End Of The Magic Era Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Elemental Dragon Summon


In those days, when Charles the Conqueror stepped into the Undead Plane, he encountered a Demigod Lich. The battle between the two almost destroyed the Undead Plane, even after many years, Charles the Conquerors fame spread through countless planes. That particular battle still remained fresh in his memories and he even admitted that it was one of the most challenging fights he had gone through.

And that Demigod Lich had been using a Life Affixing Rune.

It was also because of that battle that the Life Affixing Rune was revealed in Noscent. Countless mages started researching this Life Affixing Rune.

People gradually discovered that although the Life Affixing Rune had all kinds of shortcomings, its stealthy nature was enough to make up for it. Being hidden meant safety and for Liches whose existence depended on their phylacteries, safety was the most important. They would be able to endure all kinds of shortcomings as long as it could be a little more hidden.

How could Lin Yun not have a deep impression of the thing that made Charles the Conqueror suffer a huge loss? With a glance of the runes he had been able to recognize them and was certain that the four Demiliches didnt have phylacteries at all. They were instead using Life Affixing Runes to turn into Liches!

And the thing they affixed their lives to was shockingly that crystal wheel!

Lin Yun understood everything after seeing that crystal rudder.

No wonder the transformation was so strange and was taking so long

After all, when the Lichs features already appeared on the one undergoing the transformation, they would already be the strongest under the Heaven Rank. But the increase in power these four had gotten after undergoing the transformation wasnt very obvious

Everything was clear now

That crystal wheel itself was a True Spirit Magic Tool, and its Incarnation had already been wiped. These four ruthless men definitely forcefully defeated that Incarnation before affixing their own lives instead.

The benefits were huge, the four mens lives were linked together from that point on, killing one wouldnt work, only by killing the four of them at the same time could they be temporarily killed.

To thoroughly kill these four men, wiping their lives was the only method!

Moreover, once they successfully became Liches, their strength would exceed the average Lich by far!

But Lin Yun felt that someone had tricked them After doing so, the four of them were bound to the Captains Cabin for all eternity

The person who told them this method definitely had bad intentions, they would truly be unequalled in the Captains Cabin, especially after their transformation was over. Even a group of Heaven Mages would be suppressed to death in the Captains Cabin.

And they would also never die there

But there was a huge flaw That crystal wheel was part of the Intrepid and a crucial part needed for the Intrepids movement. It couldnt be hidden.

They couldnt hide the item they affixed their lives to.

This was the worst use of the Life Affixing Rune in Noscents history

But there was an opportunity now. Lin Yun didnt care about anything else, all that mattered right now was surviving this crisis.

Most of the energy of these four ruthless Undeads was on the Life Affixing Runes, it would result in utter failure if they stopped the transformation midway, which was why they were worried about the crystal wheel

All they cared about was completing their Lich transformation.

Lin Yun was fighting and retreating, while recalling everything he had seen earlier, the arrays on the crystal wheel and its support were all reconstructed inside his head.

He didnt even need to think too much about it to come up with a simple way to crack it.

After deciding on a rough plan, he quickly shared it with the pained Enderfa, who nodded after hearing it.

After half an hour, the battlefield had been dragged four kilometers away from the crystal wheel, and at that time, it could clearly be seen that most Undeads were on the other side of the Captains Cabin, only a small number of Undeads were pursuing Lin Yuns group.

At this time, Enderfa bitterly smiled as he nodded, "I understand, just dont let me die"

Lin Yun solemnly nodded, "This is our only chance, the four of them are Demiliches with Life Affixing Runes. If they gathered more energy, then ten minutes would be enough to exterminate us, we have at most ten minutes!"

From the start, over an hour had passed. The amount of Undeads that rushed out from the death vortexes was unclear, but now was an opportunity for a counterattack.

Lin Yun flipped the Book of Death and mumbled, "It should be about time"

Within less than ten seconds, the Book of Death started shaking and an indescribably faint fluctuation spread out. Lin Yun could clearly feel the power of the Book of Death increasing!

