End Of The Magic Era Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Leaving


The monsters plan had failed, but it was crazily laughing, and the smoke covering the ceiling frantically rushed downward.

Lin Yuns heart was beating fast, he had a bad premonition and used a few defensive spells in a row.

The black smoke was permeating the entire area, covering everyone in darkness.

Then, some unexpected changes happened to Lin Yun. His defense was completely useless as that omnipresent black smoke frantically rushed to his body.

That monster was going crazy, using a large amount of power to drill into Lin Yuns body.

For a few seconds, Lin Yuns defenses were lowered while withstanding that huge power and the black smoke entered through his mouth.

Everyone was stunned by this scene

Enderfa forgot to control the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and was only staring foolishly, not knowing what to do. He could unhesitantly attack Rhett because it didnt really matter to him if Rhett died, but Lin Yun was different.

Reina, Xiuban, and Zeuss were all completely stunned.

What can we do?

An ordinary Archmage like Rhett had turned into a 9th Rank Archmage after being possessed Then if Lin Yun got possessed, even if he didnt reach the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm, wouldnt he be unequalled under the Heaven Rank?


They were all terrified, and the more they understood, the more scared they were. After being in contact with Lin Yun for so long, how could they not know how terrifying his power was?

Done for

Merlin wont be able to stop the possession

After a few seconds, all the black smoke entered Lin Yuns body and Lin Yuns expression became extremely sinister.

"Hahaha, good, very good, this body is shockingly powerful! Ive never seen such a powerful body. Using so much energy to possess it was worth it. Thank you, mortal"

Lin Yuns face was wickedly twisting as he was crazily gesturing. After spending so much power to possess the body, the monster was exultant to find that it was worth it.

"Come here, lets see what else is in your memories, let me occupy your soul"

After saying so, "Lin Yun" closed his eyes.

Lin Yuns memories quickly flashed before the monsters eyes.

The memories that had left a deep impression appeared in front of the monsters eyes

Huge buildings reaching the clouds

Birds of metal flying across the sky

Metal boxes moving without magic

Frightening weapons that could cross continents.


A gray sky covered in scars, a blood-red sun, an unending Netherstorm

Meteor, flames, destruction

A huge Meteor falling, the destruction of the world, and death again

"Damn, whats this, hell"

The monster let out a miserable shout, the impact of these memories was like a taboo spell.

It couldnt accept it.

It couldnt comprehend it.

The shocking memories were released in its mind like a mana storm, making it go crazy.

Especially since this kind of investigation made it feel everything firsthand

Lin Yuns most profound memories were his two deaths

The shock from the complicated memories, the feeling of death, everything was completed in an instant, and the monster collapsed.

"What, what kind of monster are you"

A loud roar came from Lin Yuns mouth before he recovered. Then, he unhesitantly took out the necklace of the Wisdom Tree Seed and put it around his neck.

"F*ck, now you know how troublesome the urban management officers are," Lin Yun cursed.

The Wisdom Tree Seed started shining and the monsters miserable shout echoed from Lin Yuns body.

Lin Yuns expression was one of pain and suffering, and after a few seconds, he opened his mouth and black smoke rushed out.

His eyes fiercely flashed as he formed a huge palm out of his mana and blocked the path of the black smoke, forcibly redirecting it towards the necklace.

All of Lin Yuns mana poured out to force the smoke into the Wisdom Tree Seed.

The monster issued a mournful, blood-curdling screech and a large amount of black smoke was destroyed as it drifted into the necklace. The struggle was more and more intense.

Lin Yun clenched his teeth and roused his mana to its limits, gripping the necklace with both hands.

Nobody could understand what was going on. Why was the monster rushing out with a scream? Who were these urban management officers? And why was the monster so scared?

And in the midst of this, something unexpected happened.

The sound of a rock cracking echoed from the Raging Flame Plane. The dust that had turned to stone had completely disintegrated.

The Raging Flame Emperor slowly opened his eyes and stood up from the Raging Flame Throne.

