End Of The Magic Era Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Demilich


At the start of the Nesser Dynasty, Garcia, who had just advanced to the Archmage realm, went to the capital city of the Nesser Dynasty, but he ended up clashing with a Pure-blooded Elf, and soon after he left the capital city, he ended up being chased by three 7th Rank Archmages.

But Garcia let everyone experience the terror of a Master of Mantras, as a 1st Rank Archmage, he sadistically killed three 7th Rank Archmages.

It was later revealed that Garcia had received the inheritance of a first-rate Master of Mantras and possessed countless mantras. Just the Silent Curse could make the three 7th Rank Archmages unable to chant a single character.

As he used more and more High Tier Mantras, he achieved the feat of killing three 7th Rank Archmage on his own.

When Garcia, who hardly had any attacking Mantra, reached the 9th Rank, there was almost no one under the Heaven Rank willing to face those High Tier Mantras

When these four people gathered, even formidable powerhouses that just advanced to the Heaven realm would be unwilling to fight them, even if the difference between Heaven Mages and Archmages was huge

Seeing those four statues as well as the exceedingly powerful death energy emitted, Lin Yun recalled the ruthless deeds of these four and cold sweat trickled down his back.

"Merlin, these four statues are no good, we should be careful and not provoke them" Enderfas expression was extremely strange, he was clearly afraid.

If these four ruthless Admirals had turned into Undeads, then wouldnt they also be level 38?

When the four joined hands, even Berserk Grom would be suppressed.

Although their strength was much stronger than Grom, they would be unable to kill him in his Berserk state

Lin Yun thought about it and nodded.

The group of four circumvented the four statues and arrived in front of the teleportation array. Lin Yun sighed in relief after examining it. Fortunately, it wasnt a very difficult teleportation array

But, when Lin Yun took out his crystal pen to crack the array, a loud sound could be heard behind him.



A crisp cracking sound echoed in the silent Captains Cabin.

Arnolds statue was instantly covered in cracks before splitting in countless fragments and transforming into a gray smoke.

Enderfa looked at the scene, terrified.

"Damn, that really wasnt a statue! It was frozen death smoke!"

It was unknown how long the death smoke had been condensed and congealed into a statue, but it had been covering Arnolds surface and maintaining his appearance.

After this shell broke, it exposed the distinctive features of a Lich.

Thin skin pressing up against the bones, his flesh already withered.

And when Arnold turned around, Lin Yuns face turned green.

Soul fires were swaying gently in those empty eye sockets, but the flames were only the size of two fingernails.

This was the characteristic of a successful transformation into a Lich!

"Lich" Enderfa let out a painful groan.

What was a Lich? It was a Heaven Rank Undead!

Every Lich was at the Heaven Rank!

The most powerful Liches could be considered Demigods!

The soul would be stripped off their body and remain in phylactery. Even if their body was annihilated, the Lich wouldnt die.

When meeting a Lich, Heaven Rank powerhouses would prefer avoiding the battle, because if the phylactery couldnt be destroyed, fighting a Lich was just a waste of energy. They could even become a target for the Lichs revenge if they destroyed only its body.

Lin Yun was greatly alarmed, but he then discovered something.

"Wait! Arnold hasnt finished his transformation!"

A regular Lich only had two needle-sized lights in their eyes, and although the lights in Arnorlds eyes already lost the distinctive features of soul fires, they were still fingernail-sized.

Clearly, Arnold had spent so many years trying to turn into a Lich, but he had yet to succeed.

Even now, he was only a level 38 Undead Mage, but as long as he finished his transformation, he would reach a higher level. It was a huge leap.

From level 38 Undead Mage, in a short period of time, he would become a Heaven Rank Lich!

To tell the truth, Lin Yun was startled. A true Lich, even the lowest of Liches, could make them die dozen of times.

Arnold would have killed them before he could destroy the array.

Arnold was still a level 38 Undead Mage until the transformation was completed, and even if this Undead Mage was more powerful than ordinary level 38 Undead mages, the difference was very small, simply incomparable.

