End Of The Magic Era Chapter 641

Chapter 641 Mana Seed


The mist was condensing around the mana pond, continuously dripping droplets on the floor that converged together in the mana pond.

Lin Yun walked over, and just by taking a breath, his Magic Array slightly revolved and the large amount of mana transformed into a whirlwind charging at Lin Yun. The considerable amount of mana that he had consumed before was recovered with this simple breath.

Even the mana outside of his body appeared to be trying to draw itself to him.

As for the others, their mana slowly recovered without meditating.

Zeuss opened his eyes and looked at the mana pond in front of him, his hands shivering. He had already lost all his mana, but standing there, he could feel still feel the thick mana in the air.

He had never seen such dense mana in all his life, and there was a never-ending drizzle above the mana pond.

It was clearly visible that the mist was formed from the convergence of mana, and it was condensing again until it reached a liquid state.

From there, they would further condense into countless crystals of mana in the pond.

Zeuss was shaking He might really be able to recover in this place!

Because he, despite having lost his mana, could clearly feel the flow of mana in this place. This was the best proof!

"Go, Sir Zeuss, sit next to the mana pond," Lin Yun solemnly said. "But be careful to not explode. You are only an ordinary person at the moment!"

Zeuss quickly nodded.

The mana was so dense that when he was standing next to the pool, he could definitely feel a huge amount of mana permeating his body on its own. If he jumped into the pool, he would definitely explode from the incredible influx of mana.

Zeuss Watson rushed to the side of the mana pond, closing his eyes and trying to absorb the mana. He thought that this was Lin Yuns method, relying on the rich environment to rouse his mana.

But then, Lin Yun softly breathed, his consciousness spreading out like a storm, making the plane shiver alongside his mind storm.

Lin Yuns consciousness filled the entire Demiplane and chaotically changed the Demiplane. The earth on the edges began to quickly expand and a large amount of land condensed, becoming thicker and thicker.

A soft bud drilled out of the ground and instantly turned into a green sprout. Then, as if several dozen years had passed, it quickly matured into a fully grown tree.

The earth in the center of the Demiplane seemed to come alive. It quickly swelled up, causing loud rumbles to echo as it turned into a peak that was several hundred meters tall.

And on the side of the mana pond, the thick Mana Vine twisted on itself as it grew bigger and bigger until it was a dozen meters thick, before turning into several hundred thin vines with an explosion. These vines took root in the Demiplane while the other end drilled into the void, absorbing mana from it to irrigate the Demiplane.

The drizzle above the mana pond also turned into a rainstorm falling into the pond, making the level of mana within rise at a visible speed.

But despite all the extra mana, it didnt overflow. Instead, it greatly changed along with the Demiplanes great changes. The pond became deeper and deeper. The area where mana crystallization occurred slowly sank into the ground as mana filled the pond, hiding the depths from sight.

The changes to the Demiplane shocked Zeuss. His eyes were wide open as he watched this scene.

A Natural Demiplane! Merlin actually controls a Natural Demiplane!

Zeuss heart shook. He originally thought this was an ordinary Demiplane that Lin Yun had luckily found the Planar Path to, but who would have thought that this was actually a Natural Demiplane? And it looked like it was being properly nurtured.

A developed Demiplane that even contained the four Elemental Laws! This was too valuable!

In the Watson Family, Zeuss had seen many records regarding Natural Demiplanes. They couldnt be compared to ordinary Demiplanes, or Demiplanes that were established by first-rate mages. It was speculated that they werent limited like the artificially created Demiplanes because they could grow endlessly.

As long as the conditions were suitable, it wouldnt be impossible for them to turn into Planes.

And Merlin is actually in control of one Damnit! After returning, I must make sure that those idiots from the Family remain clear-headed and dont become hostile towards the Merlin Family for small benefits!

Mafa Merlin is too frightening, even more terrifying than that ancestor of the Merlin Family. He already has the strength of an 8th Rank Archmage without having broken through the Archmage realm. Once he advances to the Archmage realm, he will definitely have the power to contend against a 9th Rank Archmage!

