End Of The Magic Era Chapter 640

Chapter 640 Disregard


As soon as Lin Yun spoke, the pious and devoted Cooper raised his head, steam coming out of his nostrils as he bared his fangs at Lin Yun. "Stupid Human, if you have the ability, dont hide behind the Wolf God! Come here and lets see how Lord Cooper breaks all your bones!"

Galekuch also raised his head and glared at Lin Yun, lightning flickering in his eyes.

The Three-Eyed Secret Wolf frowned and roared, terrifying the two Beastmen. They laid back down on their stomachs, not daring to move anymore.

Let alone the others watching the scene, Lin Yun himself was quite cheerful. He pointed at the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf, looking as if this was obviously normal. "You are talking a lot of sh*t! This little guy is my pet, he is eating the food Im giving him, living in my place, and even what he drinks is mine. Isnt it normal for him to lend me his power? That is none of your goddamn business!"

Despair appeared on the faces of the two Ancestor Souls. They looked as if the sky had collapsed on them.

Galekuch was in disbelief, but a last hint of hope appeared on his despairing face as he looked at the small wolf. "Honorable Wolf God, is what this human is saying true? It shouldnt be, right?"

Cooper looked at the little wolf as if he was living in a nightmare. "Great Wolf God, this human is lying, he is definitely lying, right?"

The small wolf howled and jumped on Lin Yuns shoulder before affectionately rubbing against his cheek, looking very happy.

The two Ancestor Souls looked defeated. Their despairing expressions made it hard for Lin Yun to even look at them.

Hell, I didnt excavate your Ancestral Tomb, nor did I abduct your women and relatives. I didnt even cripple you, what is this?

Lin Yun angrily waved his Draconic Staff. But he knew that this definitely couldnt continue. These two Ancestor Souls were undergoing a mental breakdown.

But then, Lin Yun recalled a legend. It was said that the Beastmen of the Raging Flame Plane had believed in the Wolf God a long time ago. Only after the Raging Flame Emperor conquered the plane did the faith change to that of the Raging Flame Emperor.

It was also said that at the earliest times, the highest position in the Tribes was that of Shaman. Even the Chiefs position was below the Shamans, and many temples were built during that time for the worship of the Wolf God. And those powerful Shamans known as Prophets could only summon Ghost Wolves.

After the appearance of the Raging Flame Emperor, many things happened over the years. The temples were abandoned and the Tribal Chiefs became the ones at the top of the chain. Although the position of Shamans was still pretty high, they no longer had a monopoly over the power as they had before.

After recalling this information, Lin Yun forgot about it in an instant. This wasnt valuable information. All Beastmen had beliefs, but most believed in totems. They might worship some fierce beasts or some Beastman that they believed to be a God.

Lin Yun was surprised by the existence of that Wolf God. Not only was it a primitive totem, but it was also as small as the Three-Eyed Secret Wolf.

Even after obtaining confirmation, the Ancestor Souls were unwilling to accept it. Cooper even tried to persuade the small wolf as he entreated, "Honorable Wolf God, how could you become someone elses pet? Please reconsider this decision!"

After saying that, Cooper kept kowtowing. Galekuch followed suit, patiently trying to persuade him.

"Honorable Wolf God, as long as you leave this human, we will immediately build the greatest temple for you and make all the Beastmen piously worship you. You dont need to do anything, we will meet your demands."

Galekuch was clearly smarter than the Ox Beastman, and after seeing that the little wolf was still not answering, he added, "Honorable Wolf God, as long as you follow us, we will give that human twice what he has given you. Moreover, hell become the most respected guest of us Beastmen"

The two Ancestor Souls tried persuading him for a long time, making the Wolf God start to seem impatient. Lin Yun took out a level 25 mana crystal and the small wolf immediately started nibbling on it with delight while crouched on Lin Yuns shoulder, not even looking at those two Ancestor Souls.

This time, the two Ancestor Souls were resigned to the fact that the little wolf had become that humans pet.

Cooper was weeping in despair while Galekuch was unwilling. Seeing that he couldnt persuade the little wolf, he turned towards Lin Yun and said with a stern face, "Human, we can disregard the fact that you snatched the Molten Core, and we can also disregard the fact that you offended the Emperor, but you have to return the Wolf God! That is the only way you can obtain our friendship!"

Galekuch racked his brain before coming up with this idea. He would use his own power and the Raging Flame Emperors name to suppress this person and make him return the Wolf God.

Unfortunately, after he said those words, even Xiuban looked at him like he was an idiot.

