End Of The Magic Era Chapter 638

Chapter 638 Wolf God


In the center of the Captains Cabin, a teleportation array made of light appeared out of nowhere, making everyone appear suddenly in a pillar of light.

Everything was exactly the same as when they left the Captains Cabin. That teleportation door was also emitting a faint light.

After confirming that it was safe, the tense Zeuss was finally relieved and sat on the ground with an exhausted and regretful expression.

"High Mage Merlin, may I ask if you had seen Sir Arthus before?"

After being sure there were no threats, Zeuss emotions caught up to him as he recalled the wandering Arthus.

Lin Yun regretfully said, "Sir Arthus already passed away"

Zeuss still had hope in his eyes, "Can you tell me where his body is?"

Lin Yun shook his head, "Just like Rhett, he turned to ashes"

Zeuss had a painful expression on his face as he sobbed. The repeated blows had put Zeuss on the verge of collapse.

"Its all because of me If I hadnt been muddled by anger, Arthus wouldnt have died from the monsters plot and Rhett wouldnt have been possessed."

"They were still young Why wasnt I the one to die"

Zeuss looked like an ordinary old man as he kept sobbing, already collapsed.

After losing all his mana, he had become crippled, but he hadnt died. And adding Rhett and Arthus deaths, he felt that dying might have been a better option.

Lin Yun looked at the broken Zeuss and didnt know what to say. This guy used to be disagreeable and arrogant, proud of having the power of an 8th Rank Archmage, but now, the achievements he took pride in were turned to nothing, and even others had been involved. This wasnt something Zeuss could bear.

The Familys honor, as well as his own, had turned into an illusion, dying would be a lot more comfortable.

After a while, Zeuss raised his head, his eyes looking empty.

Lin Yun knew that this was because Zeuss had already lost the will to live, he had already made his decision.

Sure enough, Zeuss painfully looked at Lin Yun and said with a voice full of despair, "High Mage Merlin, thanks a lot for saving me. But Arthus already died, Rhett already died Im also a cripple without a wisp of mana. You dont need to take care of me, this ghost ship shall be where my life ends."

"Its not as bad as you think"

"Eh?" Zeuss suddenly froze, surprise flashing on his ashen face, "What What do you mean?"

"What I mean, Sir Zeuss, is that although your mana had been absorbed by that monster and not even a seed of mana remains in your body, turning you into an ordinary person, in my experience, this situation isnt hopeless"

"Merlin High Mage Merlin, you You are saying that I I I could still be saved?" Hearing this, Zeuss looked as if he had gained a new lease on life. His gaze relaxed and he was suddenly full of expectations. He gently grabbed Lin Yun, as if he was his life saver, "Can you really Really save me?"

"It should be doable" Lin Yun thought about it, but didnt give a definite answer.

But this was enough for Zeuss.

This was more than enough.

He had been studying magic meticulously all his life and had been accustomed to wielding the power of magic. Moreover, he had already reached the Archmage realm. Losing magic was simply losing everything. Lin Yuns words were like going from hell to heaven!

"Then you"

"I can try."

"Thank you, thank you, High Mage Merlin. I, Zeuss Watson, will never forget your kindness. I can even guarantee that whether you succeed or not, the Watson Family will become the Merlin Familys staunchest ally in the future"

Zeuss was holding onto his last straw desperately, his eyes shining as he grabbed Lin Yuns arm with excitement, even promising huge benefits when he saw Lin Yun remaining tight-lipped, directly saying that as long as he didnt betray the Watson Family, he would give Lin Yun anything he wanted, he would even send him his grand-daughter

"Haha" Lin Yun didnt take it to heart. To be honest, Lin Yun didnt have a huge hatred against Zeuss, he merely felt that the latter was unpleasant at best. A living 8th Rank Archmage was definitely more useful than a dead Zeuss

Lin Yun took out the Book of Death and chanted a character. Soon, a spatial crack appeared in front of them as a stable Planar Path formed there.

Zeuss was in a hurry to recover, and the others didnt discover anything wrong. Only Enderfa felt something fishy.

