End Of The Magic Era Chapter 632

Chapter 632 You Are Finally Here


As Ancestor Souls, they were soul lifeforms that didnt even have truly corporeal bodies. This kind of ability that could target souls would be most effective against them.

When facing Shawns Soul Roar, they would be greatly affected, just like Ghosts.

The two Soul Ancestors fiercely shook as they were hit by the Soul Roar, and their bodies started to distort, apparently unable to maintain their shape.

This kind of great power was why Lin Yun was confident that Shawn could earn them 10 seconds, which was enough to do a lot of things.

The moment Shawns Soul Roar echoed, the puppet already moved to take care of left totem, holding the totem with both hands as it pulled on it.

As a Heaven Rank puppet, even if it was broken, as long as it could still move, it could still remove this totem without spending too much effort. It only took two seconds to remove the totem. And along with the totem, a big part of the floor, at least two meters long, was taken out.

And Xiuban, as a Draconic Beastman, had innately outstanding physical capabilities. After fusing with the Three-Headed Gold Dragons drop of blood and bathing in the Ancient God Blood, his physique had already been strengthened to an unexplainable state. When he met the Ox Beastman head-on, he hadnt suffered huge injuries. It was just that his power wasnt able to match the other side.

Xiuban rushed to the right totem and shouted as he pulled it out.

After a few seconds, the right totem was forcibly pulled out by Xiuban.

Those two Ancestor Souls frozen by the Soul Roar went crazy as they could sense everything happening. Their bodies were on the verge of scattering as they crazily struggled, wanting to break out of that stunned state.

But how could Lin Yun let them break free?

He roused the Book of Death and desperately poured all his mana into the rune opening the Demiplane, regardless of the consequences.


A sharp sound echoed as if the world was being forcibly torn apart. A crack that was about half Lin Yuns height appeared in front of him.

A crack to the Demiplane had been forcibly opened!

The moment the Demiplane appeared, the puppet rushed and threw the totem inside. And with a roar, Xiuban, who was several dozen meters away, pushed himself past his limits and threw that totem towards the crack.

In an instant, the 2nd totem was also sent to the Demiplane.

And the crack that had been forcibly opened quickly began to close.

It only took six seconds. In six seconds, the bodies of the two Soul Ancestors suddenly dissipated as they unwillingly roared, their bodies turning into two rays of light that recklessly rushed over at them.

Just before the spatial crack closed, the two Ancestor Souls quickly rushed inside.

The spatial crack closed, and Lin Yun instantly fell on his butt.

This had been too close

He had originally estimated that Shawns Soul Roar would last ten seconds, but surprisingly, barely six seconds passed before these two guys forcibly shook themselves free.

These two totems were the lifeblood of the two Ancestor Souls. They would be able to move when they were close enough to their respective totems. If they had struggled free before their totems were sent to the Demiplane, the situation would have been dire.

But after throwing them into the Demiplane, these two Ancestor Souls absolutely couldnt fight them. All they could do was follow their totems.

If they were separated from their totems, Lin Yun wouldnt even have to make a move, as they would slowly die on their own. They would only drift about, their souls weakening. They would end up dissipating, unable to find their totems.

Enderfa floated over, still somewhat fearful.

He glanced at the Book of Death and asked in bewilderment, "Merlin, how were you able to open the Demiplane here?"

Lin Yun said with a rejoicing tone, "The suppression towards Planar Path is still there, but the Truth Chapter has already thoroughly fused with the Book of Death, and the Elemental Chapter also thoroughly fused with it. The Book of Death is a lot stronger than before"

Lin Yun was happy. After the Truth Chapter completely fused with the Book of Death, no matter how much he tested, he couldnt connect to it. But now that the Element Chapter also fused, he gave it a try and unexpectedly succeeded.

Although he barely opened a small crack and it only lasted a few moments, it was more than enough.

After the two totems were thrown into it, the two Ancestor Souls would collapse. Being separated from the totems would be more than enough to weaken them.

But he hadnt expected that they would struggle free early and chase into the Demiplane.

In any case, they couldnt enter the Demiplane now. After becoming stronger, he could go there to deal with the two Ancestor Souls.

After the guarding Ancestor Souls disappeared, Enderfa started spinning around the Molten Core.

Lin Yun chuckled and immediately started cracking the array.

He had to destroy the Elemental Amber earlier because he had no other choice, but luckily, they found a replacement.

Since he had fused a Core Meditation Law Set with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, the Spell Wheels power had greatly increased, but it was still far from reaching its limits.

The greatest reason was due to the limitations of the Elemental Amber.

Such a huge Elemental Amber was very rare, and the mana within was very pure, but the Elemental Ambers main effect wasnt to supply mana.

When forging the Spell Wheel, using the Elemental Amber was more than enough, but by now, that Elemental Amber had become something restricting the Spell Wheel.

Lin Yun had already thought of replacing the Elemental Amber, but he hadnt found a suitable replacement. When fighting the four Demiliches, his best and only plan had been to destroy the Elemental Amber to deceive them.

After all, even if they had started transforming during their lives, they had retained their consciousness, knowledge, and experience.

But they hadnt expected that a destroyed Magic Tool could still be working and that its Incarnation could control it to cast a wave of spells And crack an array

Lin Yun wouldnt let the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel be destroyed, but destroying its mana source wasnt as big of a deal.

Of course, without a replacement, destroying the Elemental Amber did hurt.

But he now had a replacement, and an exceptional one at that. Lin Yun was greatly pleased.

Although Lin Yun already knew about something like a Molten Core, he had simply never thought that one was in the hands of the Raging Flame Emperor because he had conquered the Raging Flame Plane.

Its usage and location were unknown.

But discovering that this Molten Core was used as a mana source was naturally an unexpected surprise.

After carefully breaking the array, he slowly took the Molten Core out of the notch.

Lin Yun couldnt conceal his happiness as he felt the mana within.

Enderfa already couldnt wait. He took the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool out of the Spell Wheel and impatiently gave it to Lin Yun while staring at the Molten Core.

Lin Yun took the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool back within his body and then embedded the Molten Core in the Elemental Ambers original location.

Dark-red mana started circulating on the Spell Wheel as a large amount of mana surged forth. Everyone could see that the Ten Thousand Spell Wheels power had already been upgraded several times!

It was incomparable to the previous times when he used the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool.

While using the Alchemic Mana Whirlpool, the mana rushing forth was extremely weak, and there was almost no reaction. Only while it was casting could the source of mana be felt. This was the distinctive feature of the mana source being far below the Magic Tools needs.

And now, the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel had yet to be roused, yet a formidable amount of mana could be felt, like a rising tide. This state was due to the mana source far surpassing the Magic Tools current needs.

The Molten Core would be able to support the mana requirement of the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel for a very long time.

Enderfa squeezed into the Spell Wheel before coming out with a surprised cry after a short time.

"Too powerful! Damn, the difference is too great, I feel like mana is about to overflow!"

While Enderfa was exclaming, Lin Yun was already focused on the scepter of the Raging Flame Emperor

The Raging Flame Emperor still hadnt woken up from that fiery battle, even when his two guardian Ancestor Souls had been sent to another Demiplane.

And he still hadnt reacted when the Molten Core was taken

Under such a situation, Lin Yun couldnt help wondering if the Raging Flame Emperor would keep sleeping even if he went to get the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

Let alone the Raging Flame Emperor, even Noblesse hadnt reacted. It was sleeping peacefully beside the Raging Flame Emperors throne.

Lin Yun nervously rubbed his hands, unable to resist the temptation of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

He hasnt awakened for such a long time, he wouldnt wake up if I stole the book, would he?

Lost in his desire for the book, Lin Yun hadnt noticed that after the Molten Core was taken out, the palace had lost most of its mana and some lights started dimming.

The most obvious ones were the lights shimmering on those pillars on the outside, their glimmer quickly dissipating.

And then, all the power in the main hall started being depleted, and the defenses around the Raging Flame Throne started shrinking

Lin Yun couldnt help taking a step onto that flight of stairs when loud laughter echoed within the hall.

"Hahaha, you are finally here!"

Boundless black smoke surged into the hall from outside.

The smoke instantly turned into a black cloud, shrouding the ceiling of the hall. But that smoke couldnt get through the outer defenses when it rushed towards the Raging Flame Throne.