End Of The Magic Era Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Baffling


As for Heiss City, it was left on a relatively larger piece of debris.

Countless fragments floated in the void, large and small ones, continuously colliding together as they turned into hundreds of pieces.

"The once glorious Noscent actually ended up in such a way. But shattering like this is also good, at least the mana produced by the Netherstorm is abundant," Lin Yun casually mused as he left the desolate library and looked at the chaotic void filled with fragments of the continent.

Lin Yun remained there for a few months after Noscent shattered. Every few days, he would go out and kill Sand Beasts. Those hard-to-swallow Sand Beasts were the only thing left there for him to eat.

People were dying in Heiss City everyday Fewer and fewer people remained alive.

During his free time, he could only read the books in the library, many of which were considered advanced magic books that he hadnt heard of, but he always had this strange feeling, as if he had already read them.

It might be because he always read books to pass time, so it felt similar? Who knew In any case, time gradually passed as he read.

He had finished the latest Sand Beasts meat, so it was time to hunt again.

Lin Yun left Heiss City in order to find more prey to fill his stomach. With his power as an 8th Rank High Mage, killing a Sand Beast was very easy.

He didnt walk far before discovering a Sand Beast chasing a man. That man was running for his life, but the Sand Beast behind him was unwilling to let him go, doing all it could to devour him.

Lin Yun used Flight to go over and cut the Sand Beast in two with a Dimensional Edge while using Freeze to freeze the Sand Beast.

After putting away the Sand Beasts corpse, Lin Yun landed and glanced at the man panting heavily on the floor.

Seeing Lin Yun landing, that man promptly crawled over and followed old customs. "Many thanks for saving my life, Sir. I am Rhett Watson, Sir, you"

Lin Yun waved his hand. "It was just a slight effort"

Rhett promptly exclaimed, "Sir, it is as you say! This might be nothing to you, as you are a formidable mage that was able to save me just from a wave of your hand, but I still want to thank you"

Rhett boldly approached Lin Yun. Ever since Noscent had been shattered, just surviving was becoming harder and harder.

The fragment they were on wasnt too small, and although the Shelter Towers mana had been exhausted, it was still made out of good materials and could block many of the things within the void.

But on this fragment that was roughly fifty kilometers in size, everything besides Heiss City was just desert. And apart from those few people remaining, only the Sand Beasts survived.

If they didnt want to starve, they had to kill Sand Beasts.

On the premise that mana could barely be extracted from the Netherstorm, Great Mages were few and far between, let alone an 8th Rank High Mage like Lin Yun who was comparable to an Archmage.

Rhett followed behind Lin Yun while flattering him, and the latter didnt say anything.

Naturally, the most important part was that Lin Yun kept having this feeling of deja vu. It was as if he had already encountered this person before, but he couldnt figure it out in the end.

It seemed to him that hed had this strange feeling since before Noscent shattered. He always felt that some things were familiar, but he couldnt remember where he had seen them before.

It was the same with the books of the desolate library, and it was also the same with Rhett.

Lin Yun shook his head. He might as well tag along with the shameless Rhett. Lin Yun could eat a Sand Beast for many days, but it didnt matter to him if Rhett wanted to keep hunting.

It was unknown when this era would end. At some point, those Sand Beasts outside Heiss City would go extinct.

And Rhetts strength wasnt that great. Handling a small Sand Beast was fine, but any more than that would be dangerous. Especially a large Sand Beast that would give trouble even to a High Mage. Rhett Watsons strength wasnt worth mentioning here.

They walked in the desert for over half an hour and hadnt seen a single Sand Beast

After another half an hour, Lin Yun got a bit impatient until he noticed some sand moving in the distance. There was apparently something drilling out of the sand and this was typical of Sand Beasts appearing on the surface.

Rhett Watson exulted. He promptly used Haste to rush closer. After moving a few dozen meters, he impatiently used Earthquake.

The ground within a radius of twelve meters started shivering. Since the entire area was a desert, the might of Earthquake was shocking. The sand was bubbling upward like boiling water.

