End Of The Magic Era Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Endless


Behind him, the 1.5-meter-tall Lightning Shaman was also holding his Lightning Staff, waving it to buff the Totem Warrior with Bloodthirst and Lightning Shield.

"Blaspheming the Wolf God! Death shall be your punishment!"

The Lightning Shaman hissed and shouted. If he could also go Berserk, he would unhesitantly do so.

Lin Yun depressingly watched the Ox Beastman rushing over while making the ground shake.

What the hell, that Ox Beastman didnt even turn Berserk when I was going for the Molten Core, why is he charging as if his life depends on it now?

Enderfa couldnt wait any longer and controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to launch a flurry of spells.

Xiuban was in high spirits since he had just broken through, and he swung Carnage to attack.

Charging the Lightning Shaman

Lin Yun had a terrible expression and used Fire Elemental Incarnation, softly waving the Draconic Staff to cast a series of Flame Shackles. The shackles twisted around the Ox Beastman from all directions.

But after going Berserk, and with the addition of the Bloodthirst and Lightning Shield, the Ox Beastman Totem Warrior was simply a monster. It charged violently and wasnt hindered by the shackles. They all ended up breaking under his strength.

The Ox Beastman swung his totem to block in front of him. The Flame Spears and Frost Spheres were all forcibly blocked, and they didnt even reduce the Ox Beastmans speed.

That huge guy was panting, his eyes crimson red, and he charged thirty meters using his Ox Beastmans Charge. He was carrying his totem while lowering his head to angle his horns forward, his speed increasing three to four times.

He would dash four meters with one step, breaching the thirty meters in just a few steps. All the obstacles were blasted away, and he didnt even bother to go around the Demiplanes trees. He simply plowed through them, not even lowering his speed.

Deep imprints were left on the ground that he treaded.

Lin Yuns eyes twitched. He promptly cast an illusion, leaving a copy of himself where he had just stood. His main body turned into a flame, instantly flashing a few dozen meters away.

Just as he reached that new location, he could see the Ox Beastman charging through that illusion before continuing his charge towards him.

Lin Yun knew that the Ox Beastman would just keep going if he wasnt stopped. He was an Ancestor Soul, so he didnt have the same restrictions as an ordinary Ox Beastman.

While holding his Draconic Staff, he cast two Flame Flashes in a row to dodge a hundred meters away before quickly chanting the incantation of the Askrim Gate that he had found in the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras. He had been surprised when he discovered that it was only a 6th Tier spell.

Lin Yun had instantly recorded that most-used defensive spell, and after obtaining it, he guessed that it must have been perfected by the Demilich.

Because the essence of the Askrim Gate was the Ice Wall. Once the comprehension of Ice Wall reached its limits, it would become the Askrim Gate. In fact, strictly speaking, there was no such thing as the Askrim Gate.

After hurriedly chanting the incantation, he waved his Draconic Staff and an Askrim Gate rose up from the ground and appeared before him. The deep blue gate of ice had the sculptures of two Frost Dragons and many minute ice magic beasts on it. Over four meters tall and three meters wide, the large gate was blocking the way in front of Lin Yun. The Ox Beastman collided at the same time as the Askrim gate rose up.

After a loud explosion, the earth shivered, and a crack started appearing in the center of the Askrim Gate.

The charging Ox Beastman was stopped by the collision but was still able to react instinctively, swinging the totem he was holding as a black light exploded out of it.

In a split second, the Askrim Gate exploded into fist-sized fragments.

Lin Yuns eyelids twitched and he cast a Sea of Fire with a wave of his hand before using Flame Flash once again.

That Ox Beastman was just too powerful after turning berserk. His transformation wasnt much inferior to the Viking Beastmens Berserk Transformation. That kind of fierce offensive made Lin Yun unable to use any powerful spells, while instant spells only tickled that monster.

Although that Askrim Gate couldnt compare to Ice Emissary Cooks, it should have been able to stop him for a few seconds. But to Lin Yuns shock, it wasnt able to stop him for even a second.

In one clash, it was broken down.

"Damn Human, you dared to blaspheme the Wolf God! The devoted Cooper shall make you pay the price!" the Ox Beastman roared once again, his eyes shining red.

Hearing this, Enderfas expression became strange and he remained silent.

