End Of The Magic Era Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Ancestor Soul


Lin Yun made a trip around the palace and easily found an array.

This array was at the front of the flight of steps.

Lin Yun took out ink, a quill, and a dozen pieces of paper and started calculating rapidly, writing down many illegible words and numbers. After no less than ten minutes, Lin Yun put away the paper and took out a crystal pen to start cracking the array.

A dozen minutes later, he touched a rune on the first step.


A mechanical sound echoed as the floor in front of the flight of steps sank.

While it shook, a small platform rose up from the cavity. The small platform looked as if many arrays had been stacked together, as a great number of patterns were converging towards the notch in the middle.

And in that notch was a book-sized crimson crystal. The crystal had several dozen faces and a flame of similar color was slowly swaying inside.

The Molten Core! It was really here! I knew it, this palace couldnt power up the Raging Flame Throne on its own. For the Raging Flame Emperor to conquer the Raging Flame Plane, he had to have something like the Molten Core in his hands. Moreover, what could be more suitable to power the Raging Flame Throne?

The Molten Core was said to be the core of the Volcanic Mountain Range. Unless the Molten Core was taken out, the volcanoes would never stop erupting. Even in the entire Raging Flame Plane, many of the volcanoes there had been powered by the Molten Core.

And according to the legends, while the Raging Flame Emperor conquered the Raging Flame Plane, he also conquered the volcanoes within. Many of these volcanoes went extinct, only leaving a few still active within the entire range.

This matter was a miracle to the Raging Flame Beastmen, as they considered the volcanoes quite irritating.

It looked like the Raging Flame Emperor had dug out this Molten Core containing terrifying mana.

A smile could be seen on Lin Yuns face as he looked at the sleeping Raging Flame Emperor.

Enderfa looked at the Molten Core and his eyes opened wide. He gulped and moved closer to Lin Yun, saying with a flattering smile, "Merlin, you see, with that Alchemic Mana Whirlpool, your mana has been reduced by a third. It should have a huge effect on your fighting strength, you should take it back, I can use this Molten Core instead"

Enderfa was a little regretful after saying those words. Although he knew that putting the Molten Core in the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was the best choice, he couldnt help himself.

Damn, such a huge Elemental Amber was rare to begin with, but it shattered and was replaced by that Alchemic Mana Whirlpool, but its performance is just a bit too low. The Spell Wheel can at most display the power of a Low Rank True Spirit Magic Tool at the moment because of the mana restriction.

Lin Yun looked at Enderfa with a strange smile. After a while, he couldnt help chuckling, "No kidding, where should I put that thing if not in the Spell Wheel?"

Enderfas looked upset, but he immediately laughed it off.

Lin Yun shook his head and started pondering on how to take the Molten Core out.

The Molten Core was the palaces mana source. Well, most of its mana was used to supply the Raging Flame Throne.

Taking out the Molten Core wasnt easy. Those arrays were carefully carved while focusing on the safety of the Molten Core.

After writing on a new stack of draft paper, Lin Yun solemnly used his crystal pen to write the first rune to begin cracking

But the moment that rune appeared, loud rumbling could be heard.

A depression appeared on both sides, and two pillars rose from the ground.

When he looked at these pillars, Lin Yun knew that they were huge trouble

On one pillar was carved a formidable Beastman Warrior glaring sharply and holding a thick totemic pillar as a weapon.

On the other pillar was carved a Beastman Shaman wearing a fur hat and holding onto a light staff.

The moment these two pillars rose up, Lin Yun decisively gave up on cracking the array and instead retreated at a crazy speed.

Sure enough, a few seconds later, the two pillars shone, and the two figures on the pillars disappeared.

On the left, a half-naked Beastman Warrior that stood two and a half meters tall had appeared, carrying on his shoulders a black totemic pillar that was a whole meter thick.

On the right was a similarly sized Beastman wearing a fur hat and shamanic clothing while holding a magic staff with lightning flickering on it.

Enderfa howled in grief.

"Damn, the soul of a Beastman Ancestor, and they are both level 38! There is no end to it"

Lin Yun also felt that it was quite troublesome. These two Ancestor Souls were more annoying than the previous Demiliches.