The sharp, angry shouts from the Sand Beast echoed as the sinister maw covered with sharp teeth erupted out from the sand.

Just as it appeared, the Sand Beast sprayed a mouthful of sand and acid.

Rhett was startled, but he instantly chanted an incantation, quickly gathering the sand in front of him to form a large Sand Wall.

But this Sand Wall was melted by the acid on contact, and a lot of in a direct confrontation, and a large amount of acid mixed with sand fell onto Rhett.

Lin Yun frowned as he wondered, How can this guy be so weak? How come he cant even resist a simple Acid Spray?

But this was just a passing thought. Lin Yun casually condensed an Ice Wall in front of Rhett and followed with a Freeze spell, freezing the acid and making it fall harmlessly to the ground.

He raised his head and saw the Sand Beasts body as it emerged from the ground. It was two meters thick and about five meters long. Moreover, after it got out of the ground, Lin Yun noticed that the Sand Beast had three bleeding holes in its body.

This Sand Beast was injured?

As he thought of this, three figures flew over.

"Damn, someone dares to snatch Lord Xiubans prey?"

At the forefront, a Draconic Beastman covered in gold and red was grasping an extremely imposing hammer, shouting while kicking up a large amount of dust.

An exquisite Magic Tool in the shape of a wheel floated behind him. Smoke rose out from the wheel and converged into three strange faces. The middle face scolded the Draconic Beastman with a terrible expression. "Xiuban, its your fault for eating too much. One day, even those disgusting Sand Beasts will be no more! Anyways, quickly get rid of that Sand Beast!"

The Draconic Beastman ignored him as he shouted, "Whoever tries to snatch Lord Xiubans prey will be thrown into the void to starve to death!"

The Draconic Beastman rushed over with the Magic Tool in tow, and the icy woman in the back followed suit. There was also a patched puppet that seemed to be under their control.

On this side, Rhett was doing his best to attack, creating a lot of bruises on that Sand Beast. After a bit, Lin Yun casually cast a Dimensional Edge to behead it.

The Draconic Beastman rushed over and grabbed the Sand Beasts body without saying a word, trying to pull it out of the ground.

Rhett instantly became angry. "Who are you? Are you looking to die? You dare to fight over our prey?!"

After saying that, Rhett cast a Fireball that directly struck the Draconic Beastman. Xiuban was enraged by the attack and waved his weapon at Rhett.

"Damn, gigolo, you dare to make a move against Lord Xiuban! Youre the one looking to die!"

The huge weapon shattered Rhetts shield to pieces, and the rest of the power sent Rhett flying a dozen meters away.

If it hadnt been for the Ice Armor he had been wearing, this fierce hammer strike would have turned Rhett into mincemeat.

As the Draconic Beastman attacked, the Spell Wheel on the side let out a strange incantation.

"Xiuban, get rid of them! They dared to attack us, angering this great Enderfa!"

Lin Yun hadnt planned to punish them at first. That Sand Beast had clearly been chased by the other side for a long time, and seeing their appearance, he could tell that they werent weak. It was unwise to fight over one Sand Beast. In any case, that Sand Beast was so huge that everyone could take a portion.

Unfortunately, before Lin Yun could say anything, they already attacked

That Magic Tool Incarnation was controlling the mana and releasing many instant spells. Although these instant spells individually werent very powerful, the amount of them would make anyone feel numb.

The Draconic Beastman brandishing his heavy hammer screamed as he charged. Each swing of his hammer would make the sand within ten meters explode with terrifying shockwaves.

And the icy woman was even fiercer. With one move, dozens of Frost Lances were sent without pause, with no regard to mana consumption.

There was also the patched puppet It looked like an inferior product, but all the spells it was casting were instant, and they were all of the 6th Tier or above.

These people are completely unafraid of wasting mana?

Lin Yun was so annoyed, he was baffled by this battle.

This newly appearing group felt somewhat familiar to Lin Yun, especially when he heard them say their names. He was struck with an extreme sense of deja vu.

But he couldnt remember anything about them. Before he could even try to figure it out, Rhett was smashed and sent flying, and he couldnt even crawl this time.