Earlier, Lin Yun had to go all-out to open a small crack to his Demiplane, and he was only able to maintain it for a bit over a second.

But now, there didnt seem to be any problem, he was effortlessly opening path to his Demiplane in a relaxed way. And it had already been a few seconds, yet he didnt seem to be struggling.

Enderfa suddenly thought of something, Does he control a part of the Intrepid?

That monster had been controlling a part of the Intrepid before, but it hadnt been so outrageous, he was just continuously infiltrating it.

And Lin Yuns current control over the Intrepid was obviously not low, otherwise he wouldnt have been able to casually open the way to his Demiplane.

His control over the ghost ship had already surpassed that monster!

Enderfa was startled when he came to that conclusion.

This was the Intrepid, a ship forged out of a Gods remains, and its structure itself was a huge Heaven Array. Even if it was a Ghost Ship right now, as long as the main body of the ship was fine, it would be worth a lot more than a Peak True Spirit Magic Tool

Lin Yun effortlessly controlled the Planar Path to his Demiplane and solemnly instructed, "Be careful, those two Ancestor Souls are still inside."

The group entered the Demiplane, the Planar path slowly folding behind them. There was no sign that the Planar Path was being forcibly opened, demonstrating the ease in Lin Yuns actions.

The group was on guard. Xiuban was baring his teeth while tightly holding onto Carnage. Enderfa also controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel, making it slowly revolve so that it could cast spells anytime.

Lin Yun held his Draconic Staff, seriously studying his surroundings.

Lin Yun didnt dare to be careless, even though he had just advanced. Those two Ancestor Souls were extremely troublesome, they had experienced it earlier.

But the group slowly walked a hundred meters until they saw a shocking scene.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf was sitting on a one meter tall stone with an impatient appearance.

Below the stone, those two Ancestor Souls were piously and respectfully kneeling on the ground, continuously kowtowing towards that small wolf.

"Great Wolf God, I beseech you to listen to your most pious believers prayer."

That Lightning Shaman had thrown his staff to the side and was a hundred meters away from his stone pillar, but that Lightning Shaman didnt care and piously kowtowed to the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, continuously making appeals.

The Ox Beastman had also thrown his weapon aside to kneel in front of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, using his shocking huge voice to keep pleading, "Great Wolf God, with your respectable identity, how could you live in such a crude place? I beseech you, please come to our Raging Flame Plane. We can build the greatest divine temple and have all the beastmen of the plane give offering to you. All the Beastmen are your most sincere followers"

"Respected Wolf God, please consider our request, all the pious Beastmen are waiting for you"

That 2.5 meters tall Ox Beastman kneeling there and talking about devotion and piety, made Lin Yun and the others stare in amazement.

Lin Yun put the Draconic Staff down from shock, unable to understand what was happening.

Enderfas three faces were almost blown away

Damn, whats happening. I even made proper preparations, what the hell happened to these two ruthless Beastmen?

Especially since the Ancestor Souls totems and weapons were laying in the distance.

Enderfa remained silent.

A sound came from their side, which immediately caught the attention of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf and its eyes shone when it noticed Lin Yun.

With a "woosh" the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf rushed over and charged into Lin Yuns embrace, and after a few affectionate rubbing, it took the initiative to dig into Lin Yuns pocket.

Lin Yun grabbed the small guy and happily fed him a level 20 mana crystal. The small guy took themana crystal and dashed to a distant location to start gnawing on it.

He could see that this little glutton was famished, but Lin Yun didnt mind, he had gained a batch of mana crystals. Moreover, in this situation, the two troublesome Ancestor Souls had become well-behaved.

That little guy finished the mana crystal in a few bites and then rushed to Lin Yuns legs, rubbing against him like a spoiled child.

In the distance, the two Ancestors that had been persuading the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf raised their heads and saw that scene.

White smoke came out of the Ox Beastmans nostrils, his eyes turning red.

He reached his hands and the totem that had been thrown aside immediately flew over.

"Damn human, you dare to blaspheme the Wolf God!"

The Totem Warrior raised his totem and rushed two steps before roaring, increasing his momentum once more.