The Demiliches had a fatal flaw, but these two Ancestor Souls knew that they had both been given life thanks to the totems. As long as the totems were destroyed, the Ancestor souls would dissipate by themselves.

But these level 38 Ancestor Souls were still guardians of the Raging Flame Emperors palace. It was clear that destroying those totems would be as hard as advancing to the Heaven Rank.

Zeuss, who had been waiting at the entrance let out a cry of alarm when he saw those two Ancestor Souls.

Although he had no mana, his body had almost recovered. But looking at these two, his legs went soft and he almost fell to the ground.

He wanted to run, but he remembered what Lin Yun had said earlier. This place was a land of illusions.

Leaning on one of the pillars at the entrance, he looked at the scene with a pained expression. Although he had no mana, he still had his experience and was all too familiar with Ancestor Souls.

The biggest obstruction in their conquest of the Raging Flame Plane was those consecrated Ancestor souls.

Ancestors Souls were specific to Beastmen. When an ancestor Beastman was known as a hero, his or her soul wouldnt dissipate and would instead attach itself to an already prepared totem.

The moment a Beastman was known as a hero, the senior Beastmen would start making a totem. That totem would represent the hero walking about in the Beastman world and would be worshipped by other Beastmen.

In the process, materials could be added to the totem, and after years of worship, it would develop a special kind of power that would make the totems more and more powerful.

From the start, a simple totem couldnt compare to a Magic Tool, but as more and more Beastmen left their traces behind and their worship, the revered totem would keep growing stronger, and even the materials would become completely different than they were at the beginning.

And the soul of the hero would attach itself to the totem and become the Ancestor Soul guarding the Beastmen.

And as they protected the Beastmen, they would attract more worship, which would make them even stronger, creating a cycle that enhanced itself.

In the Raging Flame Plane, when a Tribe was pushed past its limits, they would summon the Ancestor Soul, and these things were very annoying.

At the start, an Ancestor Soul was extremely weak, but as time passed and they reached level 35, every single level would bring a qualitative change.

Just like these two Ancestor Souls who werent any different from a real person at the moment.

Moreover, the power they displayed would always be at their peak, even when beaten down.

As long as they werent killed, even if a fragment of their bodies remained, the Ancestor Souls would quickly recover. They were practically unkillable unless their totem was destroyed.

This was the part that gave the mages a headache.

Moreover, it was unknown how many Beastmen had worshipped these two Ancestor Souls. Their power might have even reached level 39

Especially since one of them was a Warrior and the other a Lightning Shaman.

Zeuss worry wasnt without reason. Among Beastmen, there werent many that could use totems as weapons, and the most famous were the Ox Beastmen Totem Warriors.

His huge weapon and huge body looked very oppressive.

As for the other one, not many Shamans could directly participate in battle, as they usually played more supportive roles. But in large-scale war, a mage simply couldnt compare to a shaman. Those supporting abilities could improve the fighting efficiency and survivability of the troops by a great amount.

Only a Lightning Shaman could directly participate in battle

When he saw these two Ancestor Souls, Lin Yuns head started to hurt. Although he didnt know the names of these two Ancestor Souls, there werent many famous Lightning Shamans and Ox Beastman Totem Warriors.

And all of them were ruthless fighters.

A level 38 Ancestor Soul Totem Warrior would definitely have the power of a level 39.

The Totem Warrior took the initiative to approach, and each step covered a lot of ground. Although he wasnt going fast, he was by no means slow.

And each of his steps would make the ground shake. When he waved the totem on his shoulder it created a lot of pressure.

Lin Yun, Enderfa, the puppet, and Reina all released spells at the same time. But when the spells approached the Totem Warrior, they saw a flash of lightning roaming around the Ox Beastmans body.

Two Lightning Shields were spinning rapidly, and many blue blades of electricity collided with the flood of spells and resisted all of them.

After spinning for three seconds, the Lightning Shields seemed to have taken the shape of a sharp point, and all the spells that fell on the Ox Beastman looked like a river meeting a rock. They split to both sides as the rock stood strong.