He flipped to the Element Page, and the scene of the four elements had already disappeared, replaced by a four colored vortex spinning. He could clearly feel the movement of the four elements.

"Finally fused!"

Lin Yun let out a long sigh of relief. He had been waiting for a long time. He had been keeping track of the time for the fusion of the Element Chapter. Lin Yun had been waiting for it from the start of the battle until now

With the completely fused Element Chapter, Lin Yun was a lot more confident in the outcome of this battle.

Because he knew that only by thoroughly fusing with the Book of Death could the might of the Element Chapter be released. Not only could it greatly increase the might of elemental spells, it also had a heaven defying ability.

Elemental Dragon Summon!

Summoning one of the most powerful elemental lifeforms from the Elemental Planes!


Before Lin Yun could summon an Elemental Dragon, something unexpected happened

The four death vortexes were still pumping out Undeads like Death Gates, forming a sea of Undeads. The amount was a huge threat.

But at this moment, Lin Yun suddenly discovered that some of the Undeads chasing them started falling back!

It was especially visible from the Skeleton Warriors. Their soul fires were fiercely flickering, and with the Bloodthirst spell, they had already turned berserk. But those soul fires suddenly shook, as if they had met death.

Fear! Fear so great that it made those Skeleton Warrior instinctively terrified!

Lin Yun carefully observed this phenomenon. Whenever they got thirty meters from him, all the Undeads under level 20 seemed to have been deeply frightened and couldnt help moving backward.

But those above level 20 werent really affected.

Undead Predator!

Lin Yun instantly understood, this was the effect of Undead Predator.

The always neglected Undead Predator ability had been forgotten because the Undeads appearing on the Intrepid so far had been around level 30. Even now, there was no Undead below level 10 in the sea of Undeads.

And his Undead Predator ability only had effect on Undeads below level 10 and would at most suppress the fighting power of Undeads. As for those above level 10, they would at most have their power suppressed. And the Undeads above level 20 would simply remain unaffected.

Now, he could see chaos in the army of Undeads. Some Undeads retreated while some advanced, creating a mess. The fight hadnt even started yet a large damage had already been done.

Seeing these circumstances, Lin Yun couldnt help feeling happy.

The Undead Predator ability had been strengthened, now, Undeads below level 20 couldnt get closer than thirty meters.

And in this huge sea of Undeads, most of them were below level 20!

Although there was quite a few high level Undeads, most hadnt yet gone past level 20, and these Undeads were like the soldiers making up an army. These soldiers could only be a huge threat when they were attacking while unafraid of death. By inflicting fear on them, the power of the horde had weakened to a tenth.

Especially for Undeads, their huge numbers were their greatest advantage, without that advantage, the Undeads wouldnt be too difficult to deal with, apart from a few annoying one

90% of the Undeads had stopped within 30 meters and only 10% managed to cross that boundary. As long as the four Liches didnt make a move, that large army of Undeads would no longer be considered a deadly threat!

Lin Yun guessed that the Undead Predator ability had strengthened after killing a large amount of Undeads. In those days, Charles the Conqueror had been fighting Undeads for almost his entire life, and managed to develop the Undead Predator ability through killing endless Undeads.

Undead Predators power up was a timely help relieving some pressure.

"Get close to me" Lin Yun held the Book of Death as he solemnly instructed.

Mana poured into the Book of Death and the Element Chapter turned into a four colored fist-sized revolving vortex in the sky.

Then, as if inflating, it expanded to be over ten meters large and a humongous fiery red Elemental Fire Dragons head drilled out of this four colored vortex.

A shocking Dragon Roar echoed as the fire elements in the surroundings became lively like fairies.

The huge convergence of fire elements was comparable to a volcano in terms of liveliness. Sparks kept flashing in the air from time to time which only happened when the fire elements density and activity reached a certain level.

A ten meters long Elemental Fire Dragon had come out of the four colored vortex. After appearing, the natural flames and heat spreading from its body burnt all Undeads below level 30 in the surroundings to death.