After the initial shock, they saw Arnold raise his hand and condense four death vortexes in front of him.

A large amount of Undeads rushed out of the four vortexes

One vortex only summoned Undead Skeletons, the lowest of which was at level 15, these were Skeleton Warriors holding bone sabers, there was also a large amount of basic Skeletons, Skeleton Archers, and even a level 35 Skeleton Lord and two level 34 Skeleton Archers

From two of the remaining three vortexes came a large amount of Ghosts, Specters, Spirits, Zombies, Corpse Eaters, Dark Warriors, Death Knights. And from the last vortex, Gargoyles, Vampires, and Bone Dragons came rushing out

In a mere few seconds, the area was already filled with a large amount of Undeads, there were already several thousands Undeads on the ground, and over a hundred in the air.

Lin Yun instantly understood that Arnold had kept his talent for summoning, but it had changed from summoning elemental lifeforms to summoning Undeads.

A large amount of Undeads was blocking the path in front of them. Even if they knew that besides his summoning ability, Arnolds other abilities were terrible, they didnt have any method against him.

Following the appearance of the Undead army, some of the Undeads with casting abilities already started their casts.

Lin Yun raised his Draconic Staff and an incantation quickly echoed, a flame vortex appearing in front of him with one long Fire Dragon after another flying out of it and falling into the army of Undeads, burning a large amount of Undeads to ashes.

The war had started.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and covered the large area in group spells. Powerful spells fell down in waves, but he didnt have to worry about the effect of his spells since the Undeads were densely packed.

Unfortunately, Lin Yun had just started his counterattack, he saw the three statues in the distance starting to tremble and the condensed layer of death energy shattering one after the other, exposing the bodies of the three Undead Mages turning into Liches.

The four had already completed the greater part of their transformation. Although they were still level 38, their strength had already reached an extremely frightening level, moreover, they had been called the Unbreakable Four Stars Array due to their outstanding coordination.

Four Demiliches awakening, the consequences would be catastrophic

One Arnold was already their limit, if the other three were added The battle would be even fiercer

Ice Emissary Cook, Dark Left Hand Hall, Silencer Garcia

These three ruthless mages, alongside Summoning Tide Arnold Lin Yun already understood that they couldnt defeat these four Demiliches.

Enderfa looked at the four Demiliches standing side by side and his three faces distorted from fear

"Merlin, we are in big trouble" Enderfa let out a groan.

After paying attention, he noticed Silencer Garcia pointing at Reina. Several runes formed above her head, turning into a circle, before entering Reinas body.

A monstrous and coarse incantation echoed as Reina, who had been chanting in Draconic, couldnt help letting out a muffled sound, before falling from the sky.

The Undeads on the ground were shattered by Reinas heavy fall. She turned into her Human Shape, laying face up while breathing roughly.

Lin Yun looked at Reinas red complexion, his expression becoming grave.

Silencer Garcias signature skill, Silence.

It could interrupt any spells being cast while also making the target unable to use any spell for a certain duration.

Silence wasnt exclusive to Garcia, any top-notch Master of Mantras could use it, but it had too many restrictions. Not only was the duration of the silence too short and could at most be used to interrupt a cast, it was impossible to cast it on someone above ones rank.

But Garcia had broke this convention. As long as the difference in rank wasnt to the point of despair, Garcias curses and mantras could still be effective.

Even now, one Silence could make Reina, who had extremely high resistance to magic, curses and debuffs, unable to use her formidable Draconic Casting for a short time.

She was instead suffering from a backlash and she needed some time to recover.

The only one that couldnt be affected were Enderfa and the puppet, they were both only using Instant Spells, they simply didnt need an incantation. As for Lin Yun, he also used Instant Spells to deal with those high level Undeads.

After using one Silence, Garcia only stood there, motionless.

Lin Yun saw this and reacted, quickly chanting an incantation.

But just as he started chanting, Garcia pointed his finger and a circle of runes revolved above Lin Yuns body, instantly interrupting the incantation he had been casting and making his body shake from the backlash.