End Of The Magic Era Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Secret Passage


A multitude of colorful rays of light could be seen within the Polychrome Crystal. These rays of light then flew out and converged not far away, forming a 3D scene.

A table over ten meters long could be seen, with two people sitting on either end of it.

One was wearing a captains clothes and had an iconic curled red beard. It was evident that this was Captain Red Beard.

And the man on the other side looked very powerful. He was tall and wore a broad, red cloak that was wrapped around his entire body.

Lin Yun also recognized that man. It was the Raging Flame Emperor, the conqueror of the Raging Flame Plane.

But what caught Lin Yuns attention was the scepter in the hands of Raging Flame Emperor!

The golden-blue scepter was covered with numerous patterns, and at its top, there were four hands grasping a ball of light. Countless mantras were flowing within that ball of light. Each and every mantra that appeared was entirely different. It looked like there were seemingly infinitely many of them with no duplicates.

Lin Yuns eyes turned red very quickly.

"Book of Ten thousand Mantras! Thats the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras!"

The Magic Tool that he had been looking for was actually embedded in the Raging Flame Emperors scepter! At this moment, the one thing Lin Yun knew about the most was the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. He knew all the shapes of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras like the back of his hand.

Lin Yun recognized it at first glance; that was one of its shapes!

At that time, Lin Yun finally understood why there had never been any legends recounting that the Raging Flame Emperor possessed the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

It was because the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was the Raging Flame Emperors scepter, and the scepter was the book.

At the start of this projection, the Raging Flame Emperor was glaring at Red Beard.

"Red Beard, you disappoint me. We are protecting Masters resting place in order to let him rest proudly for all eternity. But you actually want to take the Intrepid and leave!? You are betraying Master!"

The Raging Flame Emperor was becoming more and more infuriated as he spoke. He gnashed his teeth as he continued,"Master originally chose the Raging Flame Plane as his resting place and established a Demiplane there, even moving the God Nation into it. He originally let you cruise in this Demiplane while I went to conquer the Raging Flame Plane, but you actually want to betray Master?!"

Red Beard looked pained as he replied,"Norrick, its not that I want to betray Master, but we will die if we stay here"

Norrick sneered before slamming the table and shattering it into pieces."Rubbish! How could Master harm us! I see that you want to betray master after he sank into eternal rest!"the Raging Flame Emperor shouted before storming off.

Red Beard stood up and walked to the Polychrome Crystal. It was as if he was standing in front of Lin Yun. His tone was dull and his eyes were filled with worry as he said,"Coming here was a mistake, to begin with. Norricks help is needed to let the Intrepid leave this Demiplane. Since Norrick is unwilling to leave, the Intrepid is doomed.

"Im unwilling, unwilling to become a petty sacrifice. I hope that someone will see this and let everyone know that the so-called God Era, and the so-called God Wars were nothing but despicable lies"

After Red Beards words, the scene disappeared.

Lin Yun hadnt understood what Red Beards words meant, but he got a shocking piece of information from this scene.

The Raging Flame Emperor was also Constances subordinate!

And he looked like a very loyal subordinate

But Lin Yun was very happy because he now knew where the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was. With the information he got from the First Mates diary, he was fairly certain that Norricks scepter was under the Captains Cabin!

And when Red Beard mentioned needing the help of Norrick, it should have been linked to the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras!

After shaking his head, Lin Yun walked to the Polychrome Crystal.

Lin Yun recognized what that thing was at first glance, especially when taking the previous scene into account, that Polychrome Crystal should be the Intrepids navigation log.

He put his hand on the Polychrome Crystal and poured mana into it, making many logs appear before his eyes.

But just as three or four years worth of logs appeared, Lin Yun quickly pulled his hand away as if he had been stung by a scorpion.

It only took a few seconds for nearly all his mana to be drained.

Moreover, these few years worth of logs were meaningless. The Intrepid had been drifting in the dark all this time.

And the mana consumption would sharply rise if they wanted to see further and further, so Lin Yun simply couldnt do it.

He smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Forget it, it looks like its impossible to control this log without controlling the Intrepid. The mana consumption is too extreme

He wanted to take out the Polychrome Crystal and tried to crack the array around it, but he was sent flying by the backlash.

