a human kingdom. Even after becoming a mage, he was still mocked because of his poor innate talent and his inferior casting abilities.

Later, in an accident, Arnold discovered that he had superior summoning talent, and that talent was a lot more formidable than his casting talent. After specializing in summoning, Arnolds strength advanced by leaps and bounds. After advancing to the Archmage realm, he got into another conflict with the mages who bullied him as a youth.

Those mages had formidable background, there was even a Heaven Mage behind them. This time, Arnold thoroughly burst out with power and made everyone experience the terror of a summon tide.

Terrifying elemental lifeforms were summoned, even Elemental Dragons appeared. The quantity was so impressive that even Necromancers would feel overwhelmed. He flattened their mage tower in half a month.

That powerful Heaven Mage rushed back, but not even a worm could be found alive in the ruins of that mage tower.

Chased by that Heaven Mage, Arnold escaped to an elemental plane and relied on those endless elemental lifeforms to flee. He later ended up becoming Red Beards subordinate.

The 4th statue was actually the most terrifying. That green-skinned Beastman was named Garcia and was known as the Silencer. He was a master of curses and mantras!