End Of The Magic Era Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Second Half Of The Diary


"Making me crack this array Thankfully that scoundrel thought it out"

Enderfas heart was bleeding. Although the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel could still be used with the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool filled with Lin Yuns mana in it, how could it compare to the Elemental Amber. The Spell Wheels power would be reduced by more than half.

Although he had a bitter expression, Enderfa didnt tarry and started moving his hands. He dipped a crystal pen into Star Ink and started writing around the crystal wheel.

Lin Yun had told Enderfa the position of every rune three times, and only after confirming that there was no problem did he start this plan.

That would take some time so Lin Yun couldnt attend the wheel on his own. With the four Demiliches, Lin Yun didnt have an opportunity to crack the arrays near the crystal wheel.

These arrays had all been arranged by the four Demiliches to protect the crystal wheel, only by cracking these arrays could they get close to the crystal wheel and crack the Life Affixing Runes on the crystal wheel. That was the requirement to deal with the four Demiliches.

Lin Yun knew that he had absolutely no opportunity to do this task. As long as he approached the crystal wheel, the four Demiliches would chase him with all their might. Thus, Lin Yun could only think of that method.

After being trashed, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel would lose its mana source, and even if Enderfa hadnt died, he would be discarded and would be of no threat.

The four Demiliches absolutely wouldnt pay attention to the trashed Spell Wheel.

This was the only opportunity

Enderfa held the crystal pen and quickly went to cracked the array.

On the other side, Lin Yuns situation was getting more and more dangerous.

Xiuban had already been injured, and it wasnt a light injury. His formidable body was already covered in bloody scars. As for Reina, she didnt dare to transform in her Dragon Shape, she could only remain in her Human Shape to cast Ice Spells.

Even the surface of the puppet was covered with mottled marks. Had it not been for the fact that it had previously been at the Heaven Rank, this puppet would have been gravely damaged long ago.

But even so, many parts had been dented

Lin Yun looked very pale and his mana consumption was very severe, with one less Alchemic Mana Whirlpool, he had lost a third of his mana. If Enderfa couldnt wipe out the four Demiliches life before he ran out of mana, then they would all be done for

After ten minutes, Enderfa finally broke the defensive array around the crystal wheel. When he cracked the first rune on the crystal wheel, the four Demiliches instantly reacted and immediately charged towards the crystal wheel while shouting.

Lin Yun clenched his teeth as he rushed towards the four Demiliches, disregarding mana consumption, to stop the four Demiliches.

The Undeads in the surroundings werent regarded as much of a threat, but the four Demiliches had to be stopped so that Enderfa could wipe their Life Affixing Runes!

The crazy Demiliches were too frightening, not only did Lin Yun use his Draconic Staff Incarnation, he even had Shawn come out once again.

He used all his power in order to slow down the four Demiliches.

Xiuban was the first to fall, he got pierced by a dozen ink jade Dark Arrows. The moment he tumbled, he ended up being restrained by three Askrim Gates. Although the powerful Xiuban wasnt crushed to death, he had to use all his power to resist the pressure.

Reina was hit by Garcias enhanced Fear and resentment covered her entire body. She couldnt help running away, leaving the safety of Lin Yuns Undead Predator ability only to be submerged by a group of Undeads.

The amount of instant spells the puppet was releasing had decreased by half due to accumulated damage. It could still move, but it was thanks to the Hydra Heart being too formidable after being irrigated by God Blood.

As for Lin Yun, his left arm was already covered in a layer of frost, already frozen stiff and his right hand was pierced by a Dark Arrow and a large amount of dark power permeated the wound, stopping it from recovering and making the wound continuously bleed. Moreover, on the edge of the wound, the flesh was already rotting.

Arnold, who had turned crazy, didnt even know what he was summoning. A huge death vortex was rotating in mid air, and before anything was summoned from it, a thick death energy rushed out like a tide.

At that time, the four Demiliches suddenly stopped, their bodies shivering as they shouted, angry and afraid.

A large amount of death energy turned into smoke and rushed out from the four Demiliches bodies before dissipating.

Two seconds later, the power of the four Demiliches turned chaotic, dark energy came out of Cook, while mantra fluctuations could be felt from Hall.