Enderfa seemed to be pitying them. These two Ancestor Souls had been thrown to the Demiplane and definitely hadnt seen what happened afterward. If they had seen the end, they definitely wouldnt have said such an idiotic thing.

Sure enough, Lin Yun cheerfully took out the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras, wanting to smash it on Galekuchs face.

"Take a look, do you see what this is? The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras!"

Galekuch froze. How could the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras be in that humans hands?

Lin Yun looked at the two Ancestor Souls with disdain.

"Who said I stole your Molten Core? Who said I offended the Raging Flame Emperor? Are you blind? What is this? This is the Raging Flame Emperors scepter, given by the Raging Flame Emperor himself! Its the same with the Molten Core, they were both gifted to me by the Raging Flame Emperor himself!"

Galekuch and Cooper were stunned

"You are saying I stole it? Taking it while the Raging Flame Emperor was sleeping? You are stupid! How could I obtain the approval of the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras so fast if I stole it? You think I have the power to steal things from the hands of the Raging Flame Emperor?"

The two Ancestor Souls were left speechless. They had no choice but to admit that Lin Yun was right. The Book of Ten Thousand Mantras had previously been turned into the Raging Flame Emperors scepter, and unless the Raging Flame Emperor personally took it out, no one would be able to steal it, and it indeed looked like that human had already been acknowledged by the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras

The two Ancestor Souls were anxiously looking at Lin Yun, and even Galekuch had nothing else to say. Even the Raging Flame Emperor, their greatest argument, was standing against them.

Lin Yun sneered, "You dont have anything to bargain with. Not to mention giving the wolf to you, even if I did, the wolf wouldnt even want to follow you!"

After Lin Yun said this, the wolf nibbling on the mana crystal nodded in approval.

This answer made the two Ancestor Souls completely despair.

Lin Yun waved his hand, looking like he didnt care.

"Leave, I also dont want to bother with you. For the sake of the small wolf, and to repay the Raging Flame Emperors generosity, Ill let you leave. Im magnanimous, so I wont bicker with you. You can leave this place and everyone can mind their own business.

Lin Yun didnt feel like dealing with these two crazy believers, so he told them to get out of the way. But the two Ancestor Souls looked extremely embarrassed.

Galekuch pulled Cooper to the side, feeling distressed.

Cooper scratched his head and said with a bitter face, "Galekush, what should we do? We managed to find the Wolf God after so much trouble, how could we leave!"

Galekush nodded. "Yes, we definitely cant leave. But we cant just remain here, this is that humans private plane. If news of this spread, wouldnt it shame the Honorable Wolf God?"

Cooper scratched his head before fiercely saying, "Ill go kill that human, then the Great Wolf God will be free!"

Galekuch was startled by Coopers conclusion. "You moron! Are you trying to make the Wolf God hate us? We definitely cant have a fall-out with that person, the Wolf God is very intimate with him! If we fight, the Wolf God will definitely stand on that persons side! Could it be that you want to stand against the Honorable Wolf God?"

Cooper was frightened at the prospect and promptly waved his arms. "How could I dare make a move against the Wolf God? Impossible! I would rather kill myself"

Galekush considered this from all angles. After a while, he sighed, "It looks like there is only one path ahead of us We have to stay and serve the Great Wolf God."

Cooper answered, "We will be following the Wolf God anyway."

"Yes, right, we dont need to care about the human, its fine if we serve the Honorable Wolf God!"

After chatting for a while, the two Ancestor Souls came over.

Galekush looked at Lin Yun and said, "Human, we came to a decision! We want to remain here and serve the Honorable Wolf God for life!"

Cooper couldnt help baring his teeth at Lin Yun as he added, "But dont be delusional, we will only be serving the Wolf God, it has nothing to do with you. Dont think that you can order us around!"

Lin Yun indifferently waved his hand. "Do as you wish, but Ill let you know that every single blade of grass, every wisp of mana in this place is mine!"

After saying this, Lin Yun turned towards the excited Zeuss and beckoned, "Follow me."

Lin Yun abandoned the two Ancestor Souls and led Zeuss to the mana pond.

Enderfa floated behind, his three faces sneering as he looked at the two Ancestor Souls pretending to be tough.

How could you change your fate after having fallen into Lin Yuns hands Too naive

Lin Yun led Zeuss away while the two Ancestor Souls were beaming with joy, moving around the small wolf, thinking of ways to brainwash it.

Unfortunately, empty promises just werent as convincing as a mana crystal.