With his innate gift, the possibility of breaking through to the Heaven Rank is too high. Without the power of a Heaven Mage, no one can kill him. And with this Natural Demiplane, if these idiots offend the Merlin Family, the Merlin Family would only need to wait until Mafa Merlin advances to the Heaven Rank

As he thought of this, Zeuss couldnt help shivering.

He didnt dare to think about it That Mafa Merlin might look amiable, but he wouldnt hold back once he made a decision.

Zeuss didnt feel good as the implications sank in.

Meanwhile, Lin Yun felt very good. He mobilized the power of the Demiplane for the first time, and the outcome was beyond his expectations.

He had only needed a single breath to recover his mana earlier, and that made his mana rise a bit, directly reaching the peak of the 9th Rank. If he relaxed in the slightest, he would directly advance to the Archmage realm.

The fusion of the Void Forge and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras was extremely good, making him advance to the 9th Rank instantly. And with the power of a 9th Rank Archmage, his three Core Meditation Law Sets, and the Magic Array, the power he could mobilize from the Demiplane was far stronger than before.

And with the rapid development of the Demiplane, as well as the presence of the four Elemental Laws, Lin Yuns control over the Demiplane had greatly strengthened.

All in all, Lin Yun could already start controlling this Natural Demiplane. Although he could only control a small portion, it was still extremely powerful.

The growth of the Demiplane could already be controlled by this small portion. The mountain peak rising in the center of the Demiplane was the result of Lin Yuns control. He could even control the Demiplane to increase the growth speed.

Lin Yun controlled the power of the Demiplane and restricted the mana around his body from entering his body while at the same time using the Demiplanes power to suppress any signs of a breakthrough.

Following Lin Yuns movement, Zeuss, who was foolishly looking at these changes, was already becoming numb.

The roused liquid mana in the mana pond turned into a waterspout and flew towards Zeuss Watson.

A large amount of mana entered Zeuss body like a surging river. But this huge amount of mana didnt make Zeuss explode as hed been worrying about.

Despite being an amount of mana that exceeded what his body could handle, it washed over him without hurting him. The feeling of having a lot of mana appeared once again within his mind. Zeuss was pleasantly surprised, and his eyes started becoming teary.

As more and more mana poured into Zeuss body, the liquid mana kept cleansing his body.

But by the time Zeuss felt that the mana had converged to a certain degree, the mana suddenly slipped away from his body.

The mana that flowed out once again returned to the mana pond, but more mana came from the mana pond and poured into his body.

Zeuss understood. He was only an ordinary person now, and the only reason that the mana didnt cause him to blow up was Lin Yuns control. He wasnt even thinking of trying to keep a bit of mana.

Zeuss didnt dare to say anything to disturb Lin Yun. He only calmly sat there, taking advantage of the opportunity to react to that mana.

The huge amount of mana entering his body clearly triggered a reaction. As long as one wasnt dead, there would be a reaction.

The mana kept cleansing Zeuss, over and over again, the amount of mana used was astronomical, but fortunately, the last thing missing here was mana.

The limit was Lin Yuns ability to control the mana.

Controlling the Demiplanes power was placing a huge burden on Lin Yun, especially since the longer it took, the more effort was needed. Beads of sweat slowly began dripping from Lin Yuns forehead.

His clothes were also wet, but it was unknown whether it was from the misty surroundings or from sweat.

Lin Yun slowly paled as the mana kept cleansing Zeuss, and it was already becoming very difficult for him.

Zeuss saw Lin Yuns appearance and felt moved. He made up his mind right then. Even if he didnt recover, he would remember Lin Yuns favor.

Seconds slowly passed, and after half an hour, a faint light shone from Zeuss body.

This light wasnt ignored as Zeuss eyes shone like a dazzling sun.

That faint mana fluctuation was simply not comparable to the huge flood of mana, but Zeuss mind was focused on that throbbing mana fluctuation.

"Mana Seed!" Zeuss exhausted voice changed, turning into an uncontrollable shriek.