Five seconds later, the four Demiliches defiantly bellowed, their flesh and clothing rapidly dissipating and four lifeless corpses fell to the ground.

That huge death vortex also disappeared and the countless Undeads within the Captains Cabin also dissipated, turning into smoke.

Lin Yun sat on the ground, breathing heavily. He took out three Health Potions and started drinking.

Xiuban was spitting out blood, he ran over and reached out for one of Lin Yuns Health Potions.

Reina fell to the ground in an unladylike manner, looking like a mess.

In the distance, Enderfa, who had been frantically using mana to rotate the crystal wheel, halted

Lin Yun paused and turned his head, letting out a long relieved sigh as he glanced at that crystal wheel.

Lin Yun had known how to kill the four Demiliches after discovering their secret.

Unfortunately, knowing the method wasnt the same as being able to put it in practice. He could only trick the four Demiliches and send Enderfa to crack the array, the rest was simple.

These four Demiliches had affixed their lives onto the crystal wheel, which was a very amazing method, they even forcibly destroyed the crystal wheels Incarnation and fused their four Life Affixing Runes in its stead.

This had a huge benefit to the four of them, but it was also a critical flaw before the completion of their transformation.

There hadnt been just one, but four Life Affixing Runes on the crystal wheel.

Earlier, Lin Yun had speculated that the condition to scatter their true life was to spin the wheel.

Before their transformation was over, the fours true soul and the Life Affixing Runes orientation and location absolutely couldnt change.

The fusion of their true souls could bring benefits, but it also carried risks, they only needed to spin the crystal wheel to make the fours true souls and Life Affixing Runes fall in disarray.

That kind of messing up was very deadly, with their true souls destroyed, no matter how formidable the Demiliches were, they could only die miserably.

Enderfa used the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels spell bombardment to forcibly rotate the crystal wheel and pressure the runes.

Fortunately, Enderfa had accurately remembered the method to crack the array, or everyone would have been in danger

Lin Yun drank three Health Potions in a row and expelled the remnant dark energy, ice energy and death energy from his body, allowing his wounds to slowly regenerate.

Xiuban and Reinas recovery abilities were outstanding, only one Health Potion was enough for them to recover.

Upon reaching the crystal wheel, they saw Enderfa laying on the ground like a dead dog, next to the trashed Ten Thousand Spell Wheel.

"Merlin, you made me miserable this time"

As he recalled the shattered Elemental Amber, Enderfa was distressed for a while, this hadnt been a small injury at all

"Alright, when I have the opportunity, Ill trade it for an even better one, although that Elemental Amber was big enough, it had limited effect on the power of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel" Lin Yun answered casually.

But Enderfa didnt feel any consolation

Naturally, Enderfa also understood that this had been the only way. Under such circumstances, without sacrificing the Elemental Amber, how could they trick the four Demiliches

Enderfa bitterly shook his head before pointing a finger at the crystal wheel, "Forget it Just now, I discovered something after cracking the array, take a look"

Lin Yun reached the back of the crystal wheel and discovered a hidden compartment with a defensive array on top.

The array had been added later on and was of the True Spirit rank. Lin Yun immediately broke the array.

After cracking the defense and opening the hidden compartment, he discovered there two things.

One of which was the other half of the Diary!

Lin Yun picked it up and saw important clues on the first page.

"One time, the captain was drunk and I got an important information. Apparently, that monster might have been left by Nightmare God Senders"

He flipped to the second page.

"I heard that Senders was full of resentment after his death, and that monster appeared after we met that terrifying whirlpool. That monster boarded the ship and I guess that monster came from the fusion of that vile thing and Senders resentment, creating something even more evil"

"I suddenly recalled something the Captain said; the Captains cabin has a path leading down, and opening that path would create a disaster. I wonder if its related to that monster"

Lin Yun continued to flip a few pages recording the First Mate taking an indirect approach to gather information. And then there was a clue regarding the monster.

"Today, I took advantage of the Captain being out of his room to find that passage. I saw that monster. Too terrifying, that monsters power keeps increasing. And it created a clone I cant figure out who is actually a part of the monster"