That Ox Beastman named Cooper didnt dodge the flood of spells cast by the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and ruthlessly charged towards Lin Yun. Even if the others were closer, that guy was stubbornly chasing Lin Yun.

In the distance, the Lightning Shaman had two Lightning Shields protecting him as he faced Xiubans attacks, not even looking at him as he waved his Lightning Staff while going towards Lin Yuns position. The Lightning Staff flickered with power As long as Lin Yun stopped for a second, a large, black cloud would appear above his head and lightning would strike at him.

Lin Yun had a terrible expression. These two Ancestor Souls were crazy. They simply didnt care about the others, only stubbornly wanting him to pay the price. Lin Yun couldnt even counterattack under such pressure.

They were just crazy fanatics Let alone their totems, they werent even defending their own bodies. Fanaticism and anger were overflowing from Coopers red eyes. With one glance, it could be seen that this guy wouldnt care if he died, as long as he got rid of Lin Yun.

After a few minutes of chase, the others attacks began to weaken. That scene was too strange. Xiuban broke the Lightning Shamans defense and shattered his head, yet that beastman, known for being wise, didnt even glance at Xiuban.

I wonder if I should keep messing with Xiuban

Enderfa had been casting spells with the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel like an addict. He was extremely pleased by the power of the Molten Core.

Lin Yun was extremely sullen as he thought, What the hell The pet I raised was affectionate towards me, isnt it normal after not having seen me for so long? These two have gone crazy!

"F*ck, you are done for!"

Lin Yun flew into a rage and directly opened the Book of Death to the Elemental Chapters page. The Purple Dragon of the Draconic Staff also appeared.

With a wave of his hand, over twenty Ice Walls appeared in front of him, and while rousing the Sage Chapter, he cast Freeze. A blue light spread with Cooper in the center. The Ultimate Freeze instantly turned Cooper into an ice statue.

As for the Lightning Shaman in the distance, he took advantage of this opportunity and waved the Lightning Staff with a loud roar. A lightning bolt flew out from the staff and went straight for Lin Yun.

The glaring lightning turned into Lightning Shackles and advanced a few dozen meters in an instant, reaching Lin Yun in less than a second.

But then, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf jumped over in front of Lin Yun.

The Lightning Shaman was terrified when he saw this scene and promptly controlled the Lightning Shackles to change their path.

But Lightning Shackles couldnt dissipate after being cast. They could only be stopped after hitting a target.

Not to mention that in his fury, the Lightning Shaman had cast seven Lightning Shackles, forming a circle of lightning.

But the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf had jumped out in front of his target. Wouldnt that mean that he would be injuring the Wolf God?

The Lightning Shaman barely managed to control the Lightning Shackles, and after noticing the frozen Cooper, he immediately changed the target of the Lightning Shackles to Cooper. They struck Cooper directly.

Lightning flickered on Coopers body, forcibly shattering the Freeze. Then, the Lightning Shackles turned into an arc and twisted around Cooper. Seven bolts of lightning fell and made Cooper fall to the ground, twitching.

He was burnt black, and even after the lightning disappeared, Cooper couldnt control himself.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf raised his head and howled at Cooper and the Lightning Shaman. Those piercing, youthful howls sounded critical and full of dissatisfaction.

It was unknown what exactly the howls of the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf meant, but the two Beastmen turned pale white on the spot.

Despite still not having recovered, Cooper knelt on the ground, frightened. He kept his head and limbs still as he remained in a kowtowing position, the effect of his Berserk Transformation dissipating.

The Lightning Shaman also hastily rushed over, kneeling on the ground without even thinking about it.

"Honorable Wolf God, how could the lowly Galekuch dare to attack you. Please dont misunderstand, we only wanted to punish this sinner blaspheming the Wolf God"

Before he could finish his sentence, the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf bared his fangs and loudly howled a few times.

The Lightning Shaman, Galekuch, and the Ox Beastman Totem Warrior, Cooper, quickly knelt and shuffled back.

"Honorable Wolf God, we will withdraw immediately.

Galekuch and Cooper retreated thirty to forty meters, apparently thinking of something and throwing their totem and staff into the distance before prostrating themselves in admiration with a pious expression.

Lin Yun raised his staff with an annoyed expression and shouted with dissatisfaction, "You think you can do as you please? Chasing me all this time If you dont want to fight, then dont f*cking fight!"