End Of The Magic Era Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Olychrome Crystal


Lin Yun suddenly recalled that fake Xiuban that kept disturbing them, as well as the strange tentacles. Wouldnt all these things be that monster?

After a few pages, he gained some new details.

"Today, when I was chatting with the Captain, I finally heard something important. Senders was killed by the Wisdom Tree. I had a feeling that this information was very important so I carefully thought about it on my way back, and sure enough. Since Senders was killed by the Wisdom Tree, then wouldnt the Wisdom Tree be able to restrain the monster born of Senders resentment?"

Next page.

"I cant stay calm, I was so happy that I found a way to restrain this monster that I couldnt help requesting the Captain to leave for the Wisdom Trees God Nation, but the Captain ruthlessly refused and forbade me from disturbing the Wisdom Trees eternal rest. Im already despairing, but I unexpectedly obtained another important piece of information"

"Before the Wisdom Tree evolved in the Wisdom God Nation, it left behind seven seeds, but those left in Noscent were in unknown locations. I guess, since there is no way to get the Wisdom Trees help, then could the Wisdom Trees seeds be able to handle that monster?"

After reading to that part, Enderfa suddenly said, "I remember a very old legend. I originally thought it was fake, but now I suspect it to be true."

Lin Yun pensively looked at Enderfa, "What legend?"

Enderfa immediately explained, "In those days, the Wisdom God Constance and the Nightmare God Senders were fighting a war. Both sides were equally matched, but strictly speaking, Wisdom God Constance was at a disadvantage"

"Senders then slowly closed in and Constance had to admit defeat and requested a peace negotiation. The details were unknown, but for more than a thousand years, the two Ancient Gods lived beside each other in harmony, Constance even won Senders friendship and trust."

"It was said that the key to obtaining Senders trust was the precious jewel Constance had offered to him. It was said that swallowing it would give someone boundless power and they would even surpass the almighty God King."

Lin Yuns face lit up with enlightenment as he heard that part, a smirk even appeared on his face.

"Senders was really stupid, that so-called precious jewel was a seed of the Wisdom Tree."

Lin Yun suddenly recalled a history book he had read at the end of the Magic Era. He had treated it as something to pass time, but it looked like the content was true.

In those days, the Wisdom God Constance had used a crafty scheme to trick the foolish Nightmare God into swallowing a seed of the Wisdom Tree.

What kind of thing was the Wisdom Tree?

Constance was known as the source of all knowledge, he was called the Wisdom God, largely due to his God Nation being formed from the evolution of a Wisdom Tree.

The Nightmare God was dubbed the most stupid God in the books because he had been gullible enough to believe Constances words and swallowed a seed.

That Wisdom Tree Seed germinated in Senders body and used Senders formidable power as nourishment to grow at an extreme speed.

This was the same as having a God Nation evolve within Senders body. Moreover, it was the God Nation of another God, simply deadly.

It was too late when Senders noticed that something was wrong.

His power was already leaking out, faster and faster. He could no longer be considered Constances equal

Senders was already extremely weak when the seed grew into a Wisdom God Nation.

Constance very easily killed Senders and also used his corpse to create the Intrepid.

And by killing Senders, Constance became Noscents 2nd god with more than one God Nation.

The first god was God King Yashan!

And when everyone thought that Constance would challenge Yashan, no one expected him to do something shocking instead. He thoroughly stripped off his second God Nation and threw it in the endless void. No one knew where that God Nation would end up.

Constance explained that every corner of this God Nation was filled with Senders hatred.

But no one knew if those words were true or false.

Lin Yun had previously read those things to relieve boredom, he hadnt expected these legends to be true.

He flipped through the diary. What followed was the story of the First Mate crazily looking for the Wisdom Tree Seeds.

With great difficulties, he obtained some information about the Wisdom Tree Seed and hurriedly rushed over, only for the information to turn up fake. He killed the one that gave him the fake intel, but that didnt lessen his disappointment.

After flipping through countless pages, Lin Yun read about the First Mates search of the Wisdom Tree Seed, with no result.

Up until the last page.

"That monster is urging me to help him steal the Intrepids blueprint, I can only delay"

Lin Yun flipped another page.

"I wasnt disappointed this time, I found a Wisdom Tree Seed in the Odin Kingdom, but it is on the verge of death."

"I spent a huge amount of money, but I found a Master that can restore the seed. He helped me create a special Magic Tool to revitalize the seed and give it a chance to recover."

"Although that necklace looks very simple, I paid a huge price and still was very grateful. I even took the opportunity to help him deal with a huge problem!"


Lin Yun wore an amazed expression, he held that seemingly ordinary ruby necklace and looked at the strange gem. At this time, he understood that this ruby was actually a seed of the Wisdom Tree.

No wonder

No wonder it had such formidable mana yet was so stable, nothing was leaking and it couldnt be roused.

As for the necklaces arrays, they looked very crude to Lin Yun, no secret could be hidden from Lin Yuns eyes, it was impossible for these arrays to stimulate the seed of the Wisdom Tree.

After testing again, Lin Yun gave up. The Wisdom Tree Seed was too strange. Whether it was mana or anything else, there was no way to rouse this seed.

He truly hadnt expected that this thing he got a hold of was the monsters nemesis. Lin Yun was very surprised.

He then continued flipping the diary of the First Mate.

"Captain invited the Raging Flame Emperor Norrick on board, but I dont know what they discussed in the Captains Cabin. After the talks were over, the Captain told us that the Raging Flame Emperor would remain on the Intrepid for a long time and that we cannot slight him"

Lin Yun was overjoyed with the confirmation that the Raging Flame Emperor was on the Intrepid. The Raging Flame Emperor being there meant that the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was near.

He kept reading the diary, hoping to find any useful information, but from there to the last page, nothing useful appeared.

But he was surprised by the bloodstain on the last page. The handwriting was so crooked that it clearly showed that the writer had been fiercely shivering.

"A calamity is coming Im unwilling. I truly didnt expect it, I didnt think that the Intrepid wouldnt be destroyed by that monster, but by Constance. Constance actually wanted everyone to accompany him in his eternal rest"

Lin Yun closed the diary, doubts filling his mind. He had also thought that Intrepid had become a Ghost Ship because of that monster

The monster wasnt that powerful at first, but it got stronger very fast and was resourceful.

Lin Yun guessed that some crew members had sacrificed their lives to seal the monster and it ended up being released after their arrival.

But it looked like it wasnt the case, the main culprit behind the Intrepid turning into a Ghost Ship was actually Constance?

This was shocking news!

Red Beard was Constances faithful subordinate!

But thinking of Constances temperament, forcing them to bury themselves after his death wasnt out of character

While Lin Yun was still brooding over it, something happened in the center of the Captains Cabin.

A black whirlpool appeared in the center of the room and a Wyvern flew out of that black whirlpool, quickly flying towards those four corpses, grabbing those four Demiliches remains before flying back to the black whirlpool.

This sudden change startled everyone.

Lin Yun cast Fire Elemental Incarnation by reflex and used a few Flame Flash while waving his Draconic Staff, Instant Casting a large amount of spells.

But he was too far and Noblesse only sprayed green acidic flames to block Lin Yuns Instant Spells.

In less than ten seconds, it recovered the four Demiliches corpses into that black vortex.

As the black vortex disappeared, Lin Yuns spells fell on that stone platform in the center.

It was the same stone platform the four Demiliches had been originally slumbering around.

At that moment, a wave of mana fluctuations emerged from it in reaction to being hit by Lin Yuns spells.

A one meter tall pillar slowly rose up in the middle of that stone platform and crack could be seen at the top. A fist-sized seven-colored crystal was embedded in there.

Those mana fluctuations came from that crystal.

Lin Yun slightly frowned, the appearance of Noblesse was beyond his expectations, especially the fact that this guy only came to steal the corpses of the Demiliches, spelling bad news.

But Lin Yuns attention was instantly attracted by that seven-colored crystal.

"First-rate Record Crystal! Polychrome Crystal!"