Lin Yun was a bit helpless. The Polychrome Crystal was a main part of the Intrepid and the arrays surrounding it were all at the Heaven Rank. He simply couldnt touch them or he would pay a huge price.

After taking a trip through the entire cabin, he discovered that he was unable to touch most things, as they were all at the Heaven Rank. The array around the teleportation door was an exception. After cracking it, Lin Yun decisively summoned three Rock Puppets.

He let the Rock Puppets walk into the teleportation door, and the connection between them remained stable for over a minute, so Lin Yun assessed that the other side shouldnt be too dangerous.

Since the escape route was already secured, Lin Yun started looking for other things and the passage that would lead downstairs.

He absolutely couldnt give up on the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, especially since he already had detailed information.

It didnt take long for him to find a mechanism at the back of the crystal wheel. That mechanism was hidden in the compartment where the other half of the diary had been stored.

After cautiously activating it, a mechanical sound echoed.

The platform under the crystal wheel slowly moved.

A pitch-black entrance appeared.

At that moment, death energy spread from below, followed by a faint roar.

Lin Yun frowned. He could only see three meters into the darkness, yet that voice echoed from such a distant place. He simply didnt know how far this tunnel led.

The flight of steps was full of an evil and ominous aura.

Lin Yun was in no hurry to step into that terrifying passage, so he sat and recovered his mana outside.

Although they had all recovered from their injuries with Health Potions, they hadnt completely recovered. Especially their mana, which needed time to recover.

Some of the puppets components also needed to be replaced, or else its power would sharply decline.

It would definitely be very dangerous then. Fighting without making sure that they were at full power would just be courting death.

After some time, Lin Yun opened his eyes, after having recovered his mana.

"Thud thud"

"Thud thud"

Muffled footsteps could be heard coming from the passage.

Along with the faint roar, those muffled footsteps became clearer and clearer.

Lin Yun stood up and stared at the entrance of the passage, holding the Book of Death in one hand while grasping the Draconic Staff in the other.

Enderfa controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and had it hover in the air. Xiuban held Carnage while baring his teeth, ready to attack at any time. Reina was looking at the entrance coldly. Even the puppet, whose components had already been swapped, raised its arms, aiming at the passage.

Two shadows slowly appeared in the passage.

Lin Yun was startled when he saw them.

He could see Rhett with a tattered robe and a very pale expression, supporting Zeuss with one arm as they walked out of the passage.

When he saw Lin Yun, Rhetts face turned red from excitement as he stumbled to the ground with Zeuss.

"Merlin! I finally found you! So fortunate, quickly save Sir Zeuss"

Rhetts eyes were tearing up as if he had met a long lost brother.

Xiuban was about to help them up, but he was stopped by Lin Yun.

After stopping Xiuban, Lin Yun sent a Mage Hand over.

The pitch-black hand slapped Rhett before pulling him into the air, flipping him three times, and sending him back to the ground.

Rhett spat a mouthful of blood after hitting the ground, a dozen teeth falling out.

"Your acting skills are too exaggerated!" Lin Yun snickered as he looked at the shocked and pained Rhett.

Hearing Lin Yuns words, Rhetts bloody appearance suddenly changed. He opened his eyes wide as he looked at Lin Yun.

"Impossible, impossible, how did you find out again!?"

Lin Yun raised his hand and sent Bursting Flames over at the figure as he disdainfully said, "Since when is that damned Rhett Watson so friendly? That expression, that appearance, you think that guy is a close friend of mine?"

"Rhett" clenched his teeth and fire burned in his eyes. Since he had been recognized, he changed into someone else this time.

"Seeing through my camouflage wont change your fate, human. You are getting closer and closer to the darkest place in the Intrepid"

The figure then turned into smoke and quickly disappeared into that eerie passage.

Lin Yun cast a few spells, but didnt stop that guy who had tried to trick him a few times.

Rhett was fake, but Zeuss was actually real. After they came into the room, Lin Yun had discovered that Zeuss didnt have a single bit of mana in his body. He was extremely weak and was barely breathing.

Lin Yun took a Health Potion and poured it into Zeuss mouth. After no less than five minutes, Zeuss slowly opened his eyes.

He looked around and bitterly smiled as he saw Lin Yun, looking like he had aged a few dozen years.

"So you were the one to save me, Merlin. Before, I"