The calm and aged eyes looked at Lin Yun, who was still struggling to suppress that monster, and slowly stepped down from the throne, step by step.

Xiuban was terrified, Carnage fell to the floor as he foolishly looked at the approaching Raging Flame Emperor.

Enderfa was also stunned and was shivering.

Reina ground her teeth, but she didnt have the courage to even move a hand.

The Raging Flame Emperor slowly walked down, his prestigious appearance not influencing his presence at all. He wasnt even emitting any pressure, but that ordinary expression was enough to pressure everyone.

That was the Raging Flame Emperor

The Raging Flame Emperor walked emotionlessly while saying, "You dont need to worry, I have no evil intent"

Hearing this sentence, none of them doubted him and they all relaxed.

The Raging Flame Emperor walked to Lin Yun and patted his shoulder. Lin Yun, who had been focused on suppressing that monster, suddenly became clear-headed.

He was then stunned

That monster had completely calmed down, apparently suppressed by an invisible power.

The Raging Flame Emperor solemnly took the necklace off Lin Yuns neck before slowly hanging it on his own neck.

As he looked at the necklace, the Raging Flame Emperor said to himself, "Red Beard was right, I was wrong. I should pay the price of my mistakes. Those so-called God Wars were truly a lie"

After saying that, the Raging Flame Emperor turned and walked back towards the throne.

As he was walking back, the Raging Flame Emperor raised his dust-covered hands and softly pulled

Then, everyone was shocked

The space was torn open by the Raging Flame Emperor like a rag, forming a wide crack But this was the Intrepid!

A huge spatial tear that was eight meters tall and five meters wide was actually opened by the Raging Flame Emperor

Behind that tear was a path filled with boundless stars. Who knew where this path led?

The Raging Flame Emperor stepped onto this starry path with the awakened Noblesse following behind him.

As the spatial tear slowly closed, the sluggish Lin Yun managed to react.

He saw the Raging Flame Emperors back and hurriedly shouted, "Raging Flame Emperor, wait a moment! If you are leaving, please leave me the scepter!"

Then, he saw the Raging Flame Emperor turn to glance at him before turning and taking two steps, disappearing into the starry sky as the crack disappeared.

Lin Yun looked at the throne, feeling sullen and extremely regretful. He even fiercely cursed, "That damn Raging Flame Emperor, I did all the dirty work! He doesnt even need the scepter anymore, he could have just left it to me Yet he took it and left. Too stingy, Ive never seen anyone so stingy"

Lin Yun was so angry that he wasnt able to get the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. This was a huge problem

Lin Yun cursed as he looked at the throne until Xiuban came and tapped Lin Yuns shoulder.

"Sir Merlin"

Lin Yun glanced at Xiuban while fuming. "What!"

Xiubans face was strange. He pointed at Lin Yuns feet and said in a low voice, "Sir Merlin, isnt this what you are looking for?"

Lin Yun looked down and saw a book with runes on top. These were the runes of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras

Lin Yun turned red and awkwardly chuckled, but he grabbed the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras in an instant.

"Ha, the Raging Flame Emperor is a trickster, but he is a very good person"

The group looked at Lin Yun with hollow laughs.


Lin Yun didnt care if the others were laughing at him. He was overjoyed as he looked at the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

A crystal ship wheel could faintly be seen on the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras.

"Looks like the key to controlling the Intrepid is this Book of Ten Thousand Mantras" Lin understood.

On the first page of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras were numerous 0th Tier Mantras, and there were at least a hundred.

The second page had countless 1st Tier Spells and 2nd Tier Spells.

The third page had 3rd Tier and 4th Tier spells.

The fourth page had 5th Tier and 6th Tier spells.

It was matching the Ranks Magic Apprentice, Mage, Great Mage, High Mage.

By the time Lin Yun was about to open the fifth page, he found out that the fifth page was shut tight, and he couldnt turn it at all.

Understanding flashed in Lin Yuns eyes. He was only an 8th Rank High Mage, so he could only read the first four pages. At best, he could only